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  1. I’m sorry to say Helix Native does the exact same on my M1 Mac, and I could find next to no information on working around it. Another dude out there claimed he was somehow managing to route it through to Rosetta, which made it run, but it was super slow, and seemed not worth it. I think that guy was on YouTube, but he sure didn’t share how he did it. I wouldn’t bother. I just bought a Helix so I wouldn’t have to deal with this. I wanted one anyway.
  2. I feel like you guys missed the part where I mentioned plugging the guitar in question into an analog amp, and the pickup switching works absolutely fine, and has the expected audible shift in tone. The guitar has a Seymour Duncan invader set in the neck and bridge. It’s a Fender Meteora. The guitar I used as a control that sounded right on the Helix was an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro II, whatever pickups are in that thing.
  3. That’s a reasonable suggestion, but why would it uniquely happen on the Helix, and not my Triple Rectifier?
  4. So I actually tested another guitar, and that one worked normally. How strange though. Like I said the other guitar sounds normal on an amp, but the results through helix were strange indeed..
  5. Hey guys, I noticed something quite odd today that I hadn't noticed before. It seemed that no matter what I did with my pickup selector on my guitar the tone remained the same on my patch. Is that just kind of the way the cookie crumbles with this stuff, or am I doing something wrong? I can't imagine that the modeling technology could be warping the sound of my guitar that much that my pickups are rendered next to generic. If it makes a difference most of my guitars have Humbuckers and coil splitting. In fact the oddest thing is that while the pickup selector does change things, it's like the opposite of what it should do. When I go to the neck it's more bold/trebly, and with the bridge selected it's thicker and bassy. I know it's not the guitar. It doesn't do that on my Triple Rectifier. Is this normal? If so, I can't say I like it. The Helix has given me a lot of convenience in recording, but it's really a shame to have your guitars feel like they lose their character and become sort of sterile if that makes sense. I hope that gets worked out some day soon.
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