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  1. Thank you that sounds good. But I dont have one yet…so I am hoping someone has some live experience with this?
  2. I have unfortunately strayed from Line6 for a few years after my DT50 let down. So I am seriously considering a Helix now but hesitant to pull the trigger. I need someone to shoot me straight. (Apologies if this is a stupid question) Is lossless transition between amp models possible? If I had it my way, I’d be able to switch between multiple amps/effects during the same song with zero or unnoticeable latency. Is it possible with the Helix? If so how (if its not obvious)?
  3. I have the original Spider Valve 212 which works great with the FBV Express MKII but it would be awesome if there was more wah sound choice? I cant figure it out. Tried online support, manuals, FBV Controller software...even googled it! Any ideas? Not that I'm complaining. I'm really digging this setup...just hoping I'm missing something?
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