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  1. Hey Folks - My new Helix (1st time owner!), will be arriving in 2-3 days. I was curious if I can get a head start and at least download and install HX Edit? I know I probably won't be able to do much with it, but just kind of excited to get the process started. Thanks, Chaz
  2. Hey Folks, My POD GO Wireless is interfering with my computer, even when the unit is powered down. For example: my computer speakers are making an annoying static sound, and does so even if I mute the computer speakers. Is this "static noise" a result of the PG's wireless receiver/transmitter? Is there a way to shut down the PG wireless apparatus when not using it? It's even making noises on my wife's computer in another room. This started the exact moment that I got the PG; yesterday. Thanks for any tips! Chaz
  3. Hey Fellow Members - I am having a very hard time deciding which version of the Helix is best suited for me. It's not a question of which manufacturer because I've already decided, via past experiences, that Line 6 is the best company for me. Truth is, I do not play in a band, nor play live and don't have any ambition to do so. I enjoy sitting in my music room, jamming on the guitar and recording stuff using Reaper. So, the complex routing would not benefit me at all, and truth be told the scribble scripts aren't a big deal to me. At first, I thought about the POD Go, but the block limitation and inability to use dual amps/cabs kind of made me turn away (maybe re-amping would solve that?). I also thought about the Helix rack, but then I'd have to purchase some sort of expression pedal I suppose. Would the Helix LT suffice or the Helix? Thanks so much for any opinions and for sharing your personal experiences! Chaz
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