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  1. Just to add on...this is a great feature because: 1. You get an extra footswitch to do important stuff on the front row 2. You can move the "previous" switch to #2 where you won't accidentally hit it in the middle of a song.
  2. Ah, you're right 10 switch mode solves it. I may have missed that in the tutorial as I sort of viewed it one day then skipped around the next. Not sure what you mean about bank up or own but I probably won't need that as I'm stepping through setlists up and down by preset. Thanks again for your help. Jay
  3. That's fine, getting 1 and 7 to work would be wonderful. Mine simply does not behave like the tutorial video, using the actual patch provided by the author of the video.
  4. Please refer to 10:10 in the tutorial video above. I am in stomp mode. The image above is from stomp mode. Thanks for your help. Jay
  5. Right, so that patch is here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4949527/ It is used in this tutorial and his results are quite different from mine. It works on his unit.
  6. I'm trying to customize my stomp layout for a preset and it is working fine for the open/available switches. When I update 1, 6, 7, or 12 in command center, however, those switches retain their default behavior even though HX edit seems to suggest I can alter them. The update looks like it takes effect in HX edit, but is not reflected in any way on the Helix. Also for instance, when I load Steve Sterlacci's tutorial files, which work in his YouTube video, switches 1,6,7,12 retain their old behavior. I'm on the latest FW - 3.11 This is a real bummer at the moment. Thanks for your help. -Jay
  7. fizbin

    Usability question

    Right, I have a setup that's complex and huge with expensive effects modelling pedals (that have been around for over 10 years) and also a loop switcher that sends MIDI to said effects. No dropouts. Won't drop the name but I'm trying to get away from that. It also has named presets, songs, setlists. It's just a huge hassle to get it all to work together because it's not a single unit. I like the Line6 effects a lot, they just haven't given me a proper solution.
  8. fizbin

    Usability question

    See, I sense a problem here. I could do without named songs, but just switching snapshots isn't enough. That means I'm stuck with the same effects on a preset. I have one or more songs where the mod or reverb might need to change entirely. Just switching it on or off isn't enough. I had a quick tryout of the POD Go, and well, it wasn't at all enough. Am I wrong here?
  9. fizbin

    Usability question

    I'm looking for a pedalboard replacement, just effects. Amp models are fine too if I can bypass them or turn them off. Does Line 6 carry a unit which: 1. Can have AT LEAST 5 of *any* effects on at a time. You know compressor, dirt, reverb, mod, delay. 2. Can have named patches, not numbers or letters or numbers and letters. (ie. not just 32B) 3. Can have named songs (not numbers/letters) which may themselves have up to five patches. 4. Has to have 5 footswitches up front for those patches, for the song. 5. Has named setlists by which I can arrange my named songs, which contain my named patches. 6. No audio dropout when switching patches. This is what I want. This is what I need. Thanks for your time. -Jay
  10. I'm not writing this just to complain, but some things just make you scratch your head and wonder. I really wanted this to work it, and in fact the unit sounds great in many cases. I purchased this with these needs: 1. Pedalboard replacement into a real amp 2. A modeller to run through a PA perhaps. This need is a distant second to need #1. The two things I could not get past : 1. Sound drops out when switching patches. Come on. You care about my sound until I have to switch patches, then it drops out....this is 2020. This will never be tolerated in my signal chain. Ever. I know there are snapshots, but the very reason I bought this was to make the few complex changes I need in my setlist. 2. You don't get 4 slots to put whatever pedal you want in. You have 3 slots to put whatever pedal you want in, and then another slot to put whatever Line 6 deems is left, which is not much. You always have reverb, and typically delay. Guess what...you have one slot left. Not acceptable for pedalboard replacement. My use case. I was so excited for this....being able to edit without plugging into a PC, great tones. Then this. I can't remember being this disappointed about a piece of gear that HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL for quite some time. I'm sure someone will chime in and say, but for the price...they had to cut some features. Well, you cut the ones that made me want to own this. It went, literally from a fantastic value, to a piece of hardware I have no use for, so no value, regardless of price. YMMV
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