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  1. Thanks Jandrio, I suspected as much. Very useful information for a "work 'round" though. Thanks again for taking the time to explain. I appreciate your time in helping me. Maybe I'll suggest my 'idea' on the line6 suggestions site - see if it can be included in any firmware updates. Thanks once again for your help, Vin Xxx
  2. Hi, I have a JTV69 and I'm looking to buy an Hd500x. In anticipation I've already downloaded the editing software for the Hd500x so I'm familiarising myself with way it works. I know i can assign a foot switch to switch FX block in and out of the signal chain and that i can assign more than one FX block to a switch. Does anyone know if its possible to assign a foot switch to change a JTV patch in the same manner? I know that each patch within the Hd500x can have Variax patch assigned to it but it would be very helpful if it were possible to toggle between 2 sounds within an Hd500x patch - e.g. An acoustic and an electric... preferably using the same foot switch to switch in/out multiple fx blocks at the same time. For example if I wanted to play "Pinball Wizard" by The Who, I would need an acoustic sound with quite a lot of compression and a Hi Pass Filter but no 'amp' sound... Then for the chorus it would need and electric sound, different compression, EQ etc., and a 'Hi Watt' or similar... I know i could use the Mag pickups and an acoustic sound on the variax and go between them with the expression pedal but i want to use the modeled sounds. As far as i am aware, the variax changes patches using a MIDI protocol down the VDI cable... I cant see that this would be too difficult to implement with software. I hope i've explained myself - and that i havnt asked a stupid question... Vin Xxx
  3. Thanks again for the replies - I'll let you know if I get it sorted. Vin
  4. Thanks for the reply guys. It's not fret buzz and the sound is there regardless of if it's plugged in.... So it's not an electrical problem. The problem is still there even with new strings.... I use 11's. It's puzzling....
  5. Hi, I know this is an old thread but I too have the same 'dull' string problem. It's the G that's the problem and I've had my guitar tech look at the problem and it's the same even when not plugged in. I have a new nut - but it can't be this as the 'dullness' is still there when the string is fretted. It's not buzzing on a fret - my tech says it has to be a problem with the bridge saddle/pickup. I'm just wondering was a solution found to rectify this? Thanks in advance, Vin
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