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  1. If your Helix is not already running firmware 3.15 (released Feb '22), install it to have the benefit of all the latest FX. As for the Stereo choruses, your best approach would be to explore the range of each FX's parameters to determine which, if any, may satisfy your taste.
  2. The rapid proliferation of these power devices is just beginning! As the volume and rate of product offerings grow, pricing, capacity, and features will improve significantly. If you can benefit from it now, grab one. Otherwise, give it a few months and benefit from the improvements. Also see the offerings from as they have them in 400W, 1000W, 2000W, and 3600W ratings. All are Pure Sine Wave. Plenty of power for Modelers, Amp, and active FRFR speakers!
  3. For the time being, leave Window's 11 Core Isolation Memory Integrity feature OFF!
  4. MS Win 11's August '22 Cumulative Update resulted in the same Windows Security - Action Recommendation notification on my Dell XPS 17 9710 Laptop. The Device Security Notification indicates that the Core Isolation Memory Integrity (CIMI) is currently set to: "OFF". I run Check Point Security's Zone Alarm NextGen on my system. It has always been flawless on all my systems over various OS upgrades for decades. When I contacted them yesterday, they acknowledged and confirmed that their software is not compatible with the latest Window's Cumulative Update and that for the time being, CIMI should be left: "OFF".
  5. @Paulzxwell you can direct reply as with this message.
  6. I prefer the convenience a PDF provides.
  7. DI's latest post last evening in the The Gear Page's Helix 3.2 Thread: "We're now 100% feature complete (plenty of bugs to still squash), but the update takes a looooong time. We're looking at methods to shorten it." DIrect URL to quote:
  8. If you're considering open back headphones, the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 are excellent! offers a very reasonably priced Sennheiser HD6xx which sounds and works great with all Helix gear!
  9. Got it! I too have not been active with the HAM stuff for years. Still have all the gear, etc., so perhaps one day I might fire it up again.... Sort of like accumulating Guitars, Amps, Pedals, and accessories. Have a great weekend!
  10. To be sure you're starting with a clean and up to date slate, and you have not yet updated the unit's firmware to the latest vers 3.15, do so by installing HX Edit vers 3.15 and allowing it to handle the job. Be sure to first backup any Presets you might wish to Restore! And, also make note of your unit's Global Settings fsw assignments for FS4 and Tuner to FS5 (rather than the Default of Tuner on FS3). If you've already updated the firmware and confirmed your Global settings are correct, the next thing to check would be your patch cable. Test each of the TRS contacts with an Ohm meter to confirm continuity and do so while flexing the cable at the connectors to see if there might be a stress short at either end of the patch cable. If the cable tests OK, there might be a issue with the TT2 or HX Stomp.
  11. Even Line 6 Updater is Windows 11 Compliant!
  12. The concept makes sense. However, the practical reality is that most Bluetooth devices introduce significant latency; some much more than others! So, the reality is you certainly could get any one of a number of Bluetooth transmitter devices to connect to your Helix Output to Pair to your outdoor speakers and you'd be good to go -- if you can tolerate the total transmission latency!! As you mentioned you're connecting your guitar wirelessly, there's already a bit of latency inherent in that link. The output Bluetooth link's latency will be additional. Post back what you discover to share with others. P.S. From your username, I presume you have a Callsign?
  13. Not sure what's going on with your KEFs setup. Also to clarify..., when connecting my Helix to the Yamaha's Guitar In, I also use a high quality guitar cable (1/4" TS to 1/4" TS) from the either the Helix Main/L Output or from one of the Helix Send Outputs for which I'll place it's corresponding Send Block in the Helix Signal Chain, and set the Yamaha to Flat. Hope you get the KEF's scenario sorted out.
  14. @ididid, I often enjoy using my Yamaha THR10C for near field stereo monitoring with my Helix Floor or HX Stomp. Typically I'll use a 1/4" TRS Stereo to 1/8" TRS Stereo cable to connect from the Helix's 1/4" Stereo Headphone out to the Yamaha THR10C's 1/8" Stereo Aux Input. The THR10C Aux Input bypasses the unit's DSP stack so none of the THR10C's TAmp, Tone, nor FX knobs are active. Powered on high capacity rechargeable AA batteries this setup with the THR10C works great and provides the greatest battery performance. At other times, I've routed the signal from a Helix Send output directly to the Yamaha's Guitar In. In this configuration, the THR10C's entire DSP stack is active and this battery performance is reduced. However, it is fun to use the Helix for any pre-stage effects before signal is sent to the Yamaha.
  15. Your Helix Rack will do a fine job acting as your Audio Interface. Should you feel it is lacking in dynamic range, headroom, I/O or otherwise, there are plenty of superior options at increasing price points. Connect your Helix Rack to your PC via USB and configure your DAW accordingly! If your computer is out of date, it too may be worth replacing or upgrading. Also be aware that Helix Native may serve you well once you begin using your DAW for recording. Browse the USB Signal routing section of the Helix Rack User Guide PDF, so you'll have a clear idea of the Helix's multi channel USB capabilities. The Helix User Community here and on TGP is an exceptional resource.
  16. @357mag, it certainly wouldn't hurt to take another look at the Helix User Guide PDF's first few pages to get a better idea of the basics. Moreover, the As others have pointed out the output of a Preset is the final Block at the far right of the Signal Chain. The amp's master and channel volume are parameters of the respective Amp Block. Most all blocks in the preset also have a level parameter. As for your preferred use of headphones, they are fed directly via the internal routing from the Helix. None of your posts mentioned which Helix unit you are using. The Helix Floor and Rack have a dedicated Headphone volume knob. Hope you get things sorted out. Also good to know that HX Edit is A-OK on your system.
  17. If you have confirmed that HX Edit is working properly and not the cause of the problem, the symptom could be a result of corrupted patch downloads from Custom Tone. Try downloading them again. The channel volume and master volume sliders should always accomplish a level change.
  18. Acoustic coupling to the floor can be a massive factor when the cab is on any floor other than a concrete floor. The way the majority of framed wood construction floors resonate will typically negatively alter the resulting sound.
  19. Have you tried setting the Powercab on an amp stand or a chair? Doing so will significantly reduce it's physical contact and acoustic coupling to the floor. Keeping it away from a rear/side wall or corner will also reduce acoustic coupling.
  20. You can also download and fully explore Helix Native using a free VST Host (should you not have a DAW). With Helix Native's Hardware Compatibility set for Helix Floor/Rack/LT, you will see the actual features and DSP constraints that you might encounter in the actual physical Helix Rack unit. Helix Native is available as a fully functional Free Trial download. Once you purchase a Helix unit, you will be entitled to a significant discount on the price of Helix Native to $99 USD. At times during the year, Line 6 puts Helix Native on sale at an additional discount bringing the price down to about $70 USD. If you like the software, wait until one of those sales to actually buy the software (after the two week trial expires).
  21. Very easily done. On the HX Stomp itself, Presets exist in a Setlist and may be named and ordered as you wish. The free HX Edit Software provides enhanced flexibility to arrange your Presets in the Setlist. HX Edit also allows you to Backup and Restore individual Presets or entire Setlists. Take a look at the HX Stomp's User Guide PDF, and HX Edit's User Guide PDF. Each are available on the Line 6 site, or via Also know that as an owner of an Helix device, you are entitled to Helix Native software at a significantly reduced price of $99 USD. Line 6 often puts this software on sale several times a year for a further reduced price of about $70. I seem to recollect that Line 6 may also have offered a promotion bundling Helix Native with certain Helix units in the past year or so.
  22. Another concurring experience here, as I often will use my Yamaha THR10C as a Stereo FRFR Powered Cab (battery powered) with my Helix Floor and HX Stomp with great results. I simply connect to the Yamaha's Aux In.
  23. Uninstall all of your Line 6 Software using Windows Control Panel Programs Uninstaller. Before doing so be sure to Back Up any Presets you may wish to later Restore. Download again and Install vers 3.15 Helix Edit. Allow it to install all software and drivers. When complete, reconnect your Helix hardware and allow HX Edit to identify your Helix hardware and reinstall the Firmware and configure Win 11 for your Helix Device. Once this is complete, check the Audio device selected by Win 11 via Settings (Win Button + I > Sound) , or use the Speaker Icon (if you have that displayed in the System Tray), to select the Helix as your Sound device.
  24. Absolutely a great place to start!!
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