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  1. Never had an issue. I just back up and update. 5 minutes later it's done. So easy a monkey can do it. So if the OP can't.......
  2. Thanks, will give it a shot with the internal pedal and other switch first. This is kind-of what I was doing today. Will keep messing with it. Now if I could just dial out the fizz/squirrels. :-)
  3. This exact setup is what's causing the pop though. I guess I will have to look for another way to do it.
  4. Isn't there a way to have both amps on and use ONE switch to choose between amps (CLEAN/CRUNCH for example)?
  5. What's the best way to go from clean to crunch without the pop? One amp with bringing the gain up and the master volume down in one click?
  6. I get the pop if the amp channel volume and master volume are not the same between two amps. It happens when going from louder to softer and softer to louder. Any two amps, if the master volume and channel volume don't match, it pops. VERY ANNOYING. I want to go from a Cali clean to Cali crunch, I get the pop. Not good. This even happens when no iRs and cabs are involved.
  7. I'm getting a lot of fizz / artifacts on overdrives when not using a modeled amp/cab and going straight into a real amp. It's REALLY bad.
  8. Problem resolved, it was user error on my part. The HX Edit screen was too wide and those items were blocked out / not visible!
  9. Wow this is messed up. We hav eat same setup and mine will not work!
  10. Anyone else having a problem with HX Edit 2.7 with Helix firmware 2.7 - specifically with naming effects assigned to foot switches? I can longer do it, won't let me type. I'm on MacOS Mojave 10.14.
  11. I hope they add a "six presets / 6 snapshots" mode. Four of each isn't enough.
  12. Guess what - it still doesn't work (for anyone with the HX).
  13. Absolutely incorrect. Does NOT work with HX Effects for editing. Therefore it is useless.
  14. I just received my HX Effects, did the firmware update and am getting an error # 8214 in HX Edit. HX Edit appears to be OK and is the latest version. Anyone else have the same issue? I can see the list of patches but can't edit. Screenshot attached.
  15. I have a Helix and Gemini 1. As another poster said, it has it's own EQ curve that you are forced to deal with. It's not truly FRFR. I was hoping to go from editing with headphones and then right to the Gemini 1 but was sadly mistaken. So now I have a bunch of separate patches for the Gemini 1 and that seems to work OK I guess. It's definitely loud and the build quality is fantastic.
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