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  1. A 1:4" TRS to LXR Adapter is a cinch.
  2. Notwithstanding the Helix Owner discount, software licenses are typically transferrable. You would need to check Two (2) things. First, that there is nothing in Line 6's Helix Native Software End User License Agreement prohibiting transferability. Second, that if the original owner did use the Helix Native discount that the original owner no longer cares to use Helix Native and freely grants you the full transfer of the Helix Native license he originally purchased.
  3. I've run my 32 Ohm Shure SE530 IEMs with my Helix Floor and Stomp with no problems. Also have used Sony MDR V-6 63 ohm and several other brands and styles of cans w/o any issues.
  4. The Helix has no problem powering headphones. The open back 300 Ohm HD600 are awesome! I use them interchangeably with a closed back pair of 250 Ohm BD DT770 Pro. Drop also sells their Sennheiser OEM special built version of the HD6xx which are purported to be sonically identical to the HD600. Between the HD650 vs the HD600 (or HD6XX) I prefer the more neutral sound of the HD600. YMMV. Overall, it all comes down to what you prefer and the type of material you like.
  5. Agree with all the above. A good set of self powered near field studio monitors is a great way to go. Also, should your Helix Floor be finding its way into your other rooms or practice sessions away from your PC, the HX Stomp is an excellent stand in AI for to your PC.
  6. @A6wbu, you're best bet may be simply to buy the Stomp and check it out on your own terms. If you are dissatisfied, most vendors have a very reasonable return policy. That being said, from what I gather from your post, my guess is that you're likely to love using the Stomp. Also know that HX Edit is free and allows you to use your computer to interface and control almost everything on the Stomp. Additionally, owning the Stomp will entitle you to a discount on Helix Native plugin for use with your DAW or VST Host. Moreover, when it goes on sale, as it does several times a year, it's 30% off, and costs only about $69 USD!! And, if you care to do so, you can download and try Helix Native as a free trial for 2 weeks. Although your post did not directly concern using Helix Native, it works great with the Stomp acting as the Audio Interface to your computer. YMMV.
  7. To help isolate the cause of the problem you may want to try another known good cable. Although it may not be likely, both of the two cables you mentioned you have tried might be suffering from the same (or similar) problems introducing noise.
  8. Not sure what might be causing what you are experiencing. Try connecting your HX Stomp to your computer to take a look at the settings in the current version of HX Edit. HX Edit also allows you to do an easy reset to factory settings should you need to do so to get back to square one.
  9. Ground loops don't care how they're conducted!!!! So long as there is a path to ground or a different potential to ground, there can be noises.
  10. You could use Snapshots to control changes to these parameter as you wish so that they adjust in unison as you change Snapshots. You could also use Controller Assignments for each of these parameters, assigning them to the same Expression Pedal controller assignment such that each parameter would be controlled by your Expression Pedal adjustment. And, you could assign each a Min and Max value as you wish.
  11. As Snapshots (within each of your custom Presets) support dozens of parameter configurations as well as Bypass state of the Blocks in your Presets, you are likely to be able to do what you need. Post back so others can share in what you find works!
  12. @themetallikid, As a Helix owner, when Helix Native goes on 30% Discount Sale -- which it does several times a year -- you can get Helix Native for $69!! The HX Stomp is a really great piece of gear! Not only is it compact, as rd2rk replied, it's great and easy to use on the desktop. Moreover, it provides a Helix grade AI! So consider allocating the approx $100 you'd spend on a Focusrite Solo (or other AI) towards an HX Stomp. And, the $30 savings on Helix Native, would offset, a bit, the cost for an HX Stomp. And, HX Stomp's headphone out easily drives BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm headsets to DSP levels far higher than my Dell XPS 15 Laptop. ;) YMMV.
  13. Sounds like the Helix Floor would solve all your issues and provide lots of additional flexibility, including double the DSP of your HX Stomp, ample I/O configurations, Scribble Strips, and an Expression pedal just to name a few.... Go for it! You may also find that the buy a Helix Floor and get the free Helix Backpack deal (while supplies last) may still be ongoing. Check with your dealer or Sweetwater, etc. Should the Helix Floor not suit you, most of the dealers accept returns.
  14. If you have Helix Native it provides a very handy A :: B comparison feature.
  15. MusicLaw

    64 Bit?

    It is fair to say that at some point in the future there will be a successor to the current flagship full Helix Floor and Rack Units. It is also fair to say that it will not likely be anytime soon. My personal blind guess is not for a few more years. Line6 has indicated, in essence, on several occasions that plenty of product life remains in the current Helix family product line with future software firmware enhancements and revisions forthcoming to the existing product family. To be clear, I have zero inside information and do not speak for nor have any representative capacity on behalf of Line 6 nor Yamaha Guitar Group.
  16. Submit a Ticket to Line 6. They are really good at making things right. I've not heard of this issue but that doesn't negate that situation you find yours in. Even though your unit may be out of warranty, consider submitting a Support Ticket to Line 6. It is commonly known that they have gone above and beyond regarding Customer Service in the past for many Helix owners. Give it a shot! You may be pleasantly surprised. The worst would be an out of warranty response.
  17. 3.01 Native installed earlier today without incident. Hope same goes for others....
  18. Once you have installed the latest version, and backed up any of your custom presets, you can simply click the gear icon in the lower left corner and select Restore Factory Presets.
  19. NOTICE: If you browse to Line 6's Downloads page, to obtain 3.01 HX Edit, select your Helix Family Hardware Device in the Hardware dropdown field, and leave the Software dropdown at "All Software"! As of a moment ago, if you leave the first dropdown selection at: "All Hardware" and select: "HX Edit" in the Software Dropdown field (regardless if the OS dropdown is left at "All OS" or "Win 10") the results page only shows HX Edit 3.0!! And, if you leave the software dropdown field at "ALL Software" the 3.01 flash memories for each of the Helix family units are individually displayed (long scrolling) and below them is still HX Edit 3.0. Hopefully Line 6 will update their site tomorrow (Monday). Also keep in mind that an updated new version of Helix Native (perhaps 3.01) is also expected very soon.
  20. Works great on my Dell XPS 15 running UHD 4K Touch screen Win10. Scales fine and razor sharp.
  21. If you've got a backup of your custom presets, do a factory reset of the Presets via the poweron footswitch sequence for your Helix family unit. You didn't mention which hardware you have. You can find these reset footswitch combos on HelixHelp.com under the Tips section. Then restore your custom presets and globals from your backup. If you don't have any custom Global configs or custom presets, ignore this last restore step.
  22. Using HX Edit 3.0, connected to HX Stomp 3.0, it updated to 3.01 w/o issue. Accepted the Backup of 3.0 fw, and proceeded to installing 3.01. Then rebuilt Factory Presets, and to be sure, repowered the Stomp holding FSWs 2 and 3 to be sure everything (factory presets) updated and rebuilt properly. The entire process took less than 5 mins. Later today or tmrw, I'll do the Helix Floor. Hope it goes smoothly for all....
  23. If you're not running two JBL LSR305s to fully appreciate the stereo imaging and fx Helix has to offer, you may also want to consider it! Even if you run everything strictly mono, the additional speaker positioned for your space will distinctly add to the fullness of the sound field.
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