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  1. This question may have been asked before about previous Line 6 Software but I couldn't find anything online. I want to save the software to my F drive but the installation process gives me no other options but to save in C drive which is pretty full. Can anyone assist please?
  2. Hi, After updating to 3.10 my Helix Floor is no longer showing up under the Asio options of my DAW and other applications. My only option is Helix Stomp (?) which obviously does not connect. Can anyone assist please? EDIT: Please ignore this post, I forgot to update HX Edit. Duh
  3. Hi, I recently installed a patch with separate guitar and vox paths, each with their own fx. The guitar path runs through the looper however, the vocals do not. I wanted to mess around with the looper with both vocals and guitar but I cannot for the life of me figure out how this is possible without putting the looper at the end of the vocal path and channelling the guitar path through the vocal path. I dont want this as then the guitar runs through all of the vocal fx as well. Please could someone tell me how I can run both vocals and guitar paths through the looper? Thanks so much in advance
  4. I have tried many times now to register my POD HD500 and I keep getting the same message, "ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)". I have tried just about everything (upper case, lower case, with and without parenthesis, replacing 0 with O) and I'm starting to wish I never bought the thing, I have searched the net and there are many posts regarding this and nobody seems to have an answer. Please help!
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