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  1. Thanks! I have some patches with ms delays, but never explored them. Now it looks like I have some experimenting to do.
  2. Hello. I am using my PODHD500 for worship music, and it would be nice to be able to put in a specific number for delay tempo, as opposed to using tap tempo or by setting tempo in HD Edit. Is there a way do do this, or am I being way too picky? I checked out other threads but all I saw was talk about ms delays and about using tap tempo with a clicktrack to set tempo. Yes, a clicktrack is helpful and all for preparing patches for a set, but an alternative would be nice. Anybody? Thanks! James
  3. I absolutely love that you mentioned this. I have a brand new strat with custom shop pickups I am using, and a 1971 GK55 with humbuckers... I don't understand how to get my patch that uses an AC30 model to sound good, because to me it sounds so dang muddy to me for rhythm. I can't find the mids or the highs with my ears. Yet, so many people use the AC30 models. Thanks for the tip! I will experiment with the patches for my two babies. Any other tips for amp modeling with different guitars and lead/rhythm? Blessings, James
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