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  1. Thanks for the feedback again! I have now ordered a second Powercab 112+.
  2. Is stereo worth it? Edit: home use. Especially to the people with 1xPC212 or 2xPC112: What do you think? Of course, usually when you buy something you are very happy with it, but how happy are you with the stereo setup compared to the mono setup? I have a PC112+ and I am thinking of getting a second PC112+ but I am not sure if this is „significant“ improvement or just a „nice to have“ or even „not really noticeable“? And which setup in terms of Amps/ cabinets do you use in the stereo setup? same amp/ cabinet or different amp/ cabinet? what do you prefer?
  3. But in the description of the "Line 6 Updater" the Helix, HX Stomp etc...are also included... If Line 6 recommends to use - only - the HX Edit software to perform the update, I would suggest them to exclude to list the Helix, HX stomp, POD and Effects devices in their description of the Line 6 Updater software - otherwise there will be further confusion. Like for me. (I did use the Line 6 Updater however for my PowerCab 112+)
  4. I meant to have read (in this forum?) that doing the firmware update with the firmware updater was a better and safer way than doing the firmware within HX Edit. Of course, this method does not inform the user to backup the presets etc.....and I suppose that this is why Line 6 advise the users to use HX Edit. Just my guess. But after doing the firmware update to 3.15 on my HX Stomp XL, I re-checked in my fresh installed HX Edit 3.15 and no update was available. I have now performed an hardware reset on my HX Stomp XL, holding down the foot switches C and while turning the unit on and holding them down until the screen pops up, and the factory presets are now there with their names this time.
  5. I just did the factory reset and all factory stock presets are now available, together with their names. Thanks!
  6. I bought the HX Stomp new in box and performed the firmware update first. OK, will do a factory reset!
  7. I have also no stock factory presets anymore with the 3.15 update in HX Edit. I do see however see these in HX Native.
  8. Hi, I have bought a brand new HX Stomp XL in the box and I have performed the firmware update via the firmware updater (from 3.02.0 to 3.15.0) I can see that are many presets already in the HX Stomp XL with many effects etc....but there are no names associated with these presets. They are all labeled as "new preset" although there are effects in the presets (which are not from me but as standard in the HX Stomp XL I suppose). How can I get these names? I mean it would also be ok for me just to rename these one by one if I would know the names of the standard presets. Any idea how I could solve this?
  9. LOL......When I do something I am all in! I have zero experience with recording, DAW etc...as I am coming from a very different world in terms of education and work experience etc....but this whole new world to me (playing an instrument and modelling etc...) seems very exiting indeed. I can't wait to get into learning all these things! Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate! I will definitely get the HX Native. Thanks again!
  10. Hi, Short question from a newbie to this all world of modelling etc...... I used to have a tube amp but now I am going to get a HX Stomp and a FRFR system (Powercab 112+). Now looking at all the possibilities I am wondering what are the advantages to use the Helix Native additionally to the HX Stomp? I have a Mac and therefore Garageband on it (not sure if this is something necessary) Is it just that I can use or create all kind of effects etc...in a more easier way than on the HX Stomp? And maybe transfer these effects to the HX Stomp? Sorry for the newbie question but I try to understand all this very new world for me....
  11. Thanks for the feedback! I will stick with my decision to get the Powercab 112+ then (to work with a HX Stomp)
  12. Here the explanation: The CRAZY thing is that in the meantime my wife has now decided to learn acoustic guitar !! That's why I have enlarged my query for the best setup from "for me" to "for us" now....But as she will be playing an acoustic guitar, the need to have an amp/ speaker etc...for her (with or without me) is less important. However as I had not finalized my choice I wanted to include this option in the mix. --- Meanwhile I start to understand the whole thing with modeler, amp, FRFR etc.... My choice is now: A/ For me: 1. Headphone situation: HX Stomp with my Sennheiser HD660S and Shure 535 IEM. Both should work in terms of impedance with the HX Stomp and will not need an additional headphone amp I suppose. That way I can start to learn all this modeler software, effects etc...while also learning how to play a guitar. 2. Living room situation: Most probably the FRFR way with a L6 Powercab 112+ if I see that this world of modelling, effect is something that I like to do. Otherwise a Fender Tone Master Deluxe or Superb. B/ For her/us: I will decide in the future. Too early to make a final decision. Next Saturday she will decide on her guitar first. Seagull, Godin or Taylor. THANKS to all the feedback I have received!!!
  13. The L6 link cable would be one reason I would go for the Floor and also having a separate volume knob for the headphones. It seems also that the headphone amp is better than the one in the HX Stomp.
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