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  1. I'm looking to ditch my entire pedalboard and amp footswitch and use a Helix for everything. I have a Mesa Boogie Roadster that I will be adding a Midi Matrix to so the channels, effects loop, reverb, ect can be switched through MIDI. I will be using the 4CM, and adding a second expression pedal. What I would like is to be able to select a preset and have the Helix select the correct channel on the amp, and also be able to switch channels using snapshots. Occasionally, I will also be using my Variax, and would like to be able to switch models and tunings with snapshots. I have no issues with programming MIDI devices, but my main concern is if the Helix is capable of all of this. If so, what would be the advantages of the Helix Floor over the LT for this? I've heard the expression pedal on the LT isn't the sturdiest, I wouldn't be using that one all that much, I'll get a Mission Engineering latching expression pedal for crazy wah usage.
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