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  1. Wipe exterior with a mild damp bit of soap to clean. Brush lightly if really bad. Otherwise, hand wash in a suitably sized sink or tub with a tiny bit of laundry or dish detergent (aka Dawn). Rinse well and allow to air dry. YMMV.
  2. If you have an Wall pluggable USB Power block, or a rechargeable USB Power brick, you can use a MyVolts Ripcord made for the HX Stomp. The Ripcord is a durable, inexpensive (about $25) USB to 9V 2.5mm right angle Center Positive adapter cable. It works flawlessly with the HX Stomp. Just be sure you use it with a at least a 5V 3Amp or higher USB capable source. I have two and have been using them for a few years without problem. They are available via Amazon (when not out of stock) or from the actual OEM, as well as others. Google for it.
  3. File > Import Setlist File > Export Setlist If you're referring to using HX Edit with an HX Stomp, the HX Stomp only loads one entire Setlist. I believe the same is the case with the Stomp XL.
  4. The Mixer Block is automatically created when a Split Block is placed in the Signal Path. The Mixer Block provides a means of merging (or mixing) the Split Signal Path back into the Primary Signal Path if needed. AFAIK, there is no way to remove the Mixer Block while a Spilt Block remains.
  5. I find the existing block representations presented in the Signal Chain portions of the HX Edit and HX Native displays sufficient (primarily because this method is compact). Nonetheless, for the larger predominant editor portion HX Edit and Helix Native's displays (i.e. the lower right of the screen), I would vastly prefer a skeuomorphic actual representation of the selected component's adjustment parameters. Currently, I use the graphic display of the block types rather than the list display. This could be significantly improved if the selected item were displayed as 3x larger at the top of that graphic area occupying the full width of the area. Line6 has often asserted that allocating programming resources to accomplish a skeuomorphic display is viewed as an unnecessary allocation of programming resources otherwise better used to evolve, optimize and otherwise improve the Helix and HX Family firmware. As the world has now reached 2024, perhaps the day graphics become more widely embraced will be sooner.
  6. V1.4 Download is now live on Sweetwater! Use your Download Code Link. Happy Holidays!! Thanks, Craig.
  7. Great to know that v1.4's already to Sweetwater! I just checked, and the download/upgrade link is still resolving to v1.3. Looking forward to v1.4 in the next few days.... Happy Holidays!!
  8. @heiltim, regarding your DSP questions, use Helix Native with preferences configured for the Helix Floor and you'll be able to explore any block selection configurations you may desire. Use your HX Stomp as the audio interface so the audio you hear through Helix Native (set for Helix Floor Configuration) will be identical to that of the Helix Floor. If you can get the FX Blocks to your satisfaction in Helix Native, you'll be able to use the same Signal Chain of Blocks on the Helix Floor. As for your other signal I/O issues, you'll only know with certainty once you've got access to a Helix Floor to give it a run. If you buy from a vendor with a return policy, you'll have a safety net of knowing you can return it if it doesn't meet your needs. Happy Holidays!
  9. The first step is to download and install HX Edit from Line 6's website. You will need to log into your account to do so. The installation of HX Edit will install all the necessary software to your computer. After you have done so, connect your HX Stomp XL to your computer and launch HX Edit. If still not recognized, check to be sure that the USB cable supplied with your HX Stomp XL is not faulty. You can try another USB cable if you have one on hand. BTW, did you buy the HX Stomp XL new or used? If new and still no good, swap it for another unit from your vendor. If you bought it used, you may want to get back in touch with the seller to see what you can work out. 'm a PC guy so I can't advise you about your Mac. Nonetheless, from the Downloads page on Line 6's website, you will need to select HX Edit from the Software Dropdown list, and your version of Mac OS from the OS Dropdown.
  10. @Koelink76 You didn't have to wait too long ;) 3.70 is out this morning.
  11. @kditchburnIt is very unlikely that your Helix is bricked. Once you have confirmed your Win 11 laptop is back up and running properly, if you have any custom Presets, be sure you back them up using Win File Mgr. Next, Uninstall any and all of your Helix factory software and drivers. Once all the factory Helix Software is off of your laptop, log in to your Line 6 Account and download a clean new copy of Helix Native. The latest version is 3.62. When the download completes, launch it and allow it to install onto your laptop. Your Helix need not be connected to your Laptop for HX Edit to install to your laptop. This install will also install the latest version of Line 6 Updater (which you may or may not need to use in the next few steps), and all related drivers, etc. When HX Edit 3.62 and it's related content has installed to your laptop, exit HX Edit. With your Helix powered off and not connected to your laptop, browse over to to view the Reset Options for Safe Boot Mode. The direct URL is: Power off your Helix and then power it up in Safe Boot Mode by holding the 6 and 12 Footswitches. This should get your device to Safe Mode. Then power off your Helix. Connect it to your laptop, and then again power on your Helix to Safe Boot Mode by holding the 6 and 12 Footswitches. Then Launch HX Edit and see if HX Edit recognizes the device. If so, allow it to update the device and follow all the instructions precisely! If HX Edit fails to recognize your device, close HX Edit, and Launch Line 6 Updater. You can do this with you device still powered on and connected to your laptop. If Line 6 Updater fails to see your device. Power it off and then power it on again to Safe Boot Mode. Once Line 6 Updater recognizes your device, you will be able to manually select the latest firmware for your device from your online Line 6 Account. Be aware that the latest firmware version for your device will be 3.60 -- not be 3.62! Hope this gets you back up and running.
  12. Actually, the latest version available is Version 1.3. Use your Sweetwater download URL and it will provide access to the latest version. Then take the PDF to your local business supply or similar store for them to print a full hardcopy, should you want that.
  13. @dphoba2 Nothing to worry about! So long as you're not holding your new Helix while undergoing an MRI, or otherwise expose it to a Nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse (aka an EMP) it will be fine. Far more damage can result from ordinary household events such as a s spilled Cola or Beer spill, etc. I do not work for nor represent Line6. Also, if you have not seen it, find the Line6 torture test video they posted on YouTube years ago when they were dropping and kicking the Helix Foor unit. It very clearly demonstrates how rugged the Helix Floor is. The video may also still be available on Line6's website. It's comforting to watch what they put the unit through and it still works great. After posting the message above, the following arrived amongst my emails this morning, and I thought you may find it of interest: is reporting heightened Solar Flare activities of high energy Class X intensity are disrupting Radio Transmissions, with more to come. "A powerful solar flare disrupted radio and navigation signals across North America on Aug. 7 and prompted space weather forecasters to issue warnings because of energetic particles hitting Earth. It was the second X-flare in less than three days — and we should brace for more such activity."
  14. @jbrink09 Contrary to the reluctancy expressed in the replies above, my recommendation is that you absolutely upgrade to the latest firmware!! There have been massive improvements, feature additions, and more. Be sure that you do a backup of any Custom Settings, Presets, etc. before you proceed! This will allow you to Restore anything which you have Backed Up, after you install the latest firmware. When you do any Restore (of your previously backed up content), it will processed and converted to be compliant with the new features. If you want to know the specifics of what has been added, improved, etc. Read the Release Notes which are available at or on the Line6 downloads page for each software release. The format is easier on The upgrade process is very straightforward -- if you follow the instructions precisely!! And, no you do not need to install the updates in order, one by one! Simply install the latest update! Know that HX Edit is the program to first install! This will handle everything! However, you must read and follow the instructions precisely!! Hope this helps! If you have questions, please ask! There are many users here to help.
  15. The Min/Mid/Max Tone Control Curve Charts are exceptional! So are your insightful comments as to each Distortion's suitability. More of your "deep dive" efforts would certainly be welcome!
  16. Craig, Page 24 How to Find What's New and Different of v.1.3 mentions: "Sections Marked with (1.2) are new...." Should be 1.3.
  17. See for all the Reset Options based on your Helix or HX Family Device.
  18. To clarify, you need to download the 3.60 Firmware file for your HX Stomp XL from the Line 6 website and save to your local drive. You also need to download to your local drive Line 6 Updater. Note: The current version of Line 6 Updater is version 1.27, and works fine. If you have not already done so, also download and save to your local drive the 3.60 version of HX Edit. Once all these are present on your local drive -- without being online -- you may install and launch Line 6 Updater. Run it in Offline mode, and point it to the HX Stomp XL Firmware file on your drive. It will handle installation of the firmware to your device. Be sure to perform the Power On Factory Restart on your HX Stomp XL after installation of your firmware. And, if you backed up any Custom Presets, should you opt to Reinstall or Import them, be sure to perform the Power On Rebuild Presets routine to be sure everything is upgraded to comply with Firmware 3.60.
  19. What you should do is run the Rebuild Presets Power On Routine immediately after you import any such older firmware Presets to assure that they are updated to be compliant with the current firmware you are running on your Helix or HX family device. Check for the appropriate Power On sequence for your device. The Rebuild Presets procedure is the one you want to run.
  20. MusicLaw

    Faulty Helix?

    Also try disabling your PC's security software suite. Some have proven to be problematic. Overall, so long as you have thoroughly uninstalled from your PC all of the Line 6 software, and then after cold booting your PC, downloaded and installed a clean full copy of HX Edit and allowed it to fully install all of it's components, without any errors, your PC installation should be fine. Next, connect your Helix to your PC and launch HX Edit. It should recognize your Helix is connected, and allow you to install the latest firmware 3.50. Thereafter, if you disconnect your PC from your Helix and you encounter the original problem you depicted, there may well be a problem with your Helix unit. If you wish to manually install the firmware to your Helix, Line 6 Updater is what you would use. It provides the opportunity to specifically select the firmware version to install to your Helix unit. Post back how it goes. There are many here whom may be able to assist.
  21. Yup! Ever since it was introduced, the Favorites feature has been immensely helpful. The ability to save several variants is also really useful! User Default is also not to be overlooked.
  22. @EzraLaFrance, in response to your questions: Based on your stated preference for your Shure earbuds (model unstated), almost certainly Yes! I have a set of Shure SE530 IEMs which are phenomenal with my Helix Floor and HX Stomp. By design, they inherently sound different than any of my headphones (closed back: BeyerDynamic DT-770 Pro, Sony MDR-V6; or open back: Sennheiser HD6xx/HD650 headphones), JBL studio monitors, amps, or FRFR monitors. For your targeted budget range try to get a listen to the Kali, JBL, Presonus, or even the IK Multimedia iLoud, all depending on your intended position to the speakers. Bear in mind that any studio monitors are ideally best positioned equilaterally relative to your listening/playing position, and if rear ported not positioned too close to a rear wall.
  23. For now over 10 years, I too have been using an equivalent high speed 480Mhz 25' USB Repeater cable with my assorted cable only devices. I bought it originally to work with my then brand new Fender Mustang V2 Amp's software, as my amps were in a different room from my then desktop PC. Since, I have on occasion used it for a variety of things including my Helix Floor and HX Stomp HX Edit and Firmware updates. All without any problems whatsoever. Certainly not a wireless solution, however it has extended the reach significantly when needed. YMMV.
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