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  1. Either add a separate cab block or replace the existing cab block with a dual cab block. Using two cab blocks affords the capability to place one in a split path with split parallel FX processing, levels, etc.
  2. For those Amps which actually have Master Volume Controls, Line 6 Modeled the parameter. For Amps which do not actually have Master Volume Controls, Line 6 created a Master Volume Control parameter in the Modeled Block. As I recollect, this "created" parameter will act as an attenuator (of the signal level hitting the Power Amp stage of the modeled amp) if not set to Maximum value. Regardless, always use your ears and go with what sounds good to you. I too often use closed back BeyerDynamic DT700 Pro 250 Ohm headsets with my Helix Gear, although I generally prefer the comfort and tone of my open back Sennheiser HD600 300 Ohm.
  3. @kajlew1, be sure to follow the instructions regarding restarting and doing a Reset. If you have any doubt that the entire update process may not have completed properly, simply uninstall all Helix Software from your computer. Then re-download and install a fresh copy of HX Edit and allow HX Edit to reinstall all the software and drivers to your system and your HX Stomp. If you have not yet created any Custom Presets or saved any Favorites, etc, which you want to preserve, there is no need do first perform a backup. Nevertheless, should HX Edit reinstallation or HX Stomp firmware updating prompt you to do a Backup allow it to proceed.
  4. So long as you're prepared to add external Expression Pedals as you may need, the Helix Rack w/ Floor Controller is an outstanding way to go!
  5. The "give them what they need..." you mention, I presume is the FOH or Mixer Desk/Console. Most often what you would send to them would be what you have already dialed in as your Preset. In other words, they would adjust the house volume at the desk to suit the venue, size of room crowd, part of the song, etc. Fletcher-Munson Curve physics are unavoidable. Thus, you must dial in your Presets for venue performance level SPLs. Set up your Presets so that when you enable or disable any FX, or other changes to the Parameters of the Blocks comprising your Preset, the overall SPL doesn't change more than you actually may desire. Most often the FX or other parameters will change the tone, but not drastically affect the SPL; this even if you switch to a dirtier or boosted lead segment etc. In many if not most instances, regardless if the FX or parameter change values are enable or disabled and how they may affect the tone (best accomplished using Snapshots) the overall SPL level should not change dramatically. If the FOH actually does needs a higher signal, and you would want that to apply to all the Presets you will be using for that performance, it would probably be easiest to use the Global EQ Settings to boost the output level, so you only need do so once for that show. Doing so for the Output block of each Preset would be cumbersome to say the least. As for the a Block's Channel Volume vs the Signal Chain's Output Block or Send Block Level, each has a place for use. The Output Block Level will affect the output level of everything before it. Whereas, the Channel Volume of any individual Block will only affect it's properties and how that signal next hits what comes next in the Signal Chain (or external device if a Send Block). So long as you are not overloading, use your ears an go with what suits you.
  6. The easiest solution is likely to be simply reduce the QSC's Gain Level control to achieve the SPL range you desire. This will allow you to leave the Helix Master Output Knob at Unity (Fully Clockwise, or Disable it from your Helix Output feeding your QSC in Helix Global Settings). Also check to be sure that none of the parameters in the various blocks comprising your Helix signal chain have inadvertently been turned up. One method to assure everything is at default is to do a backup of your customized settings and presets, then do a Factory Reset. Then build a Preset from scratch using default block selections. AFAIK, the Helix Amp Block's' Channel Volume Parameter does not affect the tone. It is merely a level control for that respective Block. However, the Amp Block's Gain, Drive and Master Parameters will absolutely affect that Block's Tone and impact whatever follows in the signal chain. The final Output Block is also merely a Level Control. Once you have adjusted any of Helix's Block Parameters to your liking, save the Block to Favorites for quick recall and subsequent use. Hope this helps.
  7. Congratulations on your incoming Helix! As a Helix buyer, you are entitled to Helix Native are a reduced price. So, you could download the Free Trial of Helix Native which will give you the same full featured functionality of the Helix Firmware on your computer. Every so often Line 6 puts Helix Native on sale for about 30% lower than your already reduced price entitlement. The net price would be about $70. Until then, check out the Free Trial. It is a fully functional version. It installs as a plugin to your DAW or VST Host.
  8. You're unlikely to ever regret getting the Floor. You may, however, regret spending less on the LT, once you discover the usefulness of the Floor's additional features, I/O, etc.
  9. Yup! The Controller Assign feature does this easily. See Helix Floor Owner's Manual ver 3 - rev E PDF, Page 53, et seq. Both parameters must be Controller Assigned to the same Expression Pedal. For the parameter to be lowered, reverse the Min and Max value assignments, for example Min:75 and Max:25. For the parameter to be increased, assig the Min and Max values you would normally desire. Addendum: rd2rk answered you first. I got called away from the computer hahaha.
  10. Sorry to hear that you are encountering these problems. As you have gone through several trouble shooting steps and you are otherwise savvy with computers, it may be that you have received a faulty Helix. It may be easier to simply exchange it with the vendor from which you bought the unit. Otherwise, rest assured that Frank Ritchotte of Helix will get you sorted out if Tech Support/Customer Service cannot resolve your issue promptly. Understood that your being in the East Coast Time zone is a disparity from Line 6 HQ in Pacific Time. Nonetheless, I would encourage you not to abandon hope. Do give them another shot on the telephone tomorrow as you have 3 hour head start. Line 6's Tech support and Customer Service is World Class! As this User Support Forum is not regularly monitored by Line 6 Tech Support, you may also want to increase your odds, by also posting on the massive Line 6 Thread on The Gear Page Forums, where many users and representatives of Line 6 frequent. If you are also a member of the Line 6 Facebook group that is another place to post and reach out to Frank. He has done numerous incredible Customer Service feats for Helix users over the past several years, so your scenario may be sufficient to warrant a similar resolution. All that being said, my recommendation would be to confirm that your Helix unit (you did not mention what unit you have) properly starts on its own, and what firmware it is running. If that's all good, I would completely scrub your computer of all Line 6 software and drivers. Then log into your Line 6 account and redownload the most current version of Helix Edit to confirm a clean full download. Then launch the software and allow it to install all the necessary drivers and components necessary. If the installation of HX Edit is successful, then exit the pgm, and connect your Helix to the primary USB port on your computer closest to the main power connection and without any other USB devices connected. Once connected power up your Helix and once it has finished bootup, then launch HX Edit.
  11. Open a Support Ticket and give Line 6 a call so they can troubleshoot the issue.
  12. Also know that as an HX Stomp owner you are entitled to the Helix Native DAW/VST plug in at a significantly reduced price. If you are not in any rush, wait until it is put on Discount Sale, when the price is about $69 USD. Line 6 has put it on sale several times a year, so there is a good chance it will be put on sale again as the year end Holidays season begins in the months ahead.
  13. Each their own... I use a wireless Logitech Laser Trackball. The beauty of it is that the unit need not be repositioned to accomplish any cursor repositioning. Simply the balls rotation accomplishes everything I need. Been doing so for years, even before the wireless units were introduced. The red w/ tiny black dot balls works perfectly. This only when not using the laptop's touchpad.... YMMV.
  14. I use a Dell XPS 15" 4K Touchscreen laptop. It serves quite well for Helix Edit. However, I do keep it at ultra near field so that it's touchpad is easily within fingertip reach. When used at a greater distance, I'll patch it into a much larger screen and use a Logitech trackball. Either way it has plenty of processing power to run HX Edit and much more....
  15. @ArthurBoutellis, during several years of using my Helix gear (Floor and Stomp) I have yet to reach the 64 Parameters Maximum limit in any Snapshot. As far as I know, the 64 Parameters Maximum is per snapshot -- not per Preset. (If this is incorrect, I am certain someone will post a correction.)
  16. Sorry to hear the problems you encountered, but glad to know you got matters sorted out. Ordinarily, HX Edit works wonderfully. If however, it fails to do as it should, use the Line 6 Updater. Line 6 Updater will allow you to install all of the deliverable software components. However, you will need to be sure that after you first backup any of your custom presets, you uninstall all Line 6 related software including drivers from your system to be sure you are working from a clean slate. This pertains to a PC. I don't use Apple stuff so you're on your own there. The current version of HX Edit is far superior in handling the necessary housekeeping chores as it prompts you to perform the backup, downloads and installs all current drivers and software and firmware. Hope you're good to go now, and when the next firmware drop hopefully you won't have any problems. Of course, having stable Internet Connectivity during the login and download steps is essential. Also be sure to use the USB Port closest to your PC's main power connection and the Line 6 provided USB cable with the inline RF Choke.
  17. The Sony MDR-7506 (same as the MDR-V6) are foldable and work great with the HX Stomp (as well as many other sources). They have been an industry standard in the Film, TV and Recording industries for decades. The BeyerDynamic 990 Premium are also foldable. However, as they are 600 ohm, they may not be the best impedance match for the HX Stomp's headphone output! Try before you buy if you can. Otherwise, buy from a vendor with a satisfaction return guarantee.
  18. Aside from the suggested USB cables testing/swapping and using your primary USB port (closest to the main power connector of your PC), backup any of your custom presets and Global settings. Then, completely uninstall all of the Line 6 software from your system! Doing so should also remove any vestiges of Line 6's drivers. If necessary, use Control Panel or Microsoft's higher tier software removal tools. Next, with a known clean system (i.e free of any Line 6 software), go to Line 6's site and download HX Edit. Install HX Edit. It should install a clean set of drivers and software. If following such installation, the problem persists, at least, you can advise Line 6 of the steps you took, as they further assist you through your Support Ticket. Hope matters get resolved soon.
  19. Line and Level output selections do not directly affect the headphones level output.
  20. Set the Helix Outputs you are using to Line. The Aux In of your Boss Katana Air is very likely expecting a line level signal, rather than an instrument level signal.
  21. The JBL LSR305 and LSR308 are outstanding for their price point. Keep in mind that these are designed for use as near field monitors -- not home stereo bookshelf speakers. These are rear ported and best positioned a short distances from rear walls and corners.
  22. If the higher cost and larger size are of no issue, go with the Stomp XL. The additional footswitches and features of the Stomp XL will certainly be a wonderful platform to start. FWIW, I have the Helix Floor and added an HX Stomp (with an inexpensive 2 footswitch add on) several years later; simply due to the tiny form factor and ease of use. The XL had not yet been released; if it had been I would have gone with the XL for the additional Footswitches.
  23. A significant distinction is that the Helix LT delivers the full Helix Firmware capability along with dual DSP chips. And, you can use Helix Edit as well as Helix Native.
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