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  1. Thanks for the help guys, tried that tip on leaving a cable in the send FX didn't work,meow ever if I put a cable into the guitar in of the amp it did work and doesn't sound to bad to be honest. Have to disable the cab effects in the presets etc, just missing a bit of clarity and a bit 2 bass like. Sure I could sort that in the EQ, what would be be best using the global EQ, amp effect EQ or adding on into the preset? Thanks again for all your help
  2. Hi guys, pretty new to this new tech so apologies. I have a Blackstar series 1 6L6 and Orange 212 closed back speaker and various pedals etc and thought it would be great to swap out the pedals for one machine that can do it all + be offer diff amps etc once connected right. Anyway done some research etc and the best way is to utilise the Helix LT is to go straight from Helix 1/4 to Amp FX return , guiatr into Helix Guitar in, nice. Done this and literally nothing, no sound at all comes out, played around with the global setting etc but nothing. So tried the 4CM and sounded terrible, so went directly into the front of the amp from 1/4 out from Helix to Amp and guitar into Guitar in. Clean was very quiet, when selected the overdrive channels the sound was really high but again sounded really bad . Really need some help, any tips on connections and settings on the a Helix to at least get me to a starting position? TBH I tried the Helix through headphones just to see and was very base heavy, not to bad though. Cheers
  3. Cool thanks for your help, the manual says that white is the guitar volume and when I adjust it the volume does change, in general should this match Red or Pink?
  4. Hi, new to the Firehawk and so far loving it, although do have a question regarding the Master Volume Knob. What's the best mix between the master volume (red) and Guitar volume (white), some say that both are best matched equally others say biased towards Guitar volume (say 10pm RED and 2pm WHITE), then use the Amp Model Volume (PINK) to raise or lower volume! Pls help. Thanks
  5. Hi apologies for what probably is a dumb question but really need some help. I have just purchased a Firehawk and really like it, however I wanted to use my Empress Heavy Pedal which I believe you can run into it via the fx loop, is this possible? If so to make it work do you have to move the FX loop in front of the amp in the app to make it work, any other tips? Thanks
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