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  1. I began using my Helix Floor with my Fender Mustang IV v.2 Amp as a powered cab via the Mustang's L&R Return Line Ins or via my Fender Mustang III v2's Line In. When I added a Yamaha THR10C it too worked wonderfully via it's Stereo Aux In as a near field lower SPL powered cab and it is battery powered! Subsequently I got sets of JBL LSR305s and JBL308s Studio Monitors with JBL310sub, and a pair of Yamaha DXR10s. These, plus an assortment of headphones, and another acoustic guitar amp provides a wide range of choices for use with my Helix Floor, and HX Stomp.
  2. Should your mic require 48v Phantom Power, you will need to turn that on in Helix Global Settings.
  3. Here are a few ideas that have worked for me. Last Spring and the year before, Costco sold a a High Sierra brand 30" flat drop bottom wheeled duffel with extendable handle for about $40. Similar bags are sold by Amazon, ebags, Home Depot (see: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?posts/26957344/) and a host of other vendors at varying prices. The ones I got from Costco work great! I have used them for point to point transport, and for storage of my Helix in the Backpack as well as my Yamaha DXR10 FRFR PA speakers. It perfectly accommodate the Helix Backpack and plenty more gear. For the Yamaha DXR10 FRFR PA Speakers, I use several sections cut from a roll of anti-fatigue floor mat foam cushioning to sufficiently nestle the Speaker on all sides or a packing blanket. See: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?posts/25216425/ Those large interlocking floor cushion foam sections also work well. Either are available from Harbor Freight, Home Depot, etc. for a few dollars. Here's one I just found on ebags and they have a 20% Off "SPRING" discount code offer as well: 36" Drop Btm Wheeled Duffle Hope this gives you some ideas.
  4. The On-Stage MIX400 Mixer Stand is what I went with and it is exceptional! As @BLS_Okie posted: "... it fits the Helix Floor PERFECTLY!" The adjustable height and tilt allow me to set it so the unit is just right and the stand remains rock stable. The caster wheel lock is also really handy. Every once in a long while, it has gone on sale at well below $100. If you can find one when it's marked down, grab it!
  5. Did not have a chance to get to hunting it down this weekend. Hopefully, I can get to looking for it in a week or two....
  6. Time permitting I'll try and take a look this weekend. Otherwise, it may be a couple of weeks. Please get back in touch with me If you haven't heard from me by the end of the month. BTW, where are you located?
  7. Not as you probably intend, but in a very limited way, yes, the Looper Block's memory could be used to hold a limited amount of material downloaded into the unit. However, as the material is not saved when the unit is powered down, the Looper would serve as a limited and short duration method.
  8. On the Helix Floor, the AUX In is unbalanced. I do not know if this differs on the Helix Rack. As for the Studio Tube Mic Pre Amp Block's Gain Parameter, I do not recollect how much of a dB increase it provides, other than I do seem to recollect it provides quite a lot. There is also a Global Settings Mic Input Gain adjustment. Hope this helps somewhat until someone with the unit at their fingertips can provide more precise info.
  9. Additionally, the HX Stomp can be used as your Audio Interface between your Guitar and your computer. The free Helix Edit software can control run and control the HX Stomp. And, should you feel you wish to use a DAW or VST Host, your purchase of HX Stomp entitles you to buy Helix Native for as little as $69 USD when it's on 30% Off Sale. So, you could use your Guitar -> HX Stomp -> Headphones. Either with or without Helix Edit on your computer. Helix Native would be for tracking, reamping, exploring Amps. Cabs, and FX on pre-recorded tracks, etc. beyond the capabilities of the HX Stomps on board Looper. Hope this gives you more insights....
  10. Line 6 has posted several times that they will revise the Helix User Manual with each main firmware update. Thus, the next main update will be 3.0. In the interim, the best users can do is extract the information from the various firmware version Release Notes, and from the user manuals for the more recent products such as HX Stomp, HX Effects, Helix LT, and Helix Native. This involves a bit of work, but it is the best set or resources until Line 6 delivers version 3.0 firmware. The reasons Line 6 state are the resources required to publish the revised User Manual in the numerous language versions required by their International Territory distribution obligations. One suggestion, is to use a PDF editor to revise and annotate your personal copy of the existing Helix 2.0 User Guide Rev D, with any additional notations you see fit. Granted, another task intensive process. It will accomplish all your notations in one grand PDF.
  11. If you are transporting your backpack, the loops can serve to affix cables, mic and speaker stands, Nalgene style water bottles (via the loops for their caps), other small gear pouches, and a variety of other items, like key rings, etc. Use carabiners or the provided velcro straps. Let your creativity and necessity inspire you.
  12. Unfortunately, it may be a trial and error process to find a workable combination of voltage converter and rechargeable power bank. If the voltage converter is capable of providing higher amperage that would be what you would want to find. Also, as the current draw of the Stomp may vary depending on the DSP processing of the Signal Chain Block configuration selected, such a variable power draw of the HX Stomp may be misread by the power bank. I have not measured the HX Stomp's power draw. I do recollect reading that it draws more during startup and self diagnostics. My guess is that during quiescent use, the amperage draw is substantially less. FWIW, I have a variety of USB devices which draw light power loads when being recharged. I have found that most of my power banks prematurely shut off the power charging of these devices, as there's little load on those light current draw devices. Whereas, when actually powering higher load devices those same power banks do fine. BTW, all the power banks I'm referring to are rechargeable lithium battery packs.
  13. Simply. You need more. Amperage specifically. Many of the power bank brands have regulating circuitry to power down their power ports or auto sense the draw of the connected device. Many times I have found several of the power bank type models I have, to be far less than intelligently designed power source side electronics. Often they will prematurely shut down where a solid amperage output USB power brick will do the job no problem.
  14. I too did notice a quick glimpse of what appeared to be a flanged long upper edge of a pedal board or possibly the Helix Floor. I did not notice any writing on the unit.
  15. @sjordan33 my Takamine EF341SC and Takamine P3CD, sound great with my Helix Floor. Each is fitted with Takamine's CT-4B II Preamp system; not the Cool Tube 3 Preamp. My guess is that you should easily attain the tone you are trying to achieve w/o problems.
  16. @onager450 Yes. Grab a Stomp and you're likely to be delighted. With Helix Edit, and Helix Native (if you have it) you'll enjoy great flexibility and interoperability of your Presets of 6 or fewer Blocks on a Single Signal Path.
  17. Depending on your space and budget the IK Loud Micro monitors have gotten great response from many users. I do not own a pair myself, yet I have been considering adding a set. My small monitors are a pair of JBL LSR305s (which work great for near field use) and a pair of JBL LSR308s which also do a great job. Both are very reasonably priced. YMMV.
  18. @godfather_77 Good questions! I have brand new sets of matching Fender 2btn, 4btn and Fender Exp-I Expression Pedals for use with my Fender Mustang v.2 IV and v2 III amps. .I have not used the switches and expression pedals much with the Mustang Amps. Subsequently I got a Helix Floor, and the Mustang Amps became my Helix's powered speakers, so the 2btn and 4btn fender footswitch units and EXP -1 got not use. Still a bit curious if any of them will work as is with the Helix Floor. Now I also have an HX Stomp, and the question remains if either the 2 or 4 btn fsw units or the exp pedal would work as is? Or if they would need to be rewired.
  19. A DI box may be the best solution. Nonetheless, another possible solution could be an in Line Phantom Power Eliminator. Sescom and Triton Audio make them. These are small, inexpensive and allow you to use XLR cables with confidence that any input strip of the console which may still have Phantom Power enabled will not degrade the audio coming from your Helix. B&H Video's page and probably Amazon show the unit's details. Pyle also offers a PHE400 Box, which you can find on Amazon and B&H.
  20. Disconnecting your HX Stomp from your Laptop so that you would only be using the HX Stomp directly with your instrument. If the interference is no longer present, it would point to the Laptop, it's USB port, USB configuration, or USB cable as possible causes. Try another USB cable, then another USB port on your laptop (if it has multiple, the one closest to the power jack is recommended). Do not use a USB hub. If you can, try swapping out the cable. Try another Laptop if possible. It is also possible it could be the USB port on the HX Stomp.
  21. @JimRad One of the fabrication sites shows: 17% Infill and, > 0.2mm Layer Thickness fabrication parameters. Are these specs in your file? If so, that makes things straightforward. What material did you use? PAL? ABS? Other?
  22. @JimRadWow! Jim these are awesome!! I don't have a 3D Printer, but thanks for posting this. Any chance I can send you a few dollars to have you send me a couple in Black? I have 2 DXR10 that these would work great with. PM me if you're so inclined. Otherwise, I'll try and see about getting them printed locally.
  23. Hahaha. I've got a pair of of Yamaha DXR10 and they certainly kick! Simply amazing as floor wedge monitors with my Helix or as backline.
  24. The JBL LSR305 and LSR308 are outstanding and very reasonably priced! I have a set of each. For near field use, the LSR305 are great. If you've got the space, get the LSR308. Also bear in mind that as these are rear ported, placement close to a rear wall is not ideal.
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