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  1. The THR10C in stereo at near field with the HX Stomp connected via the THR10C's AuxIn sounds outstanding! I have each and used them together plenty of times. Always brings a smile to my face. I also frequently run my HX Stomp w/ Headphones, or with a pair of JBL LSR305 or LSR308 if not with a pair of larger DXR10 Yamaha FRFR monitors or Fender Amps. For near field monitoring at low SPLs the THR10C's convenience (and that it can run on batteries for practice on its own), makes it a fantastic all in one unit for me. I've never tried the 8" FRFR Alto nor QSC nor Yamaha's 8" units. I really enjoy the THR10C's near field stereo imaging, and patching in backing tracks or playing along to YouTube vids is a blast. YMMV.
  2. Of course, if you go with a pair of powered 5" (or larger) Studio Monitors (of your choice), you'll have greater positioning flexibility, better bottom end, and higher capable SPLs. Nonetheless, for really close near field use, I've enjoyed using my THR10C with my Helix Floor and with my HX Stomp. I also have JBL LSR305 and LSR308 (either with JBL LSR10S). The THR10C certainly is impressive at near field low SPLs to the LSR305. When I use the THR10C with my Helix gear, I prefer to use its Stereo AuxIn, allowing all the Amp, Cab, and FX choices to be provided by the Helix gear. YMMV.
  3. Great small base insert! Thanks for posting the dimensions.
  4. The backpack fully loaded with the Helix and gear in the outer pockets stands vertically just fine! There are four generous rubber feet at the bottom and hand grips on the top and sides. Removing the Helix from the backpack alters the weight distribution and the pack may or may not stand vertically depending on how much gear you have in the outer pockets.
  5. Always use decent quality cables and you should have no problems. If your cables have degraded and have become microphonic, scrap 'em. Tip: connect the cable to your guitar and amp. Flap the cable against the floor. If a percussive clap sound is heard as the cable is flapped against the floor, toss that cable.
  6. New Global setting option as of 2.80. The 2.80 RELEASE NOTES state: Turn Joystick to Select Blocks Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT Currently, turning the joystick encoder scrolls through available models for the selected block. With 2.80, you can now choose to instead turn the joystick to quickly move across the signal flow. From the Global Settings > Preferences menu, turn Knob 5 (Joystick Encoder) to choose “Model” or “Selection.” “Model” remains the default. SHORTCUT: Pressing and turning the joystick will provide the opposite setting; that is, when set to “Model”, press and turn the joystick to quickly move across the signal qow. When set to “Selection,” press and turn the joystick to scroll through available models for the selected block.
  7. Installation of 2.81 to Stomp (2.80 had already been installed) went smooth as silk, and took less than 5 mins including Backup and Restore of Presets. Next, on to the Helix Floor...
  8. I feel your frustration. Encountering yet undiscovered or newly caused bugs is always a potential with any update release. If your Presets and Setlists were backed up before updating, restoring an earlier firmware build and the pre-existing Presets is a quick and simple task.
  9. You ever see: "Total Recall"? ... the same line: "Two weeks..." ;)
  10. Also consider SouthCreekAudio.com's cables. I have been using their Patch, Adapter, Mic, Guitar Cables for several years. All have been outstanding w/o a flaw in any one of them and that across a couple of dozen I bought for my own use and as gifts. Very clean, flexible, exceptionally well constructed, inexpensive, and include a velcro strap.
  11. I've had the original G10 since shortly after it was released. I did have the USB charging jack problem, and Line 6 replaced the entire unit for me without hesitation. Since then I have had no issues. No dropouts and this is within a fairly active WiFi bubble at my place. As for my guitars, I've had no issues with any of my electrics nor my Takamine acoustics. Both Takamines have active electronics which work wonderfully with the G10. I am currently about to pull the trigger on a new G10S. This will give me a backup G10T transmitter module as well as the G10 Receiver base which due to it's internal dual diversity antenna design increases the receiver's sensitivity thereby effectively increasing the effective operational range. The G10S's receiver base also provides a convenient channel selection knob making it a cinch to go to another channel if the auto channel selection method selects a channel which subsequently encounters interference.
  12. @rd2rk, Thanks for digging those out! You should enjoy your Stomp. And, the forthcoming 2.8 fw release will bring more features and enhancements.
  13. It is always a good idea to do a thorough run through of any configurations and features you may be expecting to use -- prior to -- a gig or event! There is many useful bits of information in the Helix User Guide and Firmware Release Notes. Until Firmware Version 3.0, the Summer 2016 fw version 2.x User Guide is the best that Line 6 has published. Line 6 has publicly stated that a newly revised comprehensive Helix User Guide will be released only with full integer firmware releases. Thus, the next one is expected when firmware 3.0 arrives. That being said, there is plenty of great information also at HelixHelp.com and in the threads on TGP. If you use FB, there is a large user group there too.
  14. Not specs. Rather an accumulation of knowledge from several years of Helix posts in threads here and in TGP Forums from Line 6 reps, long time users, beta testers and others. Unless some users have actually tested the level outputs and such, you're not likely to find that Line 6 has posted the tech specs. If you're on the FB group, you can also inquire from the vast knowledge base there.
  15. The Helix Floor, Helix Rack and Helix LT have plenty of power to sufficiently feed high impedance headphones. The Helix Stomp does not have as high a Headphones output signal level. Nonetheless, the 80 Ohm version of the BeyerDynamic DT770 should work fine.
  16. I do believe I may have one or two SPX90 units in storage. If anyone is interested in them feel free to let me know.
  17. Richie Castellano also has several exceptional YouTube videos about how he use the Helix products, Native and HX Edit. Check 'em out!
  18. As Cruisinon2 posted above, latency will be the most significant detractor! This, regardless of cost, speaker size or fidelity.
  19. Yup! I have the SE530 and they too sound great with the Helix and the HX Stomp.
  20. I would imagine the A6T sound great. Nonetheless, there's no substitute for the room effect that will undoubtedly interact with any FOH system. If you are looking for a closed back set of headphones the BD DT770 Pro are excellent. I have a pair of the 250 Ohm version I use with the Helix Floor and they sound great. They do have their own sound that does take a bit of getting used to -- as do any monitors or headphones. Another pair of very high quality closed back headphones which debuted at the 2019 Winter NAMM show are the Neumann NDH 20. These are now shipping and they simply blew me away when I used them at NAMM. They are not inexpensive at $499 USD, yet they are less than I anticipated. If you are considering open back headphones, consider the excellent Sennheiser HD650. These are also available from MassDrop, designated the HD6xx, for a significantly reduced price.
  21. The On Stage Stands Auto Locator Stand MIX400 works great! As does their Heavy Duty Music Stand SM7211B. I have one of each that I have used with the Helix Floor. The Auto Locator Stand is my preference!
  22. Pedal Edit Mode is brilliant!
  23. Ben Adrian, Line 6's Chief Helix Sound Designer, Amp and FX Modeler (not his official title yet covers much of what he does) has mentioned this feature has been contemplated and has not been dismissed. I do not know where it may be on Line 6's feature To Do List. I am optimistic that something like may well appear in future f/w updates, now that the Helix Core effort has been largely completed and is ready to be deployed in forthcoming f/w update(s). To be clear, I do not speak on Line 6's behalf and I have no inside knowledge. I only know what Ben and Line 6 have posted and stated at NAMM Events, etc.
  24. BeyerDynamic DT770 cables are also replaceable. Albeit not as easily as the plug in method as are with the HD650/HD600.
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