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  1. Sweet. I'm going to give that a try so I don't have to waste a block :-)
  2. Ya. When I was using snapshots I cleared all the stomp assignments except 2, 1 for a gain block set at +4db and another at -4db. Worked great having an instant boost or cut, but I'm happier with this spillover/command center 10 preset configuration. I think your idea of using the momentary switch as a dummy is even better than what I did. In my approach I had to add the gain block, in yours you just picked an already existing COMP block, correct? Oh well, the point is either way works and having 10 custom labelled and lit presets available at one time is fantastic!
  3. Got it...I see it now! In Test6 the "Y" split is sending half of the signal straight to the reverb and volume pedal bypassing the delay so only half of the signal goes to the delay. In Test7 the entire signal is passing through the delay which explains why the effect overpowers the entire signal not just half of it. Just spent some time testing to try and match the 1 DSP version to the 2 DSP. Originally dropped the delay mix & level parameters by 1/2 since the input is no longer split, but that was too much. Dropped both mix & level by 1/4 and that did the trick (mix dropped from 60% to 45% and level went from 5.8 to 4.4 - feedback remained at 60%). Now both 2 DSP & 1 DSP versions sound identical! Thanks everyone for the help :-)
  4. Hi all, I was just working on transforming my patches from a 2 DSP/no spillover/8 snapshot configuration to a 1 DSP/spillover/no snapshot/command center defined 10 preset configuration and am hearing something very strange. To simplify, I went to a simple 2 DSP vs 1 DSP preset configuration of the preset to compare apples to apples. I'm wondering if anyone can explain what's going on with these 2 patches and why the delay behaves so drastically different between them? The patch that's acting strange is an 808 screamer -> Cali Rectifier based lead guitar sound passing through a stereo "Simple Delay". Test6 is the screen I use in my 2 DSP 8 snapshot configuration. For purposes of this demonstration, I've deleted all unnecessary blocks except the ones used by this snapshot. Test7 is the screen for a different version of the exact same preset with the exact same blocks with the exact same settings in the exact same order but configured to work on a single DSP. They sound drastically different. The easiest way to describe the difference is in the 2 DSP version the delay still retains the character of the original notes while in the 1 DSP version the delay completely washes out and takes over the sound with virtually no trace of the individual original notes. It doesn't make sense to me why they should sound so different since both use the same blocks with the same settings in the same order. Entirely possible I'm not understanding something basic in the differences of processing 2 DSP patches vs 1 DSP patches so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Cool. I also set the same label for the patch but use the Volume Effects "Gain" block and set the gain to +/-0 so even if I hit it by mistake while in the same preset nothing happens :-)
  6. Got it. I was expecting to see the Cali V30 listed, not cabs in general. Agreed, 2 parallel path singles vs a serial path dual cab come out the same. My terminology was probably incorrect...I meant running 2 individual cabs on a parallel path vs running the amp directly into a "dual cab" model on a serial path...
  7. I looked there but didn't see any DSP usage specs for cabs just amps & EFX...did I miss something?
  8. Pretty much what the subject line says. I'm running the Cali Rectifier amp through 2 4x12 Cali V30 cabs. The configuration I found on the "Cali Rectifire" 3.0 factory preset splits the line after the amp so it runs parallel into 2 Cali V30 cabs then the signal path merges back in. I'm wondering if this uses more/less/same DSP power as running the Cali Rectifier through dual 4x12 Cali V30 cabs in series? Also, is there any way to see how much DSP is remaining in a patch? Thanks!
  9. Just got this setup as well. Fantastic work around!
  10. I've just begun setting this up today and have a related question. My goal is to have access to 10 presets and be able to switch between them. 1) I set global stomp mode to 10 switches 2) I enter command center while on preset 000 3) I set the 10 available footswitches to HX Presets 000 to 009 and save the preset 4) I toggle on Stomp mode and everything looks as expected 5) I select one of the HX presets which loads fine but now my 10 stomp labels are blank It seems to me to be able to switch between the same 10 presets, that each of these 10 presets command center settings must also have the same 10 HX presets defined. I got this to work by simply doing a copy and paste of all commands to each of my 000 - 009 HX presets. It works great but I'm wondering if this was the right/easiest way to make this happen? Thanks!
  11. Excellent points. I've been using a snapshot patch I put together and refined over the past few weeks and have 8 snapshots that cover "most" of what I want to do. None of them use the 2nd DSP chain so going to back to spillover mode and gaining 2 extra patches on the active board plus the other advantages you mentioned seems a smart choice :-)
  12. My whole sound is built around the Cali Rectifier through 2 Cali V30 cabs (1 with a 409 dynamic the other with a 121 ribbon). When I had my previous processor the PodXTLive, my sound was based on the Treadplate Dual...
  13. Great story! If I showed up for an audition and heard Allan already playing I'd turn around and walk away too :-)
  14. Thanks to you both for excellent suggestions! PierM: I stumbled across https://threadoflunacy.blogspot.com/p/material-real-gear.html after I posted my question. I loved the site so much I ordered the "Devil Take the Hindmost" book from Amazon last night. datacommando: I'll definitely d'load and try out your AH-Home_Fatigue patch (and likely the other Holdsworth related patches there). Very excited to learn from what you've created. So you actually knew Allan? I was lucky enough to meet him once and share a short conversation. This was back in '85 when he was doing a seminar at Manhattan Beach Music (near LA). Maybe 50 people were queued up at the door and when they opened everyone went straight for the stage. I knew I had to leave early (I was in town for a wedding) so walked over to the guitar display instead to look around. I'm standing there and then feel there's someone standing next to me also looking at the guitars. I turn and guess who it was? Yup, Allan! I introduced myself and being a bit starstruck (I'd only been playing electric guitar about 2 years at that point) called him Mr Holdsworth which he smiled at. Anyway, I told him how much I enjoyed his playing especially on the UK album and we chatted for a couple minutes. Just one of the most down to earth, humble musicians I've ever met and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.
  15. Hey all, I'm trying to craft a soloing tone close to Allan Holdsworth's on my Helix and am wondering if anyone can give some advice on the effects chain/type of effects and/or settings for a good starting point. Specifically I'm thinking of his solo tone on UK's debut album at around the 3:05 mark of "In the Dead of Night" or around the 2:00 mark of "Devil Take the Hindmost" from his Metal Fatigue album. I should add that I'm really lousy at duplicating someone's tone and of course I realize I don't have the legato chops to sound like the man, but I love his tone and have to start somewhere, right? Thanks!
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