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  1. Thanks for all the replies, everyone! The I uses the tap for tempo quite a bit, so I definitely need to get this resolved. I just noticed that the other bottom buttons have the same problem. It doesn't matter much when switching patches, but if I use the looper, it can cause some problems. I'm thinking it may be the bottom circuitboard, so it looks like I'll have to send it in for repairs.
  2. Hey, everyone. I've had an HD500 for about a year and a half and recently the tap/tuner button started misfiring. What I mean is that sometimes when I press it once, it registers as two times, making the tempo insanely fast. Also sometimes when I hold it down and it goes to tuner, it will register contact, when I release it, so then it exits tuner mode. Is there anything I can try to do before sending it in for repair? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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