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  1. A drum loop without the capability to change tempo is simply a useless application. The feature is therefore only to "pack" the amplifier with features for a sales position and nothing else. I have a very old Yamaha board, which is more than 20 years old, this multieffect board have a synthesizer and a drum looper, which can actually make the job. Therefore it's simply not good enough for a new amplifier for 2018 that such basic functions is not support ! For the rest of the features you are mentionering. If this is actually what I was looking for I would get a board instead. Then there is a bunch of pedal boards available. The reason for looking at the Spider V was in fact the fact that it could replace my old Yamaha board, and my POD PRO XT. So for convience it would be great, but now the feature is no longer there. So the complete idea is gone I will stick to my Yamaha, POD Pro XT and Randall setup.
  2. Hi all I am just about to purchase a Spider V 240 version. Now I have found some articles saying that it's impossible to change the default tempo of the drum loop. Have this been resolved ? If this hasen't been resolved I will look for a different amplifier, as this is the most important feature compared to other amplifiers. It simply do not make sense to have a drum loop without the capability to change the tempo. Sorry if this topic is somewhere else, but I couldn't find a link to the same topic. Br John
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