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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to send MIDI commands to a POD HD Pro to toggle individual blocks on and off. Although I haven't connected a POD Footboard, I'm using another MIDI controller. When I send the CC message sometimes is works , sometimes is does. Do I need to send "0" for the off, and "127" for on? Do I need to send "127" repeatedly for toggle on and off states? I've trying lots of variations and am getting inconsitent behaviour. Many thanks for any advise.
  2. Hey L6 Forums, New HX Effects user here. Really liking it so far! I do have a question about Snapshots, though: On my main preset, I have 4 Snapshots set up - Clean Electric, Acoustic Sim, Overdrive, and Fuzz. I have the Clean Electric Snapshot set up as the base tone of the preset, and therefore it's not assigned to a footswitch. I'm trying to use the other 3 snapshots to swap in and out different sounds with one touch. Is there a way to set the Acoustic Sim, Overdrive and Fuzz snapshots to bypass automatically when I press the footswitch for one of the other Snpshots? I'm looking to avoid hitting the snapshot footswitch a second time, only to have it bypass the snapshot I wanted to change back to. I still want the release function on the switches for Acoustic, Overdrive and Fuzz to take me back to my Clean Electric snapshot, though. Is this possible?
  3. I like my delay to be setup as follows: 1. 120 ms 2. quarter note Is it possible to always have one on and toggle the delay time and mode (time/tap tempo) with a footswitch without using a snapshot?
  4. Hi guys, Long time L6 user but never posted here. :) I've both Firehawk 1500 and Helix. Very happy user. As the Firehawk has some really nice FX I would like to experiment and use out of my main Helix chains, would be awesome if the Helix could toggle on/off those effects via MIDI. As far as I can tell, MIDI on the 1500 is just working to change patches, but this seems odd to me as there's nothing preventing Helix to send Toggle command to the Firehawk which seems ready to receive MIDI. Also asking myself why adding a full MIDI section just to change up/down patch. Anyone know if we can use Helix, or any other third party MIDI controller, to toggle effects on/off on the FH1500? If the answer is no as it seems, is there anything preventing this to be a future update? Would be really awesome and the cherry on the cake to be the perfect companion for the Helix. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hi, I have a JTV69 and I'm looking to buy an Hd500x. In anticipation I've already downloaded the editing software for the Hd500x so I'm familiarising myself with way it works. I know i can assign a foot switch to switch FX block in and out of the signal chain and that i can assign more than one FX block to a switch. Does anyone know if its possible to assign a foot switch to change a JTV patch in the same manner? I know that each patch within the Hd500x can have Variax patch assigned to it but it would be very helpful if it were possible to toggle between 2 sounds within an Hd500x patch - e.g. An acoustic and an electric... preferably using the same foot switch to switch in/out multiple fx blocks at the same time. For example if I wanted to play "Pinball Wizard" by The Who, I would need an acoustic sound with quite a lot of compression and a Hi Pass Filter but no 'amp' sound... Then for the chorus it would need and electric sound, different compression, EQ etc., and a 'Hi Watt' or similar... I know i could use the Mag pickups and an acoustic sound on the variax and go between them with the expression pedal but i want to use the modeled sounds. As far as i am aware, the variax changes patches using a MIDI protocol down the VDI cable... I cant see that this would be too difficult to implement with software. I hope i've explained myself - and that i havnt asked a stupid question... Vin Xxx
  6. Is it possible to use an external MIDI device to control the pitch setting in the Smart Harmony effect. I have an expression pedal and currently use that, but I can only toggle between 2 pitch settings. I want to be able to sweep from one pitch setting to another while hitting every note in between. Thanks c
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