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  1. It does it every time I sweep through not just the first time.
  2. Did anyone ever find a fix for this? I'm having the same issue. Start moving from heel up and i can watch it stay at 0% even though the pedal has started to move and then it clicks in after i move a little farther and starts working. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies! I'll try out some of the amp recommendations you guys gave and see what I can come up with. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out!
  4. Did anyone else come from a Firehawk and use the old Tube Drive stompbox (not the HD one, but the old one) and find that the Valve driver in the Helix (both of which I believe are meant to model a Chandler Tube Driver) doesn't sound anything like it at all? I'm a worship leader for my church and that Tube Drive was the core of the tone that I used for pretty much everything I played. It was extremely responsive to how hard you picked the strings so you could easily go from completely clean, picking it light, to pretty well cooked when you dug into the strings which was amazing for what I used it for and I didn't have to do much pedal dancing because it gave me such a range of tone just from my pick. I recently upgraded to the Helix excited for the options I had to work with in using multiple delays and reverbs and play with the signal chain some more, but I can't seem to build even the basic tone on the Helix that I had from the Firehawk, which is frustrating. I also used one of the line 6 amp models, the Line 6 21st Century Clean after the Tube Drive and it is described by line 6 as this: Line 6 21st Century Clean – To create this Amp Model, we essentially grafted the preamp and tone stack of a JC120 (Roland’s popular “Jazz Chorus†solid state combo) onto the power amp and transformer of a classic Marshall® JTM-45 tube head, thereby giving you the crisp and clear front end typical of a solid state amp, but with a rich, satisfying tube amp-style bite as you turn it up. The Helix doesn't have this as an amp and doesn't seem to be able to let me create it by stacking a preamp onto a poweramp like they did in the Firehawk model. This isn't as necessary to the sound I had as the Tube Drive was, but I'm surprised that in my "upgrade" to the Helix I seem to have lost some of the options that made me love line 6. The closest I've been able to come to a similar sound as far as the Tube Drive model goes is using an Essex A-30 (AC30) with the drive up between 5 and 7, but I can't seem to get as clean as I'd like when I play lightly or as edgy as I'd like when I pick hard like I did on the Firehawk. I also tend to get pretty shrill high end when playing full open chords or triads up a ways on the neck which I never had before with the Firehawk. Any chance the old original line 6 model of the Tube Drive stompbox could be brought back into the Helix and also the option of grafting pre-amp to power amps? Anyone else had similar issues or ideas of what to try? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, it's a firehawk FX. I definitely have had some warping delay moments, and that was no good. A lot of the patch changes I do though are just for like from a rhythm patch to a lead patch, which I often have the same set of stompboxes and same amp model and such, but the volume/gain/delay/reverb is ramped up on the lead patch. So maybe that's the difference. I do remember switching some between some completely different patches and getting all kinds of craziness that others have talked about.
  6. Ok, just did some more testing. The Reverb and the delay do not hold over until they're full completion in firmware 1.10, but they do hold over for a while (maybe a couple seconds (even once I've started playing in the new patch) and seem to gently fade out which still makes for a much nicer transition than the immediate cut i'm getting in 1.20. Does that make sense?
  7. Maybe we're talking about two different things, because I just restored to version 1.10 and tested it and my delay and my reverb definitely hold over into a new patch. Even when I continue playing in the new patch I can still hear the reverb and delay continuing on underneath my playing in the new patch, which is great because it helps hide the transition from patch A to patch B. For example I cranked up the feedback on a 1/4 note delay so it would hang out for a while, I hit a chord on patch A and immediately switched to patch B with a dry sound (no delay no reverb) and I can still hear the continuing 1/4 note delay plus reverb keep kicking back even while I'm playing notes over top of it in patch B. But with the 1.20 firmware this no longer happens and it makes my transitions from patch A to patch B way more noticeable because the delay and reverb are immediately cut off the moment I switch patches.
  8. I just updated to 1.20 and went to check switching between patches and now my ambient effects (Reverbs and Delays) no longer carry over from one patch to another. Is that purposeful? I still have lag between my patch switch, but now I don't even get my reverbs and delays to carry across like they used to. This makes it very hard to switch between patches (like a rhythm and a lead patch) in a song without being obvious. Before in 1.10 the Reverb and Delay carry over helped to mask the switch. Is anyone else having this problem? On another note though, the user interface for my iPad in the app update seems way better than before!
  9. So it seems like the Android version has full capability to manually set tempo, but the iOS app is limited for some reason. I hope that's something that line 6 will correct in a future update. Thanks for all the replies everyone! If you find out anything else about getting it to work on the iOS app I'd appreciate if you post it. Thanks!
  10. I see that option, but I get it in ms then instead of bpm, which sort of works, but then you have to calculate for each tempo what the different note values would equal in ms. Unless you're saying there's a way to have the slider actually slide bpm and not ms. That would be great if there is, but I can't get mine to do that on my iPad or my iPhone.
  11. No slider. Just tap tempo. The tap works, but it's just takes extra time and is a bit imprecise when you're trying to get an exact tempo number.
  12. I've tried that, but it won't let me select anything there. I can tap all over the the bpm or the numbers but it doesnt let me select it, so the keyboard won't come up to enter in a new tempo. What you're saying seems like the natural thing to work, but for some reason I can't get it to come up that way either on my iPad or my iPhone. I don't get why mine won't do that.
  13. Is there any way to manually punch in the numbers for a tempo using the keyboard on the firehawk app? I set up patches for individual songs a lot and it's a pain to try and use the tap tempo to hit an exact tempo for every patch that I make. But it won't let me select the tempo value to just type the numbers in. Am I missing something? I would really appreciate a feature of just being able to touch the tempo number and type in a new tempo.
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