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  1. Thanks lou-cash! I play blues me too, anf aoustic jazz, so I'm oriented to Seymour Duncan Mag mic. Have you tried this pick-up?
  2. Hello I have bought an acoustic guitar after long time Epiphone EL-00 pro with has a Fishman Sonitone +sonicore , but I want change it with Seymou Duncan Mag Mic magnetic +condenser. To create good preset for a good sound have you some suggest? Don’ exist an acoustic amp, so what you use ? Do you use acoustic ir like 3sigma? thanks in advance?
  3. I ask to Line6 support for my license for Native for LT this is answer When you sell the Helix LT you can keep the Helix Native license and continue using it. However, the new owner won't be able to purchase the discounted version anymore as it's only valid once. If you don't want to keep Helix Native you could also "gift" it to another Line 6 account. This is described in the following article ("How do I gift a store order?"): https://line6.com/support/page/kb/general-faq/line-6-license-manager-faq-r21/
  4. Hello from Italy. A simple and probably stupid question. For 3.12 version exist a list of factory preset ? It should be useful in general but especially to discriminate guitar and bass preset. I know I can read list on Helix Native and capture the screen but this is not handy. Can you help me ?
  5. Hello from Italy. Anyone has experience with fuzz of Bass amp Woody made on old Acoustic 360 with a dedicated built-in fuzz? Jaco Pastorius sometimes had played with it.
  6. Thanks reason of my questione is that I use Helix LT online for elettric guitar tilt now. I’ll look preset on Custom tone and YouTube tutorial as starting point.
  7. Hello from Italy. What are the preset/preset for electric bass? Where can I found good sounding preset for jazz, fusion, rock,blues? Thanks in advance.
  8. @ hurghanico Wow I’m living in Anzola dell’ Emilia ! I have some difficulties to understand a complex discussion in Emglish . I’ll do me best . @codamedia I haven’t seen that page , it’s vero interesting. I’ll read it with great attention and try to set at best Grammatico LaGrange that is The most similar to tweed delude 5e3 like Neil Young, etc.
  9. Thanks to all for very useful informations. I'll read all suggests with great attention cause my English unfortunately is not so good.Excuse for my language I write from Italy! With real amp I have own in the past, I I have always set all tone control to max, because there was passive to have the real voice of Amp. Then by guitar tone control I did make tone brighter or darker.
  10. Simple question tone control of various amp model are passive and are neutral set on max, then are substantially subtractive? I notice that some model has different tone control than real amp. Example Small tweed , refer to Tweed deluxe 57 or 59?, has separated bass mud treeble instead of simple tone control of real amp.
  11. Hello guys. Problem solved. Cause mistake I have loaded impulse at. 96khz from Red Wirez, so DSP conversion capability to 48khz was probably too low. So I have loaded an original 48khz impulse as 1024 and by this way I was able to load 2 impulse at 2048 or 4 at 1024. Thanks all of you.
  12. I would create a preset with two different amp block with two different ir blocks imported. The two amp blocks should be Small tweed and baseman for example , and it impulses imported for Red Wirez. I have tried to do using 1024 ir I creat a parallel chain with a second amp block but I cannot choose a second different it block. I can use the same ir. Is there a way to do what I want? Excuse me for my language Bye
  13. Buona idea grazie Thanks good idea !
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