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  1. i realize this is an old thread, but what if the Helix had a second global eq in it's interface? or the helix global eq had a setting that allowed you to duplicate the global eq in helix on the powercab? it would basically tell the powercab where to adjust its own eq. wouldn't that equally solve the problem? you're just sending instructions from the helix to the powercab in the form of data. ie, MIDI or something similar?? seems to me this should be quite simple when we're talking digital connections.
  2. agreed. i got myself a daw and watched a few videos on leveling presets. learned a clean patch tends to be louder because it lacks the gain aka compression that affects dirty patches.
  3. i like this idea. i definitely want a steady signal to FOH. but if i have to play out with out the PC, i'd need to duplicate all my presets so they had the IR's on the Helix as well. ...i think in the past i've just set the expression panel to control the sim amp's channel volumes. it didn't take up an fx block on the hd500x. i guess doing it my way would affect the FOH signal. hmm
  4. Much appreciated, waymda. I'll definitely check those out. The more i think about this, the more a wet/dry setup might be best for me and simple. Dual mono outs. FOH can blend the 2 feeds and I'll have a bit more immersive setup on stage w the PC+212.
  5. ENJOY dinner! You've earned it! thanks again.
  6. maybe i'm over thinking this. just have the cab signal path go to both the PC and FOH. go from helix to FOH. no PC, no problem. now i'm either sending a stereo signal via both XLR's to FOH or i sum to mono using just the L XLR to FOH. is there any way to make it a dual mono signal without creating an entirely different preset? i ask because i watched a youtube video (see below) stating that 1) summing to mono can screw with your sound and 2) running stereo to FOH can make my sound very varied depending on where someone is standing in the room. "DSP availability is not affected by your choice of Outputs." this much i understand ;-). what i was trying to understand is how I could leverage both DSP's in the situation above. really appreciate you helping me get this through my thick skull. i want to do this "right" the first time and try to avoid the HD500X misery i went through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6XH5zEeR4o&ab_channel=VertexEffects
  7. Thanks a bunch!! ok, so if one is using the pc+ to get that "motion" as you refer to it w/ chorus, flange, etc are you just using mono patches in helix (panned to center) and going left channel only to the PA mixer? it always seemed like I got a fuller sound on the HD500x if i kept it panned to center despite only using the L output. can i still leverage the 1a/1b vs 2a/2b technique to keep the DSP less tasked if i'm only using a mono out? ----- it seems line6 differentiates the speaker models in the PC+ vs the IR's which can also be loaded on the PC+, unless i'm misunderstood their sales pitch. I'm trying to determine if the PC+ speaker models are an option on the Helix as well. i think you may be using the term IR and speaker model interchangeably and just want to make sure i'm following you. I want to make sure i can have the same sound from a helix direct to the PA as I'd have exiting the PC+ in the event i can't use the speaker on stage. ----- Hmmm: "In SPEAKER mode, in addition to not being the sound of the actual speaker (just an EQ), the sound sent from the PC212 will be further modified by the addition of a mic emulation". not sure i follow you. does speaker mode require a mic emulation setting within the PC+? i don't recall that. also, whether i use SPEAKER mode or FRFR shouldn't the XLR output be very close to the sound I'm hearing from the PC+? a little confused. "making it essentially the same as using IRs in FRFR mode." = making it essentially the same as using IRs (WITHIN HELIX?) in FRFR mode. guess i'm trying to understand the difference between IR's in FRFR mode vs SPEAKER mode w/ no IR's. ----- "The only possible advantage to running the Helix XLRs to FOH is that you can add Global EQ to that signal, but really, that's the job of the FOH tech." wait, what? the helix global eq won't have any effect on the signal to the PC+? Is that what you were referring to when you later said, "Note that, at this point in time, you cannot use Global EQ on the digital outs." (i'm guessing only the Helix has the Global EQ & digital out refers to the AES link?). that's nutty! wonder what the thinking was there. again, it's not so much about advantages, it's about a situation where I don't have the choice of using the PC+ and MUST go direct out from the Helix to the PA mixer. i'm trying to maintain a consistent tone whether going out from the PC+ (to the mixer PA) or direct out from the Helix (to the mixer PA). ----- " NOTE: if you're considering trying out SPEAKER mode, see my comments in the Powercab Forum on using MIDI to ensure that the HF Driver is OFF, or pleasantly blended." " Always use the L6 Link to bring your signal to the PC212, as it eliminates an unnecessary DA/AD conversion, reducing latency and possibly lowering the S/N ratio." BOTH GOOD TO KNOW!! hadn't even thought about the DA/AD aspect. -----
  8. It's looking like I'm going to be buying a Helix, so i've been doing a ton of reading and watching youtube. I'm also considering adding a powercab plus 212. I typically make a patch for each song. Thus far I've been using the HD500x through the power amp in on my amp (bypassing the amp's preamp). It takes a lot of time to dial in tones for each song, so I don't want to create patches, then get the a PC+ and have to rework all the patches I just created. I'd rather get the PC+ when I get the Helix to minimize tweaking all my patches a second time down the road. I know there's no one size fits all and in the end it's based on what my ears tell me, so i'm asking in general, what are the most common practices. One of my problems has been the poor sound quality going from my HD500x to the PA. It has sounded awful. I gave up on that. I just mic my stage amp. This is one of the things I'd love to address without mic'ing my onstage monitor (amp or PC+). Hoping to get a little input. My intended use is for gigging/band practice (guitar, just to be clear). We generally play classic rock/90's era music. I tend to use dual amps within a single patch to go from a clean tone to a distorted tone. ie, Santa Monica or Creep. In my experience I just haven't found a distortion pedal within the HD500x that I liked, so I depend on the amp models' settings. On one set I play acoustic guitar for the entire set. For these songs, it's usually just one patch for all of them and I toggle some very light effects on/off depending on the song. With that in mind... - am i correct that i can do a wet/dry set up using just the helix into 1 PC+? do you typically keep the pan at center, or should left be hard panned left and the right hard panned right? - what's been your experience going direct xlr out from the PC+ to the mixer? am i better off going direct out of the helix to the mixer? or is mic'ing still the best way to go? this also begs the question, if i'm using both XLR (l/r) outs to the mixer, would I need the the special AES cable to go from the Helix to the PC+ to maintain stage monitoring in stereo? Part of the reason I'm asking this is so that I'm prepared should we play a gig that doesn't allow amps on stage. - somewhat related to the last question, does the helix have the same speaker IR's as the PC+? again, if i can't use the PC+ on stage, i'm wondering if i should have a cab in my signal chain on each patch (disabled when using the PC+) but enabled when i have no stage monitor? any input here? - if i set the PC+ in the FRFR configuration, should I expect the sound through the PA to be pretty close? - when creating stereo patches for a wet/dry output, any tips to get started? I've read a bit about global eq'ing to cut the very low/high frequencies and setting the outputs to Line level (if using 1/4" and Mic level if using XLRs). I'm also aware that ea DSP chip is assigned to a different path 1a/1b vs 2a/2b. - if I'm using the PC+ should I be creating my patches using the preamp models or the full amp models (in general)? Would that change if going direct from the helix to the mixer? Greatly appreciate the feedback from you seasoned users!
  9. pacard

    HD500X to Helix

    How would you guys compare a kemper to the helix? Same ballpark? Just came a cross Fair Warning, an aussie vh cover band that posted a video of them playing the entire vh1 album. Spot on! He just told me's using an off the shelf fender guitar and a kemper. So it's got me wondering....and suddenly the helix doesnt seem so expensive. Lol
  10. pacard

    HD500X to Helix

    Thanks. Starting to sound like i just need to bight the bullet.
  11. pacard

    HD500X to Helix

    Thanks for the input all! It definitely looks easier to build patches and the fact that there appears to be an easy choice to set up mono vs stereo patches is great. Will also have to look into snapshots. No idea what that is. Jist dreading having to make another 40+ patches again. Anothet question that comes to mind. Can the dsp/signal processor handle using dual amls and all the blocks for fx? I always felt a little cheated that the hd500x had the ability to create dual amps but not enough dsp power to choose any fx i wanted in a patch.
  12. pacard

    HD500X to Helix

    Hello, interested in purchasing a Helix. I've only owned the HD500X. Two questions. 1. will the patches i've created import into the helix...and still work? 2. will the amp packs i purchased transfer to the helix? Thank You,
  13. Just want to say that I've had this HD500X pedal for years now. for YEARS I haven't be able to get rid of this odd color that affected distorted tones in particular, affecting my lows and low mids. Changing the Guitar In Z to 1m has made a TREMENDOUS difference. So simple it's annoying. I HIGHLY recommend creating a simple patch with just an amp/preamp and then tinkering with this setting.
  14. I have my on-board expression pedal (EXP1) set up to adjust the volume of the amp. But I can't figure out how to change the max/min volume settings of the amp from the HD500x pedal. I can do it using the HD500x Edit on my PC. Just stumped as to how i do it when I don't have my PC available. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!
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