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  1. problem solved. My mouse was the problem. I pluged it off and all have been ok (only 1 boot failure) bye
  2. Merci, j'ai trouvé le process indiqué :-) Bon là boot failure, j'essaye de nouveau de relancer l'update ... Fermer hx update Éteindre helix floor Rallumer helix floor Ouvrir line 6 updater Le floor est reconnu Relance de l'update Update ok Message du redemarrage Le helix redemarre Rebuilding presets et frmware 2.81 marqué sur l'ecran du helix Le helix s'ouvre sur mon preset 01a Fermer line 6 updater. Ok Ok Ok Ok Je m'en vais checker si tout va bien dans hx edit ... Allez lez gars, ça va marcher ... ;-) Patience et concentration. A plus.
  3. Hello. Going to 2.81 from 2.70, followed the process, hxedit 2.81 installation is ok, but after connecting my hx floor and opened line 6 updater, the windows indicates my name and pasword, but when i click on [sign in], even using the tab button ti illuminate it and pressing [enter], nothing happen Using win 7 pro ... It appears something goes wrong with ie ? May you help me ? Thanx in advance. Stan.
  4. Hello, vaut-il mieux mettre à jour la 2.81 à partir de la 2.71 ou de la 2.80 ? cdlt Stan
  5. Sstan

    Hx stomp more blocks

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xLwvzQKG6XQ&t=1645s Go to 27min17s, the question is not "if" anymore, the question is "when" and "how much " ;-)
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