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  1. Just trying to bump this thread. So to all those out there that say “don’t post here, post to ideascale.” I tried that. And I only got 13 votes for adding more blocks to the hx stomp. On this forum all these people have been voicing that they want more blocks. But clearly ideascale is not the best solution for getting new ideas implemented into future helix updates. I would say most people do not take the time to go to ideascale and vote on anything. Are you guys telling me that out off all the hx stomp users, only 13 people would like more blocks? That would be what ideascale is saying because I have only 13 upvotes for that idea. Line 6 will probably never see my idea until it reaches the thousands mark, which will never happen. Even if many people want more blocks
  2. Hello, I used the websites search function and used the keywords hx stomp blocks. And i actually did not find any with support. The highest votes for any asking for more blocks is 145 votes. But that person asked for 12 effects blocks. So the wording isnt exactly what i want. I wont run 12 effects. i would have expected thousands of votes
  3. I notice everyone always says to put these ideas on ideascale. But i also notice a lot of good ideas do not get votes. So please help vote up my idea. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Stomp-no-6-block-limit/960074-23508?submitted=1 So if HX Stomp is 1/2 the full Helix. Literally a single chip version of the dual chip helix. We should theoretically be able to use half the amounts of blocks a full helix could use. To my knowledge helix can make a preset (dsp limited) to roughly 32 block chain. So 16 blocks would be off a single chip. So we shouldnt be limited to 6. Let us put blocks until we run out of dsp. I do not run stereo, so i would like to use more blocks (mono) until i run out of dsp. At least give us 8 blocks. My current 6 block limiting chain is (all mono) 1) minotaur 2) teemah 3) amp 4) ir 5) digital delay 6) legacy hall reverb My dream chain would be (all mono) (dsp limiting) 1) Kinky comp 2) minotaur 3) teemah 4) amp 5) ir 6) digital delay 7) legacy hall reverb 8) effects loop block (for volume pedal) 9) looper So dont know if i would run out of dsp if i loaded that on a single chip but again i would adjust it until i run out of dsp. The looper wouldn't be essential since i have a boss rc-30 Would love at least 5 snapshots also so one for each fs plus my external fs4 and fs5 but that will be put in another idea submission.
  4. So I have been using stomp for a few weeks. Is it possible to have more than one path like a helix? Like sending one path with the amp/effects to the foh, and one path with just effects and no amp to a tube amp for monitoring? Also if everything is set as mono, can i send the left out to foh, and then send right out to a personal powered speaker for monitoring?
  5. I believe that 6 block limitation is very limiting. I have no idea how you guys say that you can get by with 3-6 blocks and get everything you need. I play at my church and dont need a lot of presets. I am trying to use this as a replacement for my simple pedalboard and amp. The stomp has a single dsp chip so if a helix can handle 16 per chip, shouldn't a stomp handle at least 8-10. Especially if you have most If not all as mono and no stereo. Also what about if you have them in the background but not turned on in snapshot mode. So in another snapshot you can switch overdrives without the preset change lag (pause). Also at least let us use an fx block without using a block. How can using a fx out use dsp. The pedals in the dsp are just sending signal. It doesnt have to use dsp to model any info. So my typical board I am replacing is a boss tu3 tuner, timmy, tube screamer, volume pedal, dd500, hall of fame to my amp. My typical preset i use now is a minotaur, timmy, Matchstick ch2, fx out block (volume pedal-dd500-hall of fame), searchlights, noise gate. So that itself sounds awesome. But it would be more useful if i could also have an additional block for lets say an ir. Or being able to use the stomps delays and reverbs instead of using my fx loop.
  6. andyyano

    HX stomp

    Hello all, so again new to the whole helix scene. I run out of blocks when using the helix. So i am looking at a few scenarios. But first a few questions... 1) Does it make a difference if i put delay and reverb after the cab block in helix's virtual sognal chain? Like how some people put delay/reverb in their amps fx loop instead of goong from od pedals into delay/reverb then into amps. Also does it sound the same if i run od, then into cab/ir, then output to my physical pedals like delay/reverb, then from my pedals to the foh. 2) The output from the right output is balanced on the hx stomp. My understanding is that balanced cables can run a longer length. So if i run mono left from the hx stomp to the delay pedals and then go out mono out on an unbalanced cable does the signal get more distortion or get weaker? My last scenario would be run my od pedals into my volume pedal, into my delay/reverb pedals, then into the hx stomp input. From there i would like to use more delays/reverbs like octo delay. And searchlights reverb for really big ambient sounds. Then into an amp/ir then out of the hx stomp to foh. Would it be better to run those od pedals to volume, then go into the hx stomp. Add an fx loop block to send to my signal back out into my physical delay/reverb pedals. Then loop back into the hx stomp (also do i need to add a fx return block? Making that two blocks used for one fx loop?). Then into helix delays/reverbs then into an amp/ir then foh? sorry for the long questions. Just really lost on how to utilize my hx to its fullest
  7. I used helix edit to try and split the signal to path a & b. But i come across the problem that i cannot send path a to left and path b to right. It makes my path b go to send. Not output right. Also 6 is very limiting. If they made it so you are limited to 6 blocks engaged at a time it would be better. Because the nonengaged pedals should not use up dsp. The reason i would want more blocks even if they arent engaged is because snapshots take less time switching. I know i can make presets with the changes, but i But there would be that lag or gap in time it takes for the preset to switch. So i wouldnt be able to use one preset for verses, another for chorus, and another for bridge. So my typical setup would be 2 stackable ods, dotted 8 delay, reverb, amp and ir. But i would need an fx block to add my volume pedal between my drives and delay/reverb. Also if it had more blocks that i could put in that werent used simultaneously i could put in different reverbs that would change per snapshot. One reverb for regular rhythms/lead. Another bigger (washier) reverb for volume swells. One with digital delays set for lead. Another with delay set for analog volume swells. All not used at the same time, but ready to be switched on and off for diffferent snapshots. Only way i can see to get past my 6 block limitation is to either use different presets or adding my analog overdrive pedals and volume pedal before the hx stomp to free up usable blocks. sorry i know hx stomp isnt a full blown helix. I kind of thought of it as a mini helix for people who didnt want all those foot switches and such a large footprint on their pedalboard.
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