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  1. See for all the Reset Options based on your Helix or HX Family Device.
  2. To clarify, you need to download the 3.60 Firmware file for your HX Stomp XL from the Line 6 website and save to your local drive. You also need to download to your local drive Line 6 Updater. Note: The current version of Line 6 Updater is version 1.27, and works fine. If you have not already done so, also download and save to your local drive the 3.60 version of HX Edit. Once all these are present on your local drive -- without being online -- you may install and launch Line 6 Updater. Run it in Offline mode, and point it to the HX Stomp XL Firmware file on your drive. It will handle installation of the firmware to your device. Be sure to perform the Power On Factory Restart on your HX Stomp XL after installation of your firmware. And, if you backed up any Custom Presets, should you opt to Reinstall or Import them, be sure to perform the Power On Rebuild Presets routine to be sure everything is upgraded to comply with Firmware 3.60.
  3. What you should do is run the Rebuild Presets Power On Routine immediately after you import any such older firmware Presets to assure that they are updated to be compliant with the current firmware you are running on your Helix or HX family device. Check for the appropriate Power On sequence for your device. The Rebuild Presets procedure is the one you want to run.
  4. MusicLaw

    Faulty Helix?

    Also try disabling your PC's security software suite. Some have proven to be problematic. Overall, so long as you have thoroughly uninstalled from your PC all of the Line 6 software, and then after cold booting your PC, downloaded and installed a clean full copy of HX Edit and allowed it to fully install all of it's components, without any errors, your PC installation should be fine. Next, connect your Helix to your PC and launch HX Edit. It should recognize your Helix is connected, and allow you to install the latest firmware 3.50. Thereafter, if you disconnect your PC from your Helix and you encounter the original problem you depicted, there may well be a problem with your Helix unit. If you wish to manually install the firmware to your Helix, Line 6 Updater is what you would use. It provides the opportunity to specifically select the firmware version to install to your Helix unit. Post back how it goes. There are many here whom may be able to assist.
  5. Yup! Ever since it was introduced, the Favorites feature has been immensely helpful. The ability to save several variants is also really useful! User Default is also not to be overlooked.
  6. @EzraLaFrance, in response to your questions: Based on your stated preference for your Shure earbuds (model unstated), almost certainly Yes! I have a set of Shure SE530 IEMs which are phenomenal with my Helix Floor and HX Stomp. By design, they inherently sound different than any of my headphones (closed back: BeyerDynamic DT-770 Pro, Sony MDR-V6; or open back: Sennheiser HD6xx/HD650 headphones), JBL studio monitors, amps, or FRFR monitors. For your targeted budget range try to get a listen to the Kali, JBL, Presonus, or even the IK Multimedia iLoud, all depending on your intended position to the speakers. Bear in mind that any studio monitors are ideally best positioned equilaterally relative to your listening/playing position, and if rear ported not positioned too close to a rear wall.
  7. For now over 10 years, I too have been using an equivalent high speed 480Mhz 25' USB Repeater cable with my assorted cable only devices. I bought it originally to work with my then brand new Fender Mustang V2 Amp's software, as my amps were in a different room from my then desktop PC. Since, I have on occasion used it for a variety of things including my Helix Floor and HX Stomp HX Edit and Firmware updates. All without any problems whatsoever. Certainly not a wireless solution, however it has extended the reach significantly when needed. YMMV.
  8. @Gas_Hed, The myVolts Ripcord USB to 9v cable (Model Number: AA927MS) is specially designed to power the HX Stomp from a standard USB port (computer, power pack, or wall charger). The cable has the properly sized polarity reversed tip, and voltage step up for the HX Stomp. Works Great!
  9. And, be sure to perform the Power On Rebuild Presets (see for the button combo for your device) after you have Restored any of your pre-existing Custom Presets to assure that they are properly converted to comply with the latest fw build! [Note: This is an entirely separate power on routine from the Factory Rest Power On advised in the firmware installation instructions.]
  10. Powering on the Helix Floor while Holding FS 3 and 4 initiates enables: TEST MODE. Test Mode is also listed in the Helix Floor Reset Options on Very handy should you forget the footswitches to press and hold during power on!
  11. Yup! Pressing and holding the 3rd Encoder while power on the HX Stomp/XL displays the LCD Test Screen. This screen shows: LCD TEST Git commit: <value appears here> ESN: <value appears here> USN: <serial number string appears here> Sealed: <string here>
  12. Removing the clear plastic film which shipped covering the scribble strips (Expression Pedal display and Main display window) exposes their windows to whatever the environment throws at them! One easy solution I used was to use a large tablet sized screen protector. These are the sort of clear film sheet material commonly sold in smaller sizes to protect smartphone screens. They are very reasonably priced and often include multiple sheets in one package. (Tip: Buy one for last year's large tablet and it will be priced well below the current model's precut material. Also buy the type which is peel and stick -- not the type which requires any activating liquid spray.) Simply use a straight edge and sharp razor to cut the film material into long strips for the Scribble Strips and appropriately sized sections to cover and protect the Main Display window and Expression Pedal display with about a 1/8" border. I have found these to adhere well and do a great job!
  13. Reading this thread, moments ago had no problem accessing It seems to be operating nominally at this time. YMMV.
  14. MusicLaw


    As a reminder of what was recently discussed in another thread, search for "Slope" in IdeaScale. The first three hits are worth considering if you wish to vote them up. You can also post another if specifics of what you seek are not sufficiently detailed. If you do post a new suggestion, post the link here for all to consider voting it up. Happy New Year (a bit early) and here's to 2023!!
  15. Start fresh! Begin by using Win 11 File Manager to backup any custom Presets you may have created if you wish to preserve them. Then uninstall all of your Line 6 software from your PC. Next download from the Line 6 website a clean full copy of HX Edit 3.51 which is the most current version (released Nov 29, 2022) for Win 11. Launch this and allow it to install all the components to your PC. When completed connect your Helix to your PC and launch HX Edit. Confirm that it shows HX Edit 3.51 is running, and confirm that your Helix device is running 3.50 which is the latest version of the device firmware. If HX Edit prompts you to install 3.50 firmware to your Helix device, allow it to do so and follow the steps precisely. One of the steps will be to perform a Backup. At this point, you should be able to use HX Edit to do a Backup of your device. Regardless of the above steps, it is a wise idea to perform a Power On Factory Reset of your device. See for the Reset Options for your Helix device. Should you wish to Restore any of the Presets which you may have backed up using Win 11's file manager, or subsequently using HX Edit, it is important that you perform the Power On Rebuild Presets to assure any Restored Presets properly conform to the latest version firmware and HX Edit. Again, see for the Reset Options button combination for your device. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays.
  16. Yup. Encountering the same error: "Community is set to Read Only. Any update operation is not allowed." However a search for "Slope" did return 21 Hit results with many of them requesting adjustable slopes for the various EQ Blocks. The Error message is preventing voting up any of the existing posts.
  17. I have not looked, but I would be surprised if this feature suggestion were not already somewhere amongst the IdeaScale feature requests. If you add it to IdeaScale, post the link back to this thread and to TGP, so everyone can see it and vote it up. Happy Holidays.
  18. Not all of the EQ filters in the Helix ecosystem have the same slope! assets that the Tilt EQ Block "is a subtle 6dB EQ". Also see Craig Andertons, The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks. The PDF is loaded with information about Helix and HX family product EQ! On Pg 65 of version 1.1 Craig mentions that the Low and High Cut Block Block "has 18 dB/octave filters". A search for "EQ" in the PDF returns 363 hits. The book has plenty of his charts and also has a few hundred presets. You can find it from Sweetwater Publishing for $19.95
  19. Craig's Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks plus included Preset files are well worth the $19.95! If you're looking for free stuff, check out Craig's several freely available articles on Sweetwater's site!
  20. Thanks. Forwarded the TIDs along....
  21. @PierM please post your Support Ticket info here and I'll be happy to attach it to a post I just submitted to the Beta Testing Team. Same goes for any others following this thread whom may have submitted Support Tickets.
  22. I have no idea if there are different internal software controls for the various encoders and rotary control knobs on the Helix and HX family hardware. I only know that during Beta Testing the sensitivity was adjusted, in response to Beta Team responses, at least once.
  23. The Rotary Encoders' sensitivity was enhanced in firmware 3.50. If you are experiencing instances with selections skipping or jumping when using any of the rotary controls, submit a Support Ticket to Line 6 describing the specifics of your findings, so that the sensitivity may be further refined in the next firmware update. The best place to report anomalies is by posting a Support Ticket to Line 6!
  24. If you can grab a Helix Floor or LT and a Helix Backpack (or equivalent) you'll almost not even notice carrying or transporting the gear. The Helix Backpack has plenty extra capacity for additional stuff (cables, add'l pedals, tablet, and still more room) plus, it stands vertical when loaded, and is a breeze to carry. YMMV.
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