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  1. Not sure what your platform is, but I'm running Windows 10 with the latest updates, Reaper 6.11, Native 1.92, and I have no issues at all when creating or importing presets. Sometimes crashing can be a result of another problem...neglected OS updates, outdated drivers, malware/spyware.
  2. For anyone else who needs help with this issue in the future. After a lot of digging, I also found a PDF in Line 6 support that has an illustration with those parts and same part numbers duncann listed. Hope this helps someone. https://line6.com/support/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6280
  3. If no one else replies with the correct part number, you may have to call support and see if they will give you the part number or give/sell you a bushing kit. Line 6 support posted this vid 3 years ago on lubrication and replacement of the bushings but didn't list the part number.
  4. The OP is correct. I cannot print the guide, in a web browser version nor in Acrobat.
  5. You will need to contact support to verify your warranty and see what your service options are. Being in South America, it looks like you are going to have 2 options. For web support, open a ticket online, or for phone support, you will have to contact a distributor in your area. Click the link below to get more info. https://line6.com/support/tickets/
  6. When you say switch, do you mean the built in toe switch under the expression pedal or are you assigning the volume and wah blocks to a single footswitch? If it's the latter, you will need to go into controller assign and make sure both blocks are assigned to the same controller...either EXP 1 or EXP 2. Then make sure one block is in bypass state while the other is active.
  7. Thought I remembered reading that in the EULA when I installed Native, but apparently not. Some clarification for anyone else who stumbles across this thread with the same question. I found this somewhere within the support pages here. I think the most pertinent part for anyone using more than 1 device at a time is at the very bottom. Can I remove licenses from my Line 6 device or transfer them to a different Line 6 device? Since your purchased licenses are attached to your account, and not your devices, using licenses on different Line 6 devices is only a matter of authorizing the devices. NOTE: One exception is Factory Add-Ons. These are features that can only be used with the device it came with and cannot be removed from that device to be shared with your other Line 6 devices. For example, POD XT Live comes with an FX Junkie Add-On. After authorization, License Manager does not make that unit's FX Junkie available to your other authorized devices. In License Manager, Factory Add-Ons are displayed in italics once you've selected a device and goes on to say "these Add-Ons can only be authorized on this device". How many devices can I authorize? You can authorize your purchased license(s) to more than one device at the same time; however, your number of simultaneously active authorizations is limited to four. This limit includes three of the same type of device (i.e. three POD Studio UX-1 devices) simultaneously authorized. If you have reached the maximum number of allowable authorized devices, the License Manager will remind you of this. If this happens, you can Deauthorize one or more of your authorized (computer or Line 6) devices within the License Manager. This will then allow you authorize another device. You can authorize up to ten unique devices over the lifetime of your Line 6 account. Additionally, the maximum number of Line 6 accounts that can authorize a specific device over its lifetime is limited to five.
  8. What ever happened to the notification when someone else posts?
  9. You can only have one instance of Helix Native running at a time. There is a process you go through, using your Line 6 account to authorize and deauthorize the computer it is running on. So in short, deauthorize the computer Helix Native is running on and then authorize it on your laptop. You can find the details outlining this procedure on pages 5 & 6 of the manual: Helix Native Manual
  10. To address a part of the question that may have been missed......The PolyTune 3 has a circuit to where you can switch it to buffered or true bypass. You should not have to worry about the PolyTune affecting your signal.
  11. Wow....that's just......I'm at a loss for words. Below is the link for contacting Tech Support. Depending on your location and if possible, I'd highly recommend picking up the phone and speaking to a live person instead of opting for the email option. https://line6.com/support/tickets/
  12. I'm assuming you are wanting to change the pedal position with the Pitch Wham block. This would be done with automation. Checkout Page 43 in the Helix Native Pilot's Guide, found here: Helix Native Pilot's Guide. That should get you headed in the right direction. My apologies if I totally missed the mark. If I did, just reply back with a bit more detailed information as to what you are trying to do.
  13. There is an appropriately titled sticky at the top of this forum where you can report bugs.
  14. I can confirm that adjusting the setting to off only disables the touch to select, aka short touch. But the touch feature is still enabled with a long touch. Must be a bug.
  15. Release date of latest life saving firmware: March 12th, 2020. Date I received my first email about said firmware: May 7th, 2020. @Line6Tony .....great job man. I finally got it. I know you said something about millions of customers...can't send emails out all out at once...flagged for spam...blah blah blah, but it takes nearly 2 months (assuming you sent the first emails on 3/12) for an urgent email about a potential fire hazard to reach my inbox? Come on man! We can do better than that. Seeing how I'm not gigging anymore, is it possible that COVID19 saved my life? Shakes Magic 8-Ball.....answer: Very Doubtful Attached below is a screenshot of the email I received. I love the wording.....take action to quickly to and easily reconcile this problem. The wording looks as it was borrowed from a phishing scam email. Note the omission of anything regarding the battery capacity. The Learn More takes you to the text PierM posted above. Anything Line 6 said about diminished batter capacity would have been after users flashed their devices, and, either, logged a ticket or vented about it here.
  16. I was messing around with this the other day and had this exact same problem. I was using a blank preset, thus had not renamed my snapshots yet. Once I renamed my snapshots, the problem went away. I thought it was some kind of fluke seeing how I couldn't recreate the problem.
  17. lungho

    Should I upgrade?

    After everything I've read on the LT's expression pedal problems, I come away with this one thing....loosen the adjustment screw out of the box. From what I've read, the expression pedal adjustment screw comes from the factory too tight. If you don't care about the extra routing, scribble strips, etc, save yourself some money and put it towards a PowerCab 112.
  18. lungho

    FRFR Question

    I'm a big fan of Tech 21 products, but for the money they are asking, I might also consider going for a PowerCab 112. For $50, the PowerCab will provide you with a few options and seamlessly integrate with Helix/LT/Stomp. If possible, and after this insane lock down ends, maybe go to your local big box store and tryout each of them and see which one sounds best to you.
  19. All good info above. Just to add on...familiarize yourself with how compressors and the parametric EQ work in conjunction with the amp model. With modelers, you've got to think less like a guitarist, and more like a sound engineer.
  20. Return it for a refund and then use the money to purchase one of the offerings from Boss. Line 6 sold us a poorly engineered product and then discovered a potentially life threatening flaw. Instead of doing a proper recall and issuing refunds, they released a firmware that crippled the product and called that a fix. Get your money back while you still can.
  21. The only products out there that are within the same price range, digital, and reliable are: The Xvive U2, which has 100 ft line of site range and up to 5 hrs of battery life. The Boss WL-20L, which has a 50 ft line of site range and up to 12 hrs of battery life. The Boss WL-50, which has 65 ft line of site range and up to 12 hrs of battery life. Prices and availability will vary depending on your location. These are all non-replaceable Li-Ion battery powered products. So be wary of that. And watch out for Amazon. A lot of counterfeit junk being sold there. If you live in the US or a territory with the US zip code system, I'd highly recommend buying from Sweetwater.
  22. Where in the chain is your volume pedal located? A volume pedal at the beginning of a chain acts much like the volume on your guitar. When you reduce the volume, you're not hitting the front of the amp at full strength/volume, which results in a cleaner sound. If the volume pedal is after the amp, then you should still get the full sound, but at a reduced volume when backing off.
  23. Thank you for the quick turnaround on this.
  24. If Line 6 were a car manufacture and there happened to be a safety problem with (let's say) the transmission. They wouldn't remove a gear to fix the problem, decreasing the car's top speed, and then call it good. They would either replace the problematic part on the transmission or the whole transmission with a newer redesigned transmission. Decreasing a product's performance is not a proper fix. Especially when many of us bought it for what it was advertised to do. There needs to be a proper recall and/or refunds for those of us who purchased the product before this so-called fix was pushed out. I wouldn't be the person to start this, but the words class action lawsuit come to mind. I don't particularly like class actions because the lawyers are the only ones who win. But what other recourse do we as consumers have, other than voting with our $ and shopping elsewhere?
  25. To insert some kind of meta-data into the preset would be nice....like (in Windows) a right-click, properties. Much like any other media file type. This would especially be helpful when trying to remember which IR I used for that particular preset.
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