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  1. Good points all around. I'm curious now to check out the boomerang. PierM - Yeah, I was using BPM mode where you max out at 1 full measure, but now I realize you can have some delay blocks use BPM and others use time, which opens up the regular stereo delay to 4 seconds, or 8 seconds mono. I totally get that many users would prefer a dedicated looper, and I have some of those, but the HX is soooo close to allowing me to use less gear! My request is to allow users to set the delay time for the looper, before you start looping. It's a much simpler request than asking for full on midi-sync or anything like that. Alternately, just having a delay block that uses that long delay time, would work, you can freeze that with 100% Feedback. If Line 6 is listening, this simple request would really open up some possibilities. PierM - also - I would love to have an EDP!
  2. The looper in the HX Effects is useless to anyone who wants to sync to anything. If you are a solo artist and you always set the tempo - I'm sure it's fine. I know that midi-sync is probably a feature that would involve more programming than Line 6 want's to invest in, but how about just letting us set the delay time for the looper? That's how looping was done back in the day. When Fripp was playing into a tape loop, he already knew the tape length/loop time/bpm, so if he wanted to, he could reasonably sync to something. The delays in the HX Effect allow you to do just that, and then use a footswitch to 'hold' the delay. That's a looper! and a more useful looper than the 'looper' they included. If you set your delay time to the maximum of 2 seconds, that's one bar of 120-bpm, and that will stay in sync for a good while, assuming their internal clock is a solid digital source. But 2 seconds is not enough for loop artists. We want to loop 4 bars of 80bpm, and those 2 seconds of delay won't cut it. Sorry about the rant, it's easy to make a basic looper useful to more people, and yet it's still so rare. S.
  3. Thanks for the info - that totally explains what is happening. Although I think it's an unintuitive implementation - I"m so glad it's a consistent repeatable and fixable situation, not some weird bug. Thanks again for the explanation, I didn't find anything about this in the manual.
  4. I have a signal routing that goes like this: 1) Stereo Limiter 2) Y splitter so that Left channel goes full to A and right full to B . I have a mono delay on channel A, mono effect on channel B, then they merge back in and there is a stereo reverb at the end. Where they merge, I have the panning less harsh, so it's slightly left and slightly right instead of full left full right. When I have the mono delay and the effect on, this works exactly as expected. The Y splitter sends 100% of the left signal to one and Right signal to the other, and I can control their pan position where they merge back into the stereo signal going into the final reverb. But as soon as either A or Channel B effect is bypassed, that dry signal does not remain Left or Right, it hits the final reverb in the center. It shouldn't work that way should it? Essentially if I bypass the channel A effect, that signal should remain hard left, and then get merged at whatever pan setting the merge block sets. But it doesn't do that. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  5. That's a really good catch on the Mix issue! I set all blocks to 50% and adjust parameters from there. On the Legacy, switching to 70% seems to sound like the 50% does on non-legacy models (as you say). The 50% settings was keeping my first delay repeat from being equal to my input, by a good amount which was certainly adding to the low volume issue. I still boost the effect by 6db, to have 70% mix sound like 50/50 - which is bonkers.
  6. Thanks for the info - my memory of the Benson might be better than reality. The Legacy tape echo is also bonkers to me. I can have two heads turned on, feedback at 70% and using a half note, I hear some (weak) repeats, but below that, like a quarter or eighth and I hear zero repeats at 70% feedback. If it was maxing out delay time because of the tempo (80bpm), the longer delays wouldn't be heard. At least there is an HX version of the Space Echo, I will focus on that - I just think the legacy effects are unusable. Possibly because I'm using line level in from a mixer, not instrument in from a guitar?
  7. I used to own an Echo Pro rack, and I miss the Binson and Space Echo delays. So I got an HX Effect to checkout the delays I remember, but something is wrong. For example if I set up an HX tape emulation delay block, I can get it sounding nice very quickly. But if I load up a Legacy delay block to compare them, well first off the volume is way too quiet to hear in a mix. So I boost the volume by the 6db they allow on those legacy blocks, and still it's so much quieter than the HX delays that if I wanted to mix and match I would have to lower the volume on all my non-legacy blocks, and then boost the output of the whole unit somehow. Additionally, the feedback control range on the HX delays make sense, and remind me of the Echo Pro. But the Legacy versions are terrible, you really need to keep the feedback at or above 90% if you want to hear more than one delay. Below that and you can only hear the first repeat, below 50% and not even the first repeat. Am I doing something wrong with the legacy blocks? I mean I can get the HX delays set up, sounding fine, so the global settings are all reasonable. Has anyone else even noticed this huge volume discrepancy? I have updated to the most recent firmware.
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