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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses! I did fire up the helix yesterday - updated to 3.15, factory rest and restored from backup. Then added a couple of presets which were shared by a friend. The next time I started the helix (a day later) it said something on the lines of “resetting the presets” and then the count went from 1 to a big number (not sure how much) restarted it a couple of times after that as well - but now boots up immediately. any clue why the reset happened again?
  2. My first post here and can see the forum has a few keyboard bullies :)
  3. Hello everyone! New to the community - got my helix in the mail today. I live in the midwest where the temps are in the 20s currently. The package I received the Helix is pretty cold and so is the unit. Is it okay to use it? or should I let it sit for a while before doing so?
  4. yeah - I did set it to "Pre cab/IR" - but then is is the marshall cabinet not supposed to act as a powered cabinet if I am connecting through the FX return in the tube?
  5. I connected the POD Go the the fx return of a marshall tube amp (connected to a cab speaker) via the AMP OUT in POD GO. The result was horrible! sounded as though there was no cab modelling at all! Any tips??
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