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  1. Still have two SPX90 in the Studio here!
  2. After Importing any previous version Presets into your Presets List ALWAYS do a Power-On Presets Rebuild to assure all Presets are converted to and fully compliant with the currently installed Firmware Version! See: for the proper Press and Hold Footswitch power on combination for the Presets Rebuild for your Helix Device.
  3. Wow! This is outstanding!! Thanks. Great find regarding the phantom 1x12 Fanny Pack Bass Cab captured from 1x12" Epifani UL112 Ultralight typo. I just submitted a Bug Report ticket to Line 6 so they're aware of the Typo, which also exists in the Helix Native 3.50 Pilots Guide PDF.
  4. @SweetTarty61be sure that all of the Line 6 software is removed from the problematic laptop! You may need to use the Windows Removal Tool, if the Control Panel method fails to accomplish a thorough Uninstall of the Line 6 software.
  5. Absolutely! His vids are excellent and his Presets are very reasonably Priced! For the minimal cost, they're great to have available, as he adds more....
  6. Delighted that I was able to help and that it worked out for you! I've been running Helix Native via VSTHost and it displays properly. I just checked to confirm that the VSTHost Launch Icon's Properties on my Win Desktop are set for Win 11 default settings. None of the High DPI checkboxes (as in the graphic I posted earlier) are enabled. What DAW or VST Host are you using to run Helix Native? Ideally, I would love to have Helix Native as a Stand Alone, but that's an entirely different conversation.... Happy Holidays!!
  7. To assist with your learning the Presets building process, consider downloading the free trial of Helix Native. When you install it as a DAW plugin or run it via VST Host, you'll be able to switch the Preferences > Hardware Compatibility from the default Floor/LT/Rack to HX Stomp XL or HX Stomp. As you do so, the Factory Presets list(s) will change. Each will populate with the Factory Presets or Setlists in the case of the Floor/LT/Rack. Doing the above will allow you to See, Edit, Save, Import Presets from one device to the other -- so long as each Preset meets the constraints of the destination device. For example, the Eight (8) Block per Preset and DSP constraints of the HX Stomp/XL will need to be complied with should you choose to use a Helix Floor/LT/Rack Preset with your HX Stomp XL. One method is to launch HX Edit and allow it to prompt you and handle the Preset conversion. The other method -- which I suggest for learning about Preset building -- is to simply use Helix Native to explore, Edit, Create and Save Presets on your own, using any Preset you choose as your starting example. You can do this in Helix Native running via VSTHost or DAW without your HX Stomp XL connected to your computer. Simply save any Presets you edit to your Hard drive so they'll be available to you to Import to your HX Stomp XL using HX Edit. Hope this helps. Just be sure you use the 3.50 versions of all the above software so any of the Presets you view, edit, create, save, Import, etc. are Firmware 3.50 compatible.
  8. My Win 11 Dell XPS 9710 17" is running Settings > System > Display > Scale & Layout Scale 250% (Recommended) Resolution 3840 x 2400 (Recommended) HX Edit's Launch Shortcut's Properties are at Default, thus there are No Advanced High DPI Launch Parameters enabled. However, for Line 6 Updater it's Launch Shortcut Properties > Compatibility > High DPI Settings > High DPI Scaling Override is Enabled as follows (this may be sediment settings from the pre-1.27 version of Line 6 Updater): [Addendum: I just tried disabling both of the check boxes in the above graphic. Doing so resulted in the Splash screen appearing very small, so I re-enabled the above settings as seen in the graphic.] I'd need to fire up the Win 10 XPS 15" 9560 to check it's parameters.
  9. For the past several years, HX Edit and Helix Native have been running w/o any scaling problems on my 4K Touchscreen display Dell XPS 15" and XPS 17" laptops (Win 10 and Win 11 machines, respectively). I do recollect that a long while ago, Line 6 Updater did display a very small launch splash screen until I adjusted Windows' launch properties for the program to scale properly. That was corrected by Line 6 in a subsequent release, as the recent versions of Line 6 Updater no longer require that adjustment. Of course, this is with Windows, and my impression is that you were referring to Apple's OS.
  10. If you might be missing the same step each time you've tried, the results will remain deficient! Of course, there is always the possibility that you are experiencing an hardware problem, however, you have not indicated anything which would tend to reflect that would be the problem. Best recommendation is to uninstall all your Line 6 software from your computer -- after first making sure you have a BACKUP of any Custom Presets, Global Settings or User Model Defaults you may wish to subsequently RESTORE. Once you have confirmed that all the software is gone. Log onto your Line 6 account and download a clean copy of HX Edit 3.50. Launch it and allow it to proceed to install all the necessary software. Once HX Edit has completed the install. Connect your device to your and again launch HX Edit. You may need to again log into your Line 6 account so HX Edit sees your account. Then, HX Edit will prompt you to install 3.50 to your Device. If it does not, then you will need to use your browser to go to the Line 6 downloads page and download Line 6 Updater. The latest version is 1.27. Also download the 3.50 Firmware for your device (Not: this is not HX Edit! Rather it is the Firmware specifically for your device). Then install Line 6 Updater. Next, launch Line 6 updater with your device connected and select the 3.50 Firmware for your device from your Local Drive. Allow Line 6 Updater to perform the firmware install. When it completes, perform the Full Factory Reset Power On sequence for your Device! Then, the Firmware 3.5 Factory Setlists should be present on your device, and when you access your device using HX Edit 3.50. Thereafter, if you have any Global Settings, User Presets, or User Model Defaults you might wish to Restore, use HX Edit to do so. Be certain that you do not overwrite the new Factory 1 or Factory 2 Presets with your Restore from previous Backup, by unchecking those items in the Backup routine checkboxes. If all the above fails to get you going, you'll need to contact Line 6 to get you sorted out.
  11. Don't overlook the value of the LT's dual DSP chips and twice the Signal Chain Block configuration options. Plus, Eight Snapshots per Preset and more! Unless the size is a constraint, seriously compare the features of both routes.
  12. @loughie Some users have created Custom Presets in the Factory 1 or Factory 2 Setlists overwriting some of the Factory Presets. This would create a situation where those Setlists contained a combination of Factory Presets and user customized presets -- in the same Setlist. Should this be your scenario, restore your backup of those Setlists and then save any of your custom presets individually! Once you have done so, your Customized and individually saved Presets would be available for you to subsequently Import into any Setlist you wish. So after restoring Firmware 3.5's Factory Setlists, you'll be able to subsequently Import any of those individually saved Custom Presets from your Hard drive to any Setlist you wish. Hope this helps.
  13. Any Helix owners unaware of Hossein Montazeri's excellent Helix Effects Finder 3.50 search site should make a note of it! As the site's name now reflects Hossein has recently updated the site to include Firmware 3.50's new content! Direct URL: I just discovered a hidden feature which supports entering the word "Legacy" (without quotes) into the Search Field. This results in Legacy items being displayed which are also graphically identified with the Legacy Icon symbol in the lower right of their information tiles. Earlier this year Jason Sadites did a video about the site.
  14. @Bboy19 see: for an appreciative Thanks!
  15. @serronej, as you may already know, DSP consumption of the individual Amp Block selections and FX Block selections in Line 6's firmware varies depending on the particular Amp or FX Block selected for use in your Signal Chain. The Floor, LT and Rack units each have Dual DSP chips and thus have twice the processing capacity than the single DSP chip HX Stomp, HX Stomp XL, and HX FX units (HX FX has no amps). Even with the single DSP HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL, it is entirely possible to use two different Amp Blocks -- depending on the Amps you select -- in your signal chain, in addition to a Cab or Dual Cab Block plus FX Blocks. The full Helix Units (Floor, LT, Rack) have even more capacity for multiple Amp selections. Within a single Preset you may define one Amp bypassed while another is enabled, both, enabled, and even different parameter settings for each using footswitch configurations. In addition to Presets, Helix Firmware also provides Snapshots. These are akin to having Presets within a Preset. There are Three available on the HX Stomp, Four on the HX Stomp XL, and Eight available on the Floor, LT, and Rack. Each Preset you define allows for up to Sixty-Four parameter changes or Bypass assignments without any lag nor interruption. Switching between and amongst Presets does involve a momentary interruption as each new Preset loads in from the device's memory. However, once loaded any Preset you created containing Snapshots allows for nearly instantaneous switching between and amongst Snapshots -- within that Preset. As @HonestOpinionmentioned earlier in this thread the Preset Spillover feature available in the Helix Floor, LT, and Rack is a Global Parameter setting which allows dedicating the second DSP chip to essentially mirror the first, thereby allowing for instantaneous switching between and amongst Presets (at the cost of reducing DSP capacity for other Signal Chain uses). If you want to explore multiple amp block and FX combinations before you buy the device, download the Helix Native from Line6's site. Once loaded as a Plugin to your DAW or VSTHost, simply change Preferences > Hardware Compatibility from the Default setting of Floor/LT/Rack to HX Stomp or HX Stomp XL, and you will see what Amp Block selections remain available as you build a sample Signal Chain in the software. Helix Native is available as a Full Featured Free Trial, and should you buy a Helix, it is available to Helix Device owners for $99. And, a few times each year for Helix device owners, Line 6 puts it on 30% discount bringing the price down to $79 USD. As @rd2rkalready posted, do it! You'll likely be delighted. And, if you buy from a vendor with a satisfaction guarantee, should you not be satisfied, return it for something else.
  16. Glad you got it sorted out.
  17. @badMETAsin82uninstall all the Line6 software and drivers from your computer, AFTER doing a Backup to preserve what you have and what you may wish to preserve for later Restore to your devices. Then download a clean copy of HX Edit. Next, launch HX Edit and allow it to install all the necessary components. HX Edit should install and recognize your connected HX Stomp. Complete the entire process with the recommended Factory Preset! If this fails to get the amps properly working, but 3.5 HX Edit gets properly installed, follow the next steps. Download to your local drive the 3.5 firmware for you HX Stomp from Line 6's website's Downloads Page, by selecting HX Stomp in the Hardware dropdown, FIrmware in the Software dropdown and your OS in the OS Dropdown. Also download Line 6 Updater! The current version is 1.27. If you wish, you may also download the HX Edit Installer to your local drive if you need to, and same with the LT firmware. Select each in the appropriate Download page dropdowns, so now you would have all Four (4) of the software components. Same applies to Helix Native if you use that. Launch Line 6 Updater with your HX Stomp connected and powered of. Once Line 6 Updater recognizes your HX Stomp connected, select Local Files, and select the HX Stomp Firmware file you saved to your local drive. Allow Line 6 Updater to do he install, it will take a few minutes. After it completes, do the Factory Power on Reset of your HX Stomp. If you have any Presets, Global Settings, User Model Defaults, IRs, etc. which you may have previously Backed Up, after the PowerOn Factory Reset completes, Restore what you wish via HX Edit's Restore from Backup feature and be sure to click on the items you wish to Restore! Then do the Preset Power On Rebuild by holding the HX Stomp's Upper and Lower Buttons while powering on. After this completes, you should be all set! If still no go, submit a Support Ticket with Line 6. Hope this helps.
  18. Installing the Firmware 3.5 update and following the instructions results in your Helix Stomp's Global Settings being Reset. Did you have any customized settings in your Globals? If so, and you backed up before performing the firmware update, you can do a selective Restore (using HX Edit) and select Global Settings to restore your previous Global settings. Otherwise, you can reconfigure your Global Settings directly on your Helix Device (as HX Edit does not provide access to the Device's Global Settings). Are you using Helix Native Plugin?
  19. Before diving into the Cab Delay Parameter, set up your Cab Pan L and R accordingly. Then use any Reverb and Delay FX Blocks to taste. Then revisit the Cab Delay Parameter and listen carefully to very minimal changes. There's a reason that the values increment in 0.02ms at the very start of the Delay values parameter. Just a tiny bit can introduce all sorts of Phasing which may result in a variety of audible frequency cancelling depending on your material. If it sounds good, go with it! If you're working on material destined for Mastering, then you'll need to be more aware of introducing undesired phasing. Line 6 has already posted that the new Cabs are Time Aligned regardless of their respective Mic, Position, Distance, Angle, Pan and Level settings. However, as soon as the Cab's Delay Parameter is increased beyond 0.00ms, phasing issues begin.
  20. Correct! Unless, you have customized any Global Settings, User Model Defaults, or Favorites contained in the Backup which you might wish to Restore rather than recreate.
  21. @HanoverGreenthe HX Stomp does not have multiple Setlists. The HX Stomp only has one Presets List! It does not have multiple Setlists as found on the Helix Floor, LT, Rack, etc. Nonetheless, you can Import and Export Presets amongst and between the Helix devices -- so long as the subject Preset does not exceed the Signal Chain and DSP capability of the HX Stomp! When using HX Edit to Import and Export Presets, HX Edit will prompt you should the Preset not be compliant. Also be aware that whenever you Import any Preset which you may purchase or find on the Internet, after you Import such Preset(s) to your HX Stomp it is always a good idea to do a Power On Rebuild Presets procedure to assure that the Imported Preset(s) is (are) properly converted to your existing firmware version! For the HX Stomp, Hold the Upper and Lower Buttons while Powering On your HX Stomp. For all the Reset Options, see > Reset Options.
  22. @JimRad, thanks again for this! Finally got around to having these 3D Printed. I look forward to getting them soon. Plus, with the new 3.5 Firmware Update, my FRFR are sounding better than ever! :)
  23. Also, should you have any Presets which you may have individually saved to your local drive before the upgrade which you wish to Import to your Setlist, perform the Power On Preset Rebuild routine! This will allow your Helix to rebuild all your Presets to assure they are compliant with the current firmware. See for the Reset Options for your Helix Device.
  24. Otherwise, simply go to Global Settings on your HX Stomp and set the Globals as you wish. Keep in mind that installing the firmware updates as instructed involve doing a Factory Reset Power On. This always reset the Global Settings.
  25. MusicLaw

    New Manuals

    The current versions of the manuals for HX Edit and Helix Native software are each available as PDFs within in their respective programs by clicking the Question Mark Character in the lower left corner and selecting Pilot Guide. Each is also available as a PDF download from the Line 6 Website's Support Area under Manuals. Helix Hardware device User Manuals are also available via Line 6 Support > Manuals. Note that the latest version is 3.0. For information, features and enhancements introduced in the various interim firmware releases (as they affect the hardware), see the Release Notes. These may be found on the Line 6 website in the Downloads Page for each firmware release. See where the Release Notes are conveniently grouped for easy browsing. Another great resource is The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks available from Sweetwater Publishing as a PDF, which gets revised after each firmware release. As this is not a Line 6 publication, it takes a bit of time before the update is available. Earlier today the author Craig Anderton, posted in another thread that he hopes to have The Book update for the 3.5 firmware available perhaps in December.
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