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  1. Hello I’m Guido from Italy . I use Helix floor as audio interface on windows 10 pc , next time go to Mac, and works fine with DAW Cubase elements and Reaper. I have a problem with Band-in-box software that I use to compose simple backing track. Audio signal from this program is inaudible it doesn’t go through Helix so I don’t ear any sound from this software . In windows audio setting all seems ok , but in windows mixer I don’t see any signal. Probably is a problem of setting and maybe of midi setting , but I am not an expert and I can’t be able to found the right setting. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance Bye from Italy
  2. Hello from Italy I have Helix floor recently buy A simple question does exist a list of min and Max delay time for each tipe of delay or only way is reading inside parameter of each delay type? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks all for your suggest I have removed bit defender and run only Windows defender . Very interesting daw optimization page Thanks and bye from Italy
  4. Hello I’m Guido from Italy I have a simple question. What Antivirus/Internet Security suite do you use that has lowest impact in performance usino audio with Helix as audio interface? No drop, sound artifacts, gitter, latency problem, ecc…. Please tell what you use and if on Windows or Mac and if your pc/Mac is recent or older Thanks in avance Guido
  5. Upgrade !!! I'm happy, I found final setting and it wors geat and record any audio streaming included youtube that is important for me In attachment you see Audacity setting while windows setting is with Hx Stomp as Playback and Recording device Hope this should be helpful fo other BYE
  6. Damn !!! I don't know why corrector write Aldo , excuse me was a mistake. Now I understand setting , in week end I try sure. Thanks
  7. Thanks DunedinDragon. You sai right , but I always do this. I always record streaming audio with the various audio interfacce I own, from on board , to external usb: Line6 UX2, Scarlett 2i2, RME Baby-face pro and with Helix LT. Few month ago I sold Helix LT and taken Hx stomp , but I’have never try to record streaming audio . I only must found right setting ,at least I hope
  8. Hello PierM Man you are Italian too ! Very happy to Meet you hehe, Thanks for suggest . I have doubt cause looper doesn’t have a adjustable delay time inside to trim and simulate 2 tape recorder delay. I’ll dry what you suggest . I think to try various delay , first tape echo o Binson emulator, depends its delay time. Delay feedback setting is better setting to high % over 50 or it depends from desired result ? I hai think to use sene return Block and its physical connection to reconnect out of a delay to its input, as I ask in otterrai thread, but this maybenit’s a too crazy idea and maybe it’s not possibile . Are you Aldo on FB group or italian forum ? Bye , Thanks you and tilt you next time.
  9. Hello from Italy. I like effect like Robert Fripp and his Frippertronic. I haven’t found much info about how to on Hx Stomp. Here only this thread but is for Pod Go and there’s no link to any preset. can you give me some suggest? With Looper block is possible? Should be a madness using send return for return signal out from a one ( or many delay) to its input connecting related fisica in/out to make a looper? Like this Frippertronic schematic Thanks in advance for your help and have a good music!
  10. Hello guys from Italy. First excuse me for my English. I can’t record any streaming audio from YouTube, web browser, SoundCloud, any player. From the same source I playing and listen audio without any problem. Hx stom is correctly recognised windows 10 and from app like Cubase LE, Reaper, Audacity, Foobar ecc I have also Bitdefender installer. Setting on Hx stomp seems ok and are the same that I Had on Helix LT. On Audacity for example, I have set Asio and HX STOMP as play and recording device. Can you help me? Thanks in advance and have a good music !
  11. Thanks lou-cash! I play blues me too, anf aoustic jazz, so I'm oriented to Seymour Duncan Mag mic. Have you tried this pick-up?
  12. Hello I have bought an acoustic guitar after long time Epiphone EL-00 pro with has a Fishman Sonitone +sonicore , but I want change it with Seymou Duncan Mag Mic magnetic +condenser. To create good preset for a good sound have you some suggest? Don’ exist an acoustic amp, so what you use ? Do you use acoustic ir like 3sigma? thanks in advance?
  13. I ask to Line6 support for my license for Native for LT this is answer When you sell the Helix LT you can keep the Helix Native license and continue using it. However, the new owner won't be able to purchase the discounted version anymore as it's only valid once. If you don't want to keep Helix Native you could also "gift" it to another Line 6 account. This is described in the following article ("How do I gift a store order?"):
  14. Hello from Italy. A simple and probably stupid question. For 3.12 version exist a list of factory preset ? It should be useful in general but especially to discriminate guitar and bass preset. I know I can read list on Helix Native and capture the screen but this is not handy. Can you help me ?
  15. Hello from Italy. Anyone has experience with fuzz of Bass amp Woody made on old Acoustic 360 with a dedicated built-in fuzz? Jaco Pastorius sometimes had played with it.
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