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  1. @coachzWhat firmware version is installed on your Stomp XL? And, why was the Output Block's Level set to other than Zero dB? It never hurts to do a Power On Factory Reset (after first doing a Backup). Then Restore any Customized Presets you may have previously backed up. Then do a Power On Rebuild to be sure everything is converted to the latest Firmware environment.
  2. Current workaround/remedy/solution: IGNORE Win11's Device Security Notification! Leave the Core Isolation Memory Integrity (CIMI): "OFF". Be sure that you are running a sufficient Malware Protection Product on your system.
  3. Awesome!! Glad you got it working.
  4. By no means was I intending to be condescending. Moreover, I later got hands on my Helix Floor and discovered that the User Guide does not explicitly list the actual Tuner Input Parameters available on the Helix Floor, as the device itself does provide a Variax Tuner Input parameter selection. Nonetheless, I certainly respect your preference for following the path of least resistance. Should you wish nonetheless opt to post an IdeaScale feature suggestion from your user case, I would certainly vote it up and encourage others to do so as well.
  5. @BOLDRONYou certainly have an understandable scenario of wanting your Helix routed Mic to remain open whilst your Variax is Muted during Tuning. I am not at my Helix Floor at the moment to look at the Tuner Parameter options or if there are any pertinent Global Settings; nor do I have a Variax. Nonetheless, glancing at the Helix Floor User Guide 3.0 PDF page 44, see if the Tuner Input Parameters (Knob 1) offers a "Variax" option (rather than "Multi"). If so, give that a try. Also, set Tuner Output Parameter (Knob 2) to "Mute". Poste back if this works. Should that not do it, head over to and submit your feature request so it may be voted up for Line 6 to consider including it in a future update. [Note: When I submitted this reply earlier today, I was apparently not logged in; as such it did not post at that time.]
  6. Fully Agree. There does not seem to be a satisfactory method. :((
  7. Post it on IdeaScale! Then post the IdeaScale link back to this thread, so we can rally the troops and vote it up!
  8. See for Reset Options.
  9. A pair of active (powered) studio monitors would be ideal. They're available at various price points and physical size ranges. If you'll be using them while seated at your desk, a pair of 3" or 5" are likely to suit your needs. Otherwise, consider 6", 7" or 8" options. Ik Multimedia, JBL, Kali, and many others offer products over this range. Best to try before you buy, if you can. Otherwise, consider a vendor with a satisfaction guarantee.
  10. @leonardoborges, likely there will be several more years of development and firmware releases for the Helix Family products. Time will tell. To make amp suggestions for consideration, go to and submit them there.
  11. Good you got it working. And, yup. I'm confident that Line 6 will get you sorted out.
  12. Have you tried reinstalling your DAW or VSTHost in which Helix Native is running?
  13. About 57" from the AC Prongs to the Barrel Connector. Of that, the power supply block is about 5". If you need a longer reach use a quality AC Extension Cord, or Power Strip. Another alternative would be to consider a Barrel Connector Extension Cable. The HX Stomp's Barrel Connector is 5.5mm x 2.5mm so you'd need a female to male of that size.
  14. Also explore using a Dual Cabs Block! Regardless if you select two of the same or different Cabs, and explore using different Mics and Positions. [Addendum: I forgot to mention that you can also explore the Cab's Reflections parameter to add a bit or room feel. Or, if you've got the DSP on your Helix, split and pan the cab blocks. Insert a Simple Delay Block and use a few ms of delay on one of the cabs. 1ms = approx 1ft of distance. These can create a bit more of a bigger feel to add to the sound. Neither, will be the same as AITR, but you may like the results. ]
  15. Be sure you do a backup first if you have any Presets, Global Settings, Favorites, or other settings which you might wish to preserve and possibly Restore after performing your Factory Reset!
  16. @vincentm77 I too wish that, one day, Line 6 will release a stand alone version of HX Edit or some direct method to Edit Presets offline. But that may be nothing more than a pipe dream. In the interim, here's how to do what you want: Log into your Line 6 Account. Download and Install Helix Native to your DAW or a Free VST Host. Helix Native is offered as a Full Featured Free Trial. Or, as an HX Stomp Owner you can but it for the reduced price of $99 USD. However, when Line 6 puts Helix Native on Sale (typically 30% less) you can get it for about $70 USD. This presumes you are the original purchaser of your HX Stomp, or if you bought used, that the original owner never used the S/N to purchase Helix Native. Change Helix Native's Preferences > Hardware Compatibility from the Default (Floor/LT/Rack) to HX Stomp. Using HX Edit backup your Preset (*.hlx) files to your computer. Using Helix Native Import your desired Preset (.hlx) files for editing. Edit your Presets and save to your computer. Open HX Edit Import Edited Preset (*.hlx) files and save to your HX Stomp.
  17. HX Edit works fine with Windows. It has been doing all year! Most recently it continues to do so with Win 11 Vers 22H2 with the latest .NET and Win 11 September Cumulative Updates. Log into your account on Line 6's Downloads Page. Leave the Hardware Dropdown field blank. In the Software Field, select HX Edit. In the OS Field, select Windows 11. (See attached screenshot below) Click Go
  18. If your Helix is not already running firmware 3.15 (released Feb '22), install it to have the benefit of all the latest FX. As for the Stereo choruses, your best approach would be to explore the range of each FX's parameters to determine which, if any, may satisfy your taste.
  19. The rapid proliferation of these power devices is just beginning! As the volume and rate of product offerings grow, pricing, capacity, and features will improve significantly. If you can benefit from it now, grab one. Otherwise, give it a few months and benefit from the improvements. Also see the offerings from as they have them in 400W, 1000W, 2000W, and 3600W ratings. All are Pure Sine Wave. Plenty of power for Modelers, Amp, and active FRFR speakers!
  20. For the time being, leave Window's 11 Core Isolation Memory Integrity feature OFF!
  21. MS Win 11's August '22 Cumulative Update resulted in the same Windows Security - Action Recommendation notification on my Dell XPS 17 9710 Laptop. The Device Security Notification indicates that the Core Isolation Memory Integrity (CIMI) is currently set to: "OFF". I run Check Point Security's Zone Alarm NextGen on my system. It has always been flawless on all my systems over various OS upgrades for decades. When I contacted them yesterday, they acknowledged and confirmed that their software is not compatible with the latest Window's Cumulative Update and that for the time being, CIMI should be left: "OFF".
  22. @Paulzxwell you can direct reply as with this message.
  23. I prefer the convenience a PDF provides.
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