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  1. I have a preset where the pitch wham block is always active. I want to activate a simple pitch block when the expression pedal is between 1% and 100% and have it turn off when the pedal is at 0%. Is this possible?
  2. Hi,


    Have you had any luck with the ux1 issue?

  3. I'm having the same issue. I think it's because you can't control the input gain on the ux1. I've tried doing what this person said but using the neural plugins instead of Pod Farm, but no luck so far. Guess it's time to upgrade the interface. @offshot1st @pravus8 Have either of you had any luck with fixing this?
  4. I changed it to split crossover, set reverse to On and took the frequency down to 25. That fixed it.
  5. I have a EHX 44 Magnum that I use through a friends 4x12 sometimes. I'm going to use that for my 2x12. How would an attenuator/reactive load allow me to have the FX after the cab and IR? Which one would you recommend? In the modified preset, how does it know to send path 2A to the Cab and path 2B to FOH? The sound changed drastically when the IR is in path 2B, it doesn't sound good. Thanks for your help!
  6. I am getting a 2x12 cabinet soon and I want to have 2 paths in my presets. I want to have one path to the cabinet and another path to the PA, I want to bypass the IR block in the cabinet path so that the IR doesn't override the speakers. I place noise gate, eq, and overdrive before the amp and all other fx after the IR typically. Does anyone have presets that they can share that utilizes this kind of setup? I've attached my preset that I use now that goes to the PA only. 5150_Mesa DV-77.hlx
  7. Schivosa

    Koto preset

    Does anyone know if a koto like preset exists or if it's even possible?
  8. Yeah, I was setting this up for a friend on different occasions and we had the speakers connected to the pod the first time. This last time I forgot to check and didn't realize it wasn't connected anymore.
  9. When the Asio Pod Go driver is selected in Reaper I don't hear any playback of recorded tracks. I have to change the audio device to wavesound to hear my recording. Anyone else have this problem with the Pod Go and Reaper?
  10. Can't download the file. I am getting an xml parsing error when I try to download the file.
  11. The Pod Go Firmware 1.12 download is not working.
  12. I am using the Pod Go for my interface and I am getting popping noises in Reaper. I have increased the buffer size in Reaper to its limit (6000). It helps some but not completely. Is there some setting in the Pod that I can try?
  13. When I change Helix presets the alt tuning knob stops working until I reset the model in hx edit. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. Is this tutorial still available somewhere? There are no images in this post.
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