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  1. Reluctant to dismantle it myself to be honest.
  2. So my M13 is 4 yrs old. I've been playing it regularly and lo and behold one of the foot switches (UNDO) has ceased to work. Bastard. I have seen many posts here over the last few years about broken footswitches but never read them when mine were working. Now it seems to me to be a feature of the M series. Should I just get the footswitch replaced? or Should I save up the cash and find someone willing and able to replace all the switches? I've come across two sites JHV3.Com and R3FX.Com that do this but I'm in Ireland and they are not. Does anyone know of reliable Irish or English based companies who do this kind of thing?
  3. Is it possible to use an external MIDI device to control the pitch setting in the Smart Harmony effect. I have an expression pedal and currently use that, but I can only toggle between 2 pitch settings. I want to be able to sweep from one pitch setting to another while hitting every note in between. Thanks c
  4. So whens the next update dudes? 31st Oct 2013?
  5. I know how to set up the M13 correctly and I've switched pedals (I have two) and leads (I have many) and routings (they are legion) back and forth and all that jazz and concluded that yes it is broke. I have RTFM :D . Pedal went haywire during a gig and had to reroute all my settings on the hoof so that was no fun. Saw other expression pedals mentioned in another thread so will explore that as an option. If we keep asking for updates then maybe, just maybe, they will confer upon us a lovely update.
  6. Whats the average lifespan of the "official" expression pedal? They are plastic and flimsy compared to the housing for the M13 itself. I have two for my M13 and one of them is starting to go wonky. I've had them since 2010. Are there other, more rugged pedals out there that would function as expression pedals? With my old DL4 and FM4 I was able to use almost any of the volume pedals I have as experession pedals but I cant seem to get them to work with the M13 - though they could be broken too, they're old. Basically I'm not sure if I should get a line6 one or opt for an unofficial one. and one more thing - WHATS THE STORY WITH UPDATES FOR THE M13? Surely they are due to give us one soon? I know asking about updates is like peeing in the wind but I feel duty bound to do it. Heres 3 suggestions - Currently when you record a loop and hit playback it is possible to add another layer of effects ontop of the playback loop, but it is not possible to record the loop with these effects or to use some photoshop jargon "flatten the layers". Two similar suggestions here: In Smart Harmony it would be great if you could use the expression pedal to move up (or down) the scale step by step, ie to go from +0 to +9 - or whatever your min and max settings are, hitting every note on the set scale just by holding the one note on the guitar and moving the expression pedal instead of getting down on your knees and manually tweeking the dial. In tempo based effects can you make it so that when you are using notes (quarter notes etc) as opposed to milliseconds, you can switch betweeen settings using the exp pedal, so for example you can go from quarter notes to thirty second notes (hitting every division inbetween) using the exp pedal instead of getting down on your knees and manually tweeking the dial. I know you can do this when you are using milliseconds but I want to be able to do this in notes. Thanks for ignoring this post and not updating the M13
  7. And by the by, I have posted previously and in detail about what upgrades/tweeks I would like to see in the next firmware upgrade for the M13, both here on this forum - here's some http://line6.com/support/thread/86968 http://line6.com/support/thread/86361 and through http://line6.ideascale.com/
  8. I'm thinking of changing up and selling my M13 and getting a Pod HD500X. Though the M13 is an amazing piece of kit it seems to me that the Pod HD is just a couple of steps ahead in terms of tweekability. There seem to be loads more options with the Pod and Line 6 seem to be done with firmware upgrades for the M13 - which to my ears sounds like they have moved on from the M13, which is a shame cause I love it. So I'm wondering what are the cons (if any) for the Pod HD500X? chairs and tanks c P.S. I play regular gigs in various venues and the thought of having the flexibility of plugging straight into a PA if nees be sounds very handy.
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