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  1. Thanks for all your insights... The low impedance of the IEM and the high impedance of the Helix Phones out (or mixer phones out) couldn't be the issue?
  2. Drives me crazy... I started playing in a new coverband. We use in ear monitoring (IEM) for our rehearsals. When i create presets at home (studio monitors) - everything sounds nice. Helix is good! When i use my IEM (Sure SE425), it sounds like (sorry) crap...both clean and OD I'm this far: people say you should tweak presets for use with headphones or IEM. Can someone share a preset made with IEM in mind? Most IEM have a very low impedance (24ohms) - as if they were tailored to be used with en iPhone. Most high quality audio products like Helix, my mixer and our Begringer IEM system all have very high impedences. What is the use of making an IEM (which would be a quality product) with a mismatched impedence. I play a American Delux strat with noiseless pick-ups + Shawbucker. Someone told me there is an issue with the S1 switch - something to do with 250k or 500k stuff... Is there a scenario where IEM can sound as nice as a guitarspeaker in a room?
  3. Better cables did the trick... too many cables running next to each other --> interference
  4. Understood - there is a Dell Docking station between the laptop and HELIX/MIXER as well, so It might also be that device
  5. It definitely is related to USB and the laptop. When the laptop is not on, there is no strange sound. USB is connected to both the mixer and the Helix. You actually hear what's going on in the laptop (probably CPU and SSD activity)...it's like the old noise a dial-in modem used to make...i will try to eliminate where it's actually coming from...
  6. Hello There are strange noises coming out of my Helix LT. See the MP3 in attachment. When I hook up my headphones to the Helix, I only kinda hear it when I crank the Helix. When I hook up my Yamaha USB-mixer, I hear it very very clearly. My mixer does not make the noise when I disconnect the Helix, so it's clearly coming out of the Helix Is this interference? Is it caused by my power lines of is it another effect? Crank your headphones, I was only able to record it much quieter than I hear it myself... Noise.mp3
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