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  1. Greetings all, My unit is stuck in a loop. When I turn on the ipad app or switch to tones, I get the same popups twice (each twice after another). I have re-initialized with no success. I get each message twice and then they get out of way after pressing Ok. Msg 1 - Cloud Update Pending: The tone was saved locally, but could not be uploaded to My Tones. The tone will be uploaded automatically when a network connection is available. Msg 2 - Error: An unexpected error was encountered. Please try again later. I obviously have net access. Firmware reload not effective. Any ideas? "Help me Obi Wan...You're my only hope!" Thanks for any info, Cheers and Best Regards!
  2. Thanks Tri. Got it sorted. My unit seems only be visible for a few minutes. If I don't have the Bluetooth window open when I restart and put into BT mode, it is invisible after some time and I need to restart and re-enable Bluetooth. Will update to the 8 Jan 18 update today.
  3. Just unboxed the AmpliFi an hour ago. Paired with iMac and music streamed. Wanted to connect to iPad so removed device from Bluetooth. Turned off. Waited 10 seconds. Restarted device and light on button came on after touching but no device appeared in either iMac or iPad. Restarted and unplugged device. Waited 60 seconds. Reconnected power and turned on. Now the Bluetooth light does not light up. No device visible in any computer / ipad / iphone in house. What do I do now?
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