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  1. Not all of the EQ filters in the Helix ecosystem have the same slope! assets that the Tilt EQ Block "is a subtle 6dB EQ". Also see Craig Andertons, The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks. The PDF is loaded with information about Helix and HX family product EQ! On Pg 65 of version 1.1 Craig mentions that the Low and High Cut Block Block "has 18 dB/octave filters". A search for "EQ" in the PDF returns 363 hits. The book has plenty of his charts and also has a few hundred presets. You can find it from Sweetwater Publishing for $19.95
  2. Craig's Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks plus included Preset files are well worth the $19.95! If you're looking for free stuff, check out Craig's several freely available articles on Sweetwater's site!
  3. Thanks. Forwarded the TIDs along....
  4. @PierM please post your Support Ticket info here and I'll be happy to attach it to a post I just submitted to the Beta Testing Team. Same goes for any others following this thread whom may have submitted Support Tickets.
  5. I have no idea if there are different internal software controls for the various encoders and rotary control knobs on the Helix and HX family hardware. I only know that during Beta Testing the sensitivity was adjusted, in response to Beta Team responses, at least once.
  6. The Rotary Encoders' sensitivity was enhanced in firmware 3.50. If you are experiencing instances with selections skipping or jumping when using any of the rotary controls, submit a Support Ticket to Line 6 describing the specifics of your findings, so that the sensitivity may be further refined in the next firmware update. The best place to report anomalies is by posting a Support Ticket to Line 6!
  7. If you can grab a Helix Floor or LT and a Helix Backpack (or equivalent) you'll almost not even notice carrying or transporting the gear. The Helix Backpack has plenty extra capacity for additional stuff (cables, add'l pedals, tablet, and still more room) plus, it stands vertical when loaded, and is a breeze to carry. YMMV.
  8. Thanks for posting Igor's input (as I do not venture to FB).
  9. There was one New Cab found in the 3.50 Pilot's Guide which was not in the actual 3.50 firmware. This is likely a good indication that there will be more New Cabs coming. This past Friday, Eric Klein posted to the Forums: "More bass stuff is coming." The Line 6 Firmware Downloads Page reveals that firmware 3.50 is about 26MB. This is about 5x the size of Pre-3.50 firmware, which was about 5MB for the past several versions. It was about 4MB before that, and the original firmware 1.06.5 was about 3MB. How much more firmware storage capacity there exists in the Helix Family and HX Family hardware units and how they'll choose to best effectively manage the capacity is known only to Line 6.
  10. Have you looked at the Line 6 G10S Wireless system? It may be all you need. The mute function is automatic as soon as you begin remove the G10 Transmitter from the guitar.
  11. @craigandertonif you'd like an extra set of eyes proofing your working draft update to The Big Book pertaining to firmware version 3.50 features and improvements, feel free to get back to me. I'd be delighted to help. I just bought two copies of the Book yesterday. One as a gift for a friend. The other probably as a backup to what I already have unless I also give it as a gift to another buddy. The purchase process does generate a response email containing a Click to Download URL with embedded code, however, the result of clicking that download URL only begins the download of the inclusive zip file. There is no actual user activation nor registration. It will be interesting to see how Sweetwater Publishing administers matters when the next revision covering firmware 3.50 is available. Happy Holidays!
  12. Quite a lot of work! If I'm understanding you correctly, your Favorites now contain Amp&Cab Blocks named by sound type so that they group accordingly. You also have the remaining Factory List 1 Preset's devoid of FX Blocks? Are your approx 70 Presets in Factory List 1? Or, did you place them into a differently named Presets List? Would be a good idea, if not already done, to rename the edited Factory List 1 to something else. This would avoid confusion when a new firmware update is released -- whenever that may be -- (or should you need to reinstall the firmware) so when the Factory Reset is done and the Factory List 1 is replaced with the actual Factory List 1 Default Presets, your customized efforts won't be confused. Of course, the Backup done at the start of a new firmware install also performs a Backup which would contain the same name Factory List 1 of your customized or repositioned presets. Always best to rename your edited Preset Lists so they are meaningful to you! When doing a Restore from Backups, you can select any Preset List, Favorites, and User Model Defaults (UMD), as well as Global Settings. Your "preset/song approach, <snip> having them sorted by sound type makes more sense. Rather than thinking, "oh I need a Twin for this song", I tend to think "oh, I need a gritty type picking tone' and then choose from those amps I've already saved{.}" seems to be the answer to your question.
  13. Don't know if there's a limit to the number of Favorites. It would be handy if there were a way of grouping the Favorites so that when the Favorites list grows longer, they could be grouped as desired.
  14. When I have differently configured versions of the same Block, I'll save each to Favorites using a slightly different Prefix or Suffix to indicate Cln, Drv, Bst, etc. If I feel that any Factory Default Block is not to my liking, after adjusting it, I save that personalize version as my User Model Default. Now whenever I choose that Block from the Block Selection List, my version is what I get -- not the Factory Version. Subsequently, if I want to make further changes to that UMD yet I do not want to start from scratch (i.e. Factory Default parameter settings), I'll first save that User Model Default as a Favorite (appropriately named with a suffix of: UMD1 or UMD2, etc.) Then, I'll proceed to further adjust any parameters and resave it as my User Model Default. Sometimes I'll also save it as Favorite as Favorites are quick to access. Should I ever want to revert a UMD to Factory Default, it's a quick click to do so. Hope this helps...
  15. @craiganderton I just posted a suggestion to your Big Book Dedicated Page on Check it out! The site is acting very slowly confirming my email registration. I've already requested a confirmation email 2x w/o results, and it's not in Spam. Hopefully it will resolve. Otherwise, why not consider simply using this Helix User Community Page to collect User suggestion submissions?
  16. And, the respective Pilot Guides have also been updated to 3.51. Click the ? in the lower left; select Pilot's Guide; Save a local copy of the PDF to your Hard Drive for easy reference.
  17. Awesome! Thanks for keeping up on this!!
  18. @Aged_Cheddar Be sure to download and install the latest Line 6 HX Edit 3.50 on your computer. Then, connect your Helix. HX Edit will handle installation of the Firmware 3.50 to your Helix. Follow all the instructions precisely! And, be sure to do the Power On Factory Reset after the firmware is installed! Even if GC may have done the firmware install to your device, you should do the process yourself, to be certain that it is done completely and that the Firmware version 3.50 Factory Presets are installed. One of the new FX in 3.50 is the Boctover, based on the BOSS BC-2. Also, if you were not otherwise aware, Line 6 started running a promotion yesterday which entitles you to a free bundle of Helix Native, Cubase LE12, and the Line 6 Metallurgy plugins. All the information is on the Line 6 website.
  19. @DugTcheck out VSTHost.exe. It's free, and allows you to launch Helix Native like a stand alone, w/o the complexity of running a DAW. Otherwise, many have been enjoying Reaper as well as Cubase LE12 which is now being bundled with Helix Family gear purchases through the end of June '23. @rd2rk is very familiar with using Reaper and may likely be a great resource to help get you going with Reaper.
  20. Wow! This free bundled Line 6 software deal runs through June 30,2023 and is good with the purchase of any Line 6 Helix Family hardware!! From the Line 6 offer page: "From November 25, 2022 until June 30, 2023 anyone purchasing a new Line 6® Helix® Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Stomp™ XL, HX Stomp, or HX Effects™ processor will receive Steinberg® Cubase® LE 12 music production software, the Line 6 Helix Native plugin (valued at $399.99 USD, MSRP) and the Line 6 Metallurgy™ Collection of plugins (valued at $199.99 USD, MSRP), at no additional cost." {Emphais Added}
  21. The Pilot's Guides for each program are also available by clicking the gear in the lower left corner and selecting Pilot's Guide to display the PDF. Which may then be saved to your local hard drive for further reference.
  22. MusicLaw

    I did it!

    @MayPRS As soon as you get your new Helix LT and confirm that it powers up properly, connect it to your computer and install the recently released HX Edit 3.50! This will then recognize your Helix LT is connected to your computer and it will update your Helix LT to firmware 3.50! [Note: It is unlikely that your new LT will already have firmware 3.50 installed. Even it is does have 3.50 installed, it is best to install HX Edit 3.50 on your computer and allow it to confirm that your Helix is of the same version 3.50 -- and still do a Power On Factory Reset! This will assure that your LT will be properly configured with the latest Factory Presets. Follow the HX Edit Installation Instructions precisely! Be sure to do the Power On Factory Reset after the entire firmware 3.50 is installed to your Helix Device. The Power On Factory Reset information for your device is easily found on > Reset Options.
  23. I'm using VSTHost.exe and it works great! It's also free. :)
  24. With Helix Native you have several easy options! You can easily Export and Import Setlists to and from your Hard Drive! So, in a click and select from your hard drive file manager directory you can swap Setlists. You can also easily Save individual Presets to your Hard drive as well as Copy them from your hard drive to your Setlist. Thus making it easy to aggregate Presets in a Setlist of your making. You may also go into Helix Native's Preferences > Hardware Compatibility and change from the unit you are using HX Stomp to the Floor/LT/Rack or Set Hardware Compatibility Mode to OFF. These alternatives will give you multiple Setlist options while working in Helix Native, which will appear just as the Multiple Setlists appear if you were working with a Helix Floor/LT/Rack in HX Edit! So long as you keep in mind that the HX Stomp only supports one Signal Chain 1 (A&B) Eight Blocks and 3 Snapshots, any Presets you create using Helix Native would be compatible with your HX Stomp -- when you Import or open them in HX Edit without problem! This presumes that you are using the same version of Helix Native as HX Native when you are creating and moving Presets amongst and between your device and software (Native, HX Edit, your hard drive, and your HX Stomp). If you have any interest in Helix Native, you can always download the program as the download is a full featured free trial! If you like it, grab it on sale for $49 USD while the sale is on through Dec 5. The current versions of HX Edit and Helix Native are 3.50. Hope this helps.
  25. @SweetTart61, before you attempt the far more invasive reinstallation of your entire OS, consider downloading to your local hard drive entirely clean copies of each of the Line 6 software and firmware for your devices (HX Edit, Firmware for each device, Helix Native if you use it, etc.) and using Line 6 Updater ver 1.27 (most recent version released a few weeks ago) to install all the firmware and software from the local copies just downloaded to your hard drive. If still no good, you'll have to consider your OS or Win 10 laptop may be the issue.
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