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  1. Is it possible to program the tuner to come on when the expression pedal is "toe up" (on zero)? This is a great feature of the BOSS GT-1000 series and Fractal FM3.
  2. No kidding, we can use the DC-3 with the POD GO? That seems to be built much better. Would it add noise?
  3. Fantastic, thank you! Now all we need is effect/snap naming and ring color changes. I wonder if these things will EVER make it to POD GO?
  4. On the POD GO, when you are in Snapshot Mode and hit the bank up or bank down button, does it show you the patches in that current bank or does it go up a bank as default? I need to be able to hit the bank up/down buttons and first see the current bank, not upper or lower banks.
  5. jwoertz

    Snapshot Name

    Hoping for snapshot naming and ring color change in the near future too. I will not buy the POD GO until this happens.
  6. Yes, I assigned the already used COMP block, changed to to momentary, red and the name of the patch. Awesome!
  7. One of the great features of the BOSS GT-1000 is the "CURNUM" feature where you can press once on a patch switch and then press the same switch again (CURRENT NUMBER or CURNUM) to do something else like boost, add overdrive, go to the tuner, turn on delay, etc.... The Kemper Stage "morph" function takes that same idea to a whole new level, where you press the current patch button again for different things. My question is, does Helix have any way of doing this "CURNUM" type thing? Thanks
  8. We can use this as a solo boost but would have to hold the switch down.
  9. HX Stomp and HX Stomp XL also give you the oversampling update that the POD GO will never receive.
  10. Yes, this. Remember to remove the current patch assignment from each Command Center current foot switch and you will be in great shape.
  11. I assign the name label for the patch to my COMP block and set it to momentary / red. So even if you press the switch, it won't do anything after you are on the patch. This completes the "10 Patch View" setup. It's seamless transition and ten at your feet. Awesome!
  12. Can tuner be assigned to EXP pedal toe up/heel down?
  13. Will check EXP behaviors in the settings, thanks.
  14. On my Helix, I'm having this weird issue. I only use the expression pedal for volume, and I set that volume to EXP1 instead of the default EXP2. So I save my presets and all is good for a while, but then the volume pedal stops working even though the volume block is enabled and pointing to EXP1. Has anyone ever seen this before and how do I fix it for good? It's OK here at home but on a gig (Sunday morning) I can't have this happen. Thanks!
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