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  1. Thanks again everyone for your advice, input and ideas...very helpful!! Tomorrow I will get busy!
  2. Hi xploited, Oh yes I have to try that too...the listen to device in sound settings option Hmm I think I did try to choose HX Stomp as input but didn't allow me to choose io as output but I will try tomorrow I'm using Reaper but also have Mixcraft , I'll try both just for kicks Thanks xploited!
  3. ha! You know I was doing cartwheels when I saw the Memorial Day Sale banner pop up....then I realized Native wasn't part of it grrrrr haha I don't think I have the willpower to wait another few months LOL
  4. Ah I see, well I guess I'll try my luck until next week and see but either way getting it for $99 is still a great price I'm super excited to put in some quality time with the stomp this weekend and start building some patches!
  5. MusicLaw, Thanks much for your response! I'm so happy to hear that and really looking forward to getting deeper in to using My Stomp and soon enough Native I actually had demoed Native in 2017 I think? I tried to download it again but said my license had expired but no worries as I liked it back then too even though I used it a very short while, I'm still going to buy it. I think I'm going to have loads of fun with these two ha! Very excited to use it on our next album and record all GTR's and Bass through it! I have been using mainly VST amp sims and occasionally used my Mooer Preamplive too but I just wanted to get a new multieffects unit and figured well.... I always wanted a Helix, why not the Stomp? I looooove the small foot print so convenient...just putting it on my desk it's awesome. Initially I was a bit skeptical when trying it but after some tweaks and running it through some IR's wow....love it! As for Native....I'm gonna wait a few more days JUST in case there is a Memorial day sale, maybe one of those 30% off sales and if not I'll jus go ahead and buy it anyway next week Glad to hear these two will go hand in hand and work well together, I can't wait! All in all I am very satisfied with Line 6 and honestly I'm gonna stick with them for as long as they put out stuff like this. Thanks much for your advice and info!!
  6. Hi soundog, Yes, no issue at all as I'm going to use both AXE I/O and HX Stomp, there's room for both to serve their purpose, should be fine When done using HX Stomp I will simply switch routing back over to the AXE I/O as my interface and continue on with listening to ,music, mixing or whatever. Besides the only time I use XLR's to record is very very rarely....only when songs are done and they need vocals, I'll' plug in a mic and record a mock vocal line or melody for the singer if need be otherwise I always record everything direct....sucks living in an apartment where noise and space are a huge problem unfortunately but thankful that the music can go on ha!
  7. PierM, Thanks much for your response, interestingly this is one of the reasons why I keep devices on because I don't trust powering on and off multiple times within an hour or more, I feel the device will just stop working so I choose the lesser of two evils which in my case is just leaving everything on. I have been doing this for years and honestly never ever had any device go bad on me however due to my HX Stomp running a bit warmer than I would like...I figured hmmmm I don't know maybe I shouldn't leave it on for too long. Anyhow I'm gonna go with the flow and see, I can always simply switch it off when not in use...no biggie ha! Or even easier I'll just keep both AXE I/O interface and HX Stomp connected to the same pair of monitor speakers and simply alternate when I'm done using the HX Stomp and carry on. Totally forgot that the monitor speakers have XLR and 1'4 inch inputs in the back haha Thankful for all these viewpoints!
  8. Hi Cruisinon2, Thanks for your response and very good point I have been guilty of doing that for the longest and simply became a habit to be honest My stomp does indeed get a little warmer than I would like......it's still VERY new I have probably used it a handful of times so hopefully it might need some breaking in...I don't know, I hope This is what caused me to ask this particular question...starting from now on I'm going to turn off devices when not in use Thank you for your advice Cruisinon2 makes perfect sense, why risk it
  9. Disregard the question everyone, I found the answer on youtube.....I wasn't sure if you could copy and paste from Helix Native to HX stomp by manipulating or omitting blocks ect I also should have reworded my question so that it made actual sense haha All cool
  10. Potentially stupid question incoming......I currently have an audio interface with monitor speakers connected. I use my setup for recording, mixing,jamming and just listening to music, youtube ect...I also leave the computer,audio interface and speakers on for hours at a time. and on weekends all day long. So anytime I get the urge to record an idea or watch a movie or whatever else everything is up and running If I were to replace my audio interface with my HX stomp, is it safe to run the HX stomp the same way? Curious if others do the same thing or not? I have an IK Multimedia Axe/IO which does it's job no issues but the HX stomp does have a significantly better Dynamic range and I am very likely getting Helix Native too so maybe the integration is better between HX stomp and Native? So it did cross my mind to maybe use it instead but it just has me a bit worried because I'm not sure if keeping it powered on all day is safe for it.
  11. Hi everyone, I very recently bought an HX Stomp and love it. Looking through the marketplace I noticed some cool preset packs that could come in handy especially as a learning tool and of course to actually play through. I am also on the verge of buying helix Native as well. Would it make more sense to buy preset packs for Native and simply cut out any blocks in order to make them compatable with HX stomp or vice versa....buy preset packs for HX stomp and add more blocks when importing in Native? I want to be able to use these preset packs in both HX stomp and Native but not sure which way makes more sense I'm just going by the logic that it's better to get the preset packs made for the big daddy since I can always remove un-needed blocks and make it work in the stomp..if that's possible of course I hope the way in which I worded my question makes sense haha Thanks everyone!
  12. Hello rd2rk I meant to reply yesterday as your suggestion was spot on! That was the issue all along. In the midst of going nuts when I was swapping out pedals to try and fix the problem I had left the mix knob toward computer side when connecting the HX ha! Thanks for your suggestion! Now on to learning how to tweak with it... It seems like a different beast but I'm glad there is nothing wrong with it. Oh and please line 6 don't come out with a successor yet I just jumped on the bandwagon haha Thanks again rd2rk
  13. Hello rd2rk, Thank you for your response! I had done a factory reset as well It must be some setting on my computer. I totally forgot to check the head phone out actually, I will check that as well. I'm going to mess around with it plenty today. When I start my DAW, that's when I actually get sound out of my monitor speakers. Later I'm going to check the headphones as you said. The stomp doesn't automatically go into audio interface mode when opening HX edit or simply plugging in the USB cable, right? Unless I actually choose to do that? Thanks rd2rk for your advice!
  14. Hello everybody, I initially had an issue getting sound from the HX stomp but I realized it was defaulted to audio interface and not my AXE I/O interface ha! Didn't expect that Anyhow, hope to get some advice on few other issues I'm running in to. I do have another Multi effects unit ( Mooerpreamp live) but wanted to also get an HX stomp because well ...I always wanted a Helix and now I had a chance to get one. I'm doing what I have always done with multi effects units....simply connect them to my audio interface and voila ready for practice or record by firing up my DAW but I'm just having so many issues with the stomp....not sure what and if I'm doing something wrong but for example if I turn it on and go to jam no sound comes out....however if I fire up my DAW it works....now funny thing is there is obvious lag....I have my AXE/IO chosen as my interface. Is the HX stomp defaulting to audio interface state or conflicting somehow with something? All I want to do is plug it in my audio interface and play.....I disconnected that and put the Mooer in it's place....no issues at all.......I even tried old Behringer vamp pro again no issues What the hell am I doing wrong guys? Am I missing or overlooking something? haha I also tried it with a cab simulator plugin and getting some lag whereas the other units have virtually no lag at all...just worried if the unit is defective or if it''s simply a setting I have overlooked I don't want to use the HX stomp as an audio interface either I also want the HX to be my main unit :( My stomp is fully updated also I'm using a Windows 10 PC Thank much everyone
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