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  1. Easy. Simply place your FX Loop Block (or, if desired, separate Send and Return Blocks) as you wish in your Helix Signal Path. Enable and disable the FX Loop (or the send and return blocks) when you want to hear your L7. Be sure to gain stage the levels and that your FX Send is configured to what you L7 FX Input needs; presumable Line Level. Helix allows Level adjustment in the FX Loop Block, and the FX Send and Rtn Blocks.
  2. Email from NewEgg this morning has Flash Sale on BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro 250 Ohm headphones for $114 USD Free Shipping using Promo Code: SSBP225.
  3. Correct. Both dry tracks would not go to USB 8. Helix's Default is USB 8 Mic, USB 7 Guitar. Thus, be sure your Reaper configuration follows suit. See Pg. 68 of Line 6 Helix v3.0 User's Guide (Rev E.)
  4. MusicLaw

    two HX stomps

    Another outstanding benefit of having two identical units is the hardware redundancy! Also, the inherent ability to store all your Presets (up to the hardware's storage capacity) and the ease of managing everything via HX Edit.
  5. Even though it does need an update, here's another useful list: and, it's offered as a handy pdf download!
  6. Although I do not know where the LT's Headphone output level is, neither my Helix Floor nor Helix Stomp have any deficiency in driving my 300Ω Sennheiser HD-600 to SPLs far louder than I ever care to use. The Floor's headphone output is higher than the HX Stomp.
  7. @Verne-Bunsen This thread is certainly not intended as a sales pitch, and I have no vested interest in Sweetwater Publishing nor Craig's work. As previously mentioned, I was so vastly impressed with Craig's concise and informative articles, which I previously discovered on Sweetwater's InSync site, that I was really enthusiastic to see this eBook had been recently released. Craig's ability to clearly explain useful techniques and comprehensively cover most of Helix's features & capabilities makes the Big Book a wonderful reference!
  8. I just saw that Craig Anderton's new eBook: The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks is available from Sweetwater Publishing. If you have not read Craig's exceptional articles posted on Sweetwater's InSync site, then you're going to be in for a real surprise. Those articles and this new Ebook are not to be missed. Plus the eBook includes over 200 absolutely useful Presets and files. The direct URL is: Also see: Craig's YouTube Video about the eBook [Bonus Tip: If you use Adobe's PDR Reader, Right Click the Tools Toolbar and hover over the Navigation Tools. On the Flyout, Enable the Previous and Next Tools to display their Icon buttons on the Toolbar and allow use of the Alt+Left Arrow and Alt+Right Arrow Keyboard Shortcuts to easily jump back and forth between hyperlinks in the eBook!]
  9. Using an FRFR or Studio Monitors would certainly provide a much wider audio palette allowing you to hear whatever you have configured on your Helix. This is precisely why so many enjoy using FRFR or Studio Monitors. So many others prefer an Amp In The Room (AITR) listening experience. There is no wrong!
  10. Prior responses have done an exemplary job of discussing the issues. I have Helix Floor and HX Stomp. Amongst my array of headphone's I frequently use the Sennheiser HD600 and they work wonderfully with either unit. Dialing them in is not complex. Simply add a slight bit of Reverb for ambience and you're good to go. This can also be accomplished via the Early Reflections parameter in the Cab Block. It all depends on your taste, favored musical genres, and style preferences. I also use BeyerDynamic DT-770 Pro, and Sony MDR-V6, both of which are closed back. I've also got Shure SE-530 IEMS. Each have their own audible attributes so as previously been mentioned, it is imperative you get to know your monitoring system regardless if they be headphones, IEMs, earbuds, Studio Monitors, FRFR PA Monitors, etc. It is also really easy with Helix units to save your configurations. This allows quick and easy switching from what you have dialed in and saved to sound great with your Sennheiser HD600 to some other listening devices. FWIW, I also have several sets of Studio Monitors and FRFR PA monitors, as well as a Yamaha THR10C; each of which I use with my Helix gear. It is not unduly complex to dial in your tones to sound great with any of these. This, once you become familiar with your Helix's UI. My recommendation is that you go with the gear you are contemplating and enjoy it to the max! Do post back your findings to share with others. Happy Holidays.
  11. HX Stomp running warm is not abnormal. Not to worry. Line 6 has posted it is designed to operate that way; it is a consequence of its compact design. As for it hanging or freezing up. the best thing to do is: First, backup your custom Presets, if any, which you may wish to preserve. Next, do a Factory Reset of the device. Next, redownload and reinstall HX Edit on your computer and allow it to reinstall all the drivers and software to your computer. Next, connect your HX Stomp to your computer, and allow HX Edit to reinstall all of the firmware to your HX Stomp. Then, see if the problem persists -- before you reinstall any custom presets you may have backed up. It is entirely possible that some of your custom Presets may have been corrupted or improperly converted to the current 3.11 firmware. If you then reinstall any such presets follow the instructions exactly to allow firmware 3.11 to rebuild all the Presets! Starting with a Factory Reset and clean software reinstall to, both, your computer and the HX Stomp will help troubleshoot and isolate the problem. If you still have problems after doing the above, submit a Support Ticket with Line 6 and they'll get you sorted out!
  12. @joel_brownBe sure to see Craig Anderton's exceptionally informative article: Get Much More Out Of HX Stomp on Sweetwater's InSync site.
  13. EMI and RFI levels may be high or extreme at your location. If so, the use of a power strip for all of your devices will have little to no affect in eliminating ambient RFI or EMI. To troubleshoot that your Helix LT is not the problem, try using it at another location (friend, family member, etc.) a good distance from your home. Also, a low quality guitar cable suffering from poor shielding or an improperly grounded connector can contribute to the antenna affect. Also know that the frequency of AC current in the US is 60Hz, which is a tone midway between A# and B. In Europe AC is 50Hz which is closer to G. Hope you get it sorted out.
  14. Changing pickups is akin to changing microphones. Each brings it's own characteristic sound. And, just as with microphones, the position of pickup relative to the strings will affect the sound. If too close magnetic pickups can prematurely dampen a string's sustain.
  15. Also be sure to see Craig Anderton's excellent Helix Articles on Sweetwater InSync: One is entitled: "Line 6 Helix: The Overachieving Audio Interface" published Apr 16, 2020. Another is entitled: "Beyond Normal Bass — with the Line 6 Helix" published Jan 31, 2020. Another is entitled: "Line 6 Helix Tips for Bass" published Jan 10, 2020,
  16. @Anderton Craig, great to see your post here. Recently enjoyed reading your Creative Ways to Get Even More out of the HX Stomp, article published 9/20/21 on Sweetwater's site. Fantastic! Well written, great screen shots, audio examples, and more! Please add me to the list (if you maintain one) for when the book is ready. Additionally, should you wish to have another set of eyes read through your manuscript before release and publication, consider me available; I'd be happy to sign an NDA should you wish. I have a Floor, Stomp and Native, and have done Beta with Line 6. Either way, keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your book published!
  17. Have you reinstalled the latest firmware version 3.11 and followed with a Factory Reset to be certain that you are running a flawless Firmware install? If not, give it a go. Be sure to backup any custom Presets you may wish to preserve before you begin.
  18. Also to be found via Line 6 Home Page > Contact Us > IdeaScale
  19. Post it to IdeaScale. There it can be seen and voted for or against. Line 6 accumulates the IdeaScale responses as part of their process to determine which features and enhancements to include.
  20. @hallissyc, in addition to the responses in your similar thread over on TGP, hang onto your Boogie unless you ultimately conclude that you no longer find it of any use. It is quite likely that you will find it is still worth keeping and using with an HX Stomp. The HX Stomp can certainly serve with your Boogie. It can also serve with Studio Monitors and Headphones. After all, regardless what Amp models and FX you may use in your Helix gear signal chain, somehow you've still got to hear it! The step up in DSP resources, ergonomics, and UI features of the Floor, LT, or Rack with Controller are all nice luxuries above and beyond what the compact Stomp or slightly larger Stomp XL offer, however all share the identical Firmware selections of Amps, Cabs, FX, etc. If you buy from a dealer with a Satisfaction Guarantee, should you find the HX Stomp constraining, upgrade to a higher model and simply return the HX Stomp. As I mentioned in my TGP response, I have a Helix Floor and added the HX Stomp a few years later. Each is outstanding. I can do just about everything I need on the HX Stomp, even though it has only 1 DSP and lacks an on board Expression Pedal. If I were to do it all again, I'd perhaps go with a Helix Rack Unit with the Floor Controller and Expression Pedal simply to have all the flexibility and features that would afford both on the floor and on the desk, and I might still also have an HX Stomp for more agile and compact use. Have fun with whatever you decide and post back to share your findings.
  21. Either add a separate cab block or replace the existing cab block with a dual cab block. Using two cab blocks affords the capability to place one in a split path with split parallel FX processing, levels, etc.
  22. For those Amps which actually have Master Volume Controls, Line 6 Modeled the parameter. For Amps which do not actually have Master Volume Controls, Line 6 created a Master Volume Control parameter in the Modeled Block. As I recollect, this "created" parameter will act as an attenuator (of the signal level hitting the Power Amp stage of the modeled amp) if not set to Maximum value. Regardless, always use your ears and go with what sounds good to you. I too often use closed back BeyerDynamic DT700 Pro 250 Ohm headsets with my Helix Gear, although I generally prefer the comfort and tone of my open back Sennheiser HD600 300 Ohm.
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