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  1. I was able to solve my problem by following this procedure : - re-installation of FW 2.70 -then upgrade to FW 2.92 - then upgrade to FW 3.01 now it works
  2. Hello, As I haven't seen the info to update first HX Edit , I've tried to update my HX stomp from FW 2.92 to FW 3.01 using ly current version of LIne 6 updater the upgrade failed. Then I've seen the message to update HX EDIT to 3.01. BUt no way : I've tried to upgrade FW 3.01 or to 2.92 --> everytime I've got the error message. I've try to push "page right" when switching on the HX STOMP manually upgrade ; but no way... alway the same error message "upgrade ahs failed". could you help ? is there a way to, at least upgrade to 2.92 ? thanks in advance Mickaël
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