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  1. Clearly, the Internet doesn't know what this does. Can someone from Line 6 chime in? Do they ever chime in? It was released with no explanation, nothing in any manual, the name doesn't explain it, and it appears to do nothing. -Jay
  2. I'm not "kracking" anything. I'm making an IR of an IR that I OWN. Do you use IRs of equipment that you DO NOT OWN? Curious. Wait, that's all that the Helix does. Carry on.
  3. For anyone experiencing this problem: 1. Get the patch to work in Helix plugin on a computer 2. Remove everything from the patch except the IR and set all the gains to unity. 3. Generate a sine wav sweep using Voxengo deconvolver 4. Run the sine wav through the plugin and export/render the resulting audio 5. Load that audio file into Voxengo deconvolver and also the sine sweep and generate your IR that has no failing protection, so that you can actually ALWAYS use your patch Thanks for your time, Pissed
  4. The error message comes from HX edit. The IR doesn't load. I purchased it in the store, as I mentioned. This happened at a gig when I needed a patch. On the unit, you get no message, just no IR either. Never, ever again. I can probably figure out how to deconvolve it on a computer, effectively removing the protection that Line6 failed at, then load that unprotected IR. It's soooo sad that I have to go to these lengths to get a reliable patch. Don't bother responding. This is what I will do.
  5. Error message: The IR(s) associated with the following blocks in this preset could not be found in the Impulse Library. I'm logged into my account. The IR appears to be present, but it doesn't load. The fact that this can happen for one second means I will NEVER, EVER buy a preset again. P*ssed as H*ll.
  6. Just to add on...this is a great feature because: 1. You get an extra footswitch to do important stuff on the front row 2. You can move the "previous" switch to #2 where you won't accidentally hit it in the middle of a song.
  7. Ah, you're right 10 switch mode solves it. I may have missed that in the tutorial as I sort of viewed it one day then skipped around the next. Not sure what you mean about bank up or own but I probably won't need that as I'm stepping through setlists up and down by preset. Thanks again for your help. Jay
  8. That's fine, getting 1 and 7 to work would be wonderful. Mine simply does not behave like the tutorial video, using the actual patch provided by the author of the video.
  9. Please refer to 10:10 in the tutorial video above. I am in stomp mode. The image above is from stomp mode. Thanks for your help. Jay
  10. Right, so that patch is here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4949527/ It is used in this tutorial and his results are quite different from mine. It works on his unit.
  11. I'm trying to customize my stomp layout for a preset and it is working fine for the open/available switches. When I update 1, 6, 7, or 12 in command center, however, those switches retain their default behavior even though HX edit seems to suggest I can alter them. The update looks like it takes effect in HX edit, but is not reflected in any way on the Helix. Also for instance, when I load Steve Sterlacci's tutorial files, which work in his YouTube video, switches 1,6,7,12 retain their old behavior. I'm on the latest FW - 3.11 This is a real bummer at the moment. Thanks for your help. -Jay
  12. fizbin

    Usability question

    Right, I have a setup that's complex and huge with expensive effects modelling pedals (that have been around for over 10 years) and also a loop switcher that sends MIDI to said effects. No dropouts. Won't drop the name but I'm trying to get away from that. It also has named presets, songs, setlists. It's just a huge hassle to get it all to work together because it's not a single unit. I like the Line6 effects a lot, they just haven't given me a proper solution.
  13. fizbin

    Usability question

    See, I sense a problem here. I could do without named songs, but just switching snapshots isn't enough. That means I'm stuck with the same effects on a preset. I have one or more songs where the mod or reverb might need to change entirely. Just switching it on or off isn't enough. I had a quick tryout of the POD Go, and well, it wasn't at all enough. Am I wrong here?
  14. I'm looking for a pedalboard replacement, just effects. Amp models are fine too if I can bypass them or turn them off. Does Line 6 carry a unit which: 1. Can have AT LEAST 5 of *any* effects on at a time. You know compressor, dirt, reverb, mod, delay. 2. Can have named patches, not numbers or letters or numbers and letters. (ie. not just 32B) 3. Can have named songs (not numbers/letters) which may themselves have up to five patches. 4. Has to have 5 footswitches up front for those patches, for the song. 5. Has named setlists by which I can arrange my named songs, which contain my named patches. 6. No audio dropout when switching patches. This is what I want. This is what I need. Thanks for your time. -Jay
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