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  1. I realize there are numerous workarounds, including snapshots, additional effect blocks etc. - they'd all work to a certain degree and may truly work for many players. I believe there's a fairly straight-forward solution to my challenge: a tweak of the software to allow for a higher (or unlimited) BPM setting rather than being 'capped' at 240BPM. Another solution may be to have an additional setting within the delays (or anything else that responds to tap) - perhaps there could also be a 'Freetap' choice. So, you could set your delay either at a fixed setting (measured in milliseconds), or using BPM (measured in various note lengths/divisions) or the 'Freetap' setting where the repeats are governed only by the user's taps. I think there's a way to make everyone happy :-)
  2. Yes, that would be great - - allowing a tempo of more than 240bpm would give me the complete freedom to control the delay variations that I like to use for certain songs - going from 1/4 note to syncopated to slapback etc. etc. That solution would work great - increase the allowable BPM setting to 480 or something like that.
  3. I agree - either an option to turn on/off or just have the Tap work regardless of whether the delay is set to BPM (or subdivisions thereof) or time. This seems painfully obvious to me... I'm liking the Helix but I feel like this is a little bug that could be fixed quite easily. Every other delay unit or multi-effect that I own allows this. Anyone listening???
  4. Hmmm...I've tried that and don't believe it works. I could be doing something wrong, of course. As far as I can tell, the tap tempo function only works when the delay is set to a note value. If anyone can show me what I'm doing wrong, please chime in. Perhaps there's a setting buried deep within whereby the Tap overrides the Time parameter? That would fix it. Would love some help with this. Thanks all.
  5. Thanks. I understand everything you are saying. FYI - I just posted the following at Ideascale. Perhaps it better explains what I'm looking to do. Also, for the record, this feature (the ability to tap as quickly as I can - perhaps not 100ms but fast all the same...) exists in all of my other equipment. Here's what I posted: Here's my issue - I use the tap feature a lot and often change between 1/4 notes, dotted syncopations and a slap. With other pieces of equipment, I'm able to simply set the delay feature at a 1/4 note and tap however I want to determine the nature of the repeats. If I tap 'in time' it's a quarter note delay, if I tap every beat and a half it's syncopated, and if I tap very quickly it gives me a slapback. For me the issue lies with the fact that the Helix LT tops out at 240bpm - therefore, if I try to tap in a slapback it doesn't allow it. With every other delay unit I own, there is no maximum tempo (at least not that I've discovered), therefore I can govern the speed of the repeats as I choose. I know there are workarounds with the Helix but I feel this is an easy feature to address without affecting anyone negatively. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I'm fairly new to the Helix LT - coming from a Boss background. I'm wondering if there is a way to control the delay repeats using the Tap control without it necessarily being tied to a specific note subdivision. Here's why I ask: I go back and forth between different delay-repeat styles frequently. I want to be able to tap the actual repeats to the rhythm of the tune. For the most part I can just use the 1/4 note setting and it's fine. However, if I want to tap in a 'slapback' by pressing the switch quickly, it limits me to 240bpm and doesn't slap back quick enough. Make sense? So, basically, I just want to be able to tap 'freely' without letting the unit determine the note value or tempo. Please say this is possible and that I'm just missing something.... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Jamie
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