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  1. Thanks Peter. So, how do I go about using an RTA app? I only play in one room at home anyway, so I want to experiment and use this as a learning experiment.
  2. I'm late to this thread, but just got a Helix LT and am interested how I use an RTA app with the Helix to tweak the EQ.? Can I use an online pink noise generator and feed that signal into the Helix? I'm guessing i would go phones out to 1/4" input on the Helix?
  3. I bought some Glenn DeLaune patches and I noticed that they require specific IR slots to be used. Unfortunately, for me, I have IRs in these slots already. I'm wondering what the best way around this is? Just put the IRs in Glenn's patches in a different direction, or is there some other way that I can work around this? I was hoping for an easy solution as I bought over 50 patches from him.
  4. Thanks, I got the patch from here - https://uk.line6.com/customtone/tone/4477348/ I tried to edit it to make it work for me, but it wasn't happening. It's a weird patch, there are 3 volume pedals set up on the original. I will move on to another patch I think, I can't get this one to work out for me. EDIT: It's the same on this patch https://uk.line6.com/customtone/tone/5377559/ I noticed reading this bit So that's probably the problem there, right?
  5. I downloaded this Stone Temple Pilots patch from CustomTone and there are two amps being used. I put the volume pedal at the end of the signal chain but when I put the volume for heel down, I can hear an uneffected signal passing through. Can anyone help please? There are two dirty amps being used and I can't figure out where this clean signal is coming from and how it's passing through the volume pedal. STP DBLDEAN.hlx
  6. Well I tried it this morning. The instrument level is lower than when I select line level. I tried going headphones out into the aux in, and selecting line level and instrument level made no difference.
  7. Thank you @MusicLaw and @spaceatl. best wishes.
  8. For now I'm running my Helix into the "aux in" of my Boss Katana Air. Do I set the 1/4" outputs to "line" or leave them as instrument? I've found conflicting information on this at various other places, so thought I would come here to get a definitive answer. Thanks!
  9. Where have you set the output volume knob on the Pod Go?
  10. Try these three... https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4934224/ https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4934225/ https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4934227/
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