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  1. Thanks folks! and thanks Qwerty! Gonna download that Example you made! Thank you so much!
  2. Thanks folks! Yeah I figure running the two paths would be best. Let me ask this....say I run one amp and cab impulse on the top path and one on the bottom. How to I merge them so I can put a Wah/volume block or delay and the start/after that affects both amps/impulses? As strange as this sounds, this whole thing is fun for me. I am having a blast learning this device and with the help of you all. I tried copying some settings from YouTubers or downloaded there patches and they never sound like "me". Meaning the tone I hear in my head lol That is why I love tweaking everything so much. I wish Line 6 would do a Diezel VH4 amp head. I have the VH4 plugin, but would love to have it in my Helix. The plugin the made sounds so close to my real VH4, but with much better cleans. The clean on my real VH4 IMO is not what I dig.
  3. Thanks rd2rk. I figured it out but now have a new issue. So stupid me forgot that we you select and IR, there are two selections. IR 1024 and IR 2048. I don't know what either of those mean, but if you choose one, it only allows you to choose one IR to drop in. Now my new issue is when I go to put an E or other things... it won't let me (see picture) Guess that is a DSP issue? Wow that top path runs out of DSP quick eh? or am I doing something wrong. I wanted a parametric E but it is blocked out. Only other E's are available.
  4. Hey folks, new Helix user here and loving it. I am trying to run two amps and two cab impulses from Ownhammer (I bought the heavy hitter pack and really liking it. I also have the ML Sounds Labs Mega pack as well) I am trying to run two amps and blend them. One is a Mark IV and the other is the Soldano lead. For some reason it won't let me add the second cab impulse. I add the two amps and one impulse no problem. When I go to add two separate cabs, everything is gray and it won't let me add anything. Please see the picture attached... I have had this happen a few times. I think I am setting the paths up correctly. Is there something I need to set at the splits? Or do I have to blend the amps with ONE impulse some how? I have no issues running ONE amp and two cab impulses (see other picture) but when I make the split for two amps, it won't let me do it. Any advice? Thanks so much in advance!
  5. I got it all working thanks to you! Here is a test clip. Just skip to the dirty part half way through. Tone is not that great as I am still learning and fiddling with the ML Labs Ir's etc. I have much to learn about each amp, IR's, EQ's etc. BTW... Is there a preset to make a guitar sound like a real bass guitar? IIRC the old POD's had some sort of preset for that. Thanks again! Loving my Helix!
  6. Thanks man, yeah I switched the XLR's to multi's and it opened up stereo for me. Really appreciate you building that preset! Still working on it. Now all of a sudden it's letting me add and OD and Wah. I thought I ran out of DSP.
  7. Ok so now I am making some progress with that preset... BUT having an issue now. So thanks you for the preset rd2rk. I got it working. I out in Richie's little Mod/Echo delay trick before the second amp and it really widened the spread. But now (see picture) I can't add certain blocks. They are greyed out for me. Is it because I ran out of DSP? I am trying to add an 808 to tighten things up and I'd love to put a Wah in the front. Can it be done or am I out of DSP? Does it tell you how much you have used? If so, where? Thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the preset. When I tried it...and it works...just had to change that second clean amp. But it taught me the paths, so thank you. Where would I stick this simple delay to really widen the spread? (Pic of the simple delay Mod/Echo Chorus with Richie's settings) Thanks so much in advance for the help folks!
  9. Thanks J. How do I split the signal to control two paths? If I split it, it's still going to ignore the bottom path. Is there a way to make a split, then connect that split to the bottom path? Thanks again for the help!
  10. Thanks! Yeah I figure as much... to put two delays. One on each path. I was just wondering if there was a way I can delete some of the EQ's and then merge the path to one in and one out.. but that might defeat the purpose. I have a wah pedal I can put in outside the actual Helix I guess but that kind of defeats the purpose as I just simply wanted to use the expression on the Helix to take care of that. I'll re watch the video above, but it did not really apply to my situation unless I missed a section. Thanks and I'll update.
  11. Hey everyone, new to the forum and the Helix so bare with me. (I did some searching on the forum prior to making the post so I hope they approve it) Just got the Helix LT and am LOVING it. Bought it to play at lower volumes at night, in my office and when I don't want to disturb my neighbors with my VH4 and Dual Rectifier. They are way too loud sometimes lol I cannot get over how good the tones are. I downloaded some ML Sound Labs IR's and they sound great. Anyway, I found this video here from Richie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoYKucHKA5g He shows you how to get a SICK stereo tone. I am running my Helix with both left and right 1/4 cables into a Lexicon Lambda (I know ancient lol but I had one new in box) and then into my iMac. I am using two Rokit 5 monitors. I downloaded his preset and it sounds insane. So stereo and thick. I just changed up the amps and impulses to my liking. My question is this. How do I place a Wah block in the front and delay in the back so they affect the over tone of both channels? (See video or image) Can someone explain how I can great a path or have a video explaining a way how I can keep that true stereo tone but have a wah or delay etc affect the overall tone? If I have to remove some of his EQ's or other blocks, no big deal as I did not find the EQ blocks made too much of a difference with my amp and impulse settings. Thanks everyone in advance!
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