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  1. Considering that this was the most expensive piece of guitar effects gear I've ever purchased, I was very careful when I repacked it for return. Sorry if I seem bitter. It's not intended necessarily. This just wasn't for me. I have a modded Fender Ramparte and a few stomp boxes. It sounds great. I was hoping this would make it even better. Returning it solved the problem for me.
  2. OK .. maybe this is odd then; Now the Stomp won't connect to the PC at all. I used HX Edit a few times successfully last night and it connected fine first thing this morning. At some point it disconnected and will not reconnect no matter what I try. The PC doesn't seem to recognize it at all. The audible chime I had been getting on power up while connected to USB is gone. I even tried to connect it to another PC. No joy, unless I put it in DFU mode. I'm close to packing it up and returning it but I really want it to work. I submitted another trouble ticket to tech support. MB
  3. Update: I installed the device driver separately and that worked. Odd to me that the driver packaged with HX Edit and the Updater was able to facilitate comms well enough to display "2.71" on the device but couldn't finish the job.
  4. I have a new HX Stomp and attempted to update the firmware to 2.71. It appeared to work then froze on "rebuilding presets". I've tried several more times, including the manual method in DFU mode. When I boot it up while holding the > button, the pc recognizes it but as soon as I attempt to update it, the communication is interrupted (I hear an audible disconnect sound) and the update fails. I have a ticket in but I'm hoping for a quicker fix. Regards, MB
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