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  1. Thank you, just the kind of answer I was looking for!
  2. I have an HX Stomp XL being delivered today, and an EV ZLX-12BT later this week and have some questions about connecting the two. I am a recent amp modeler convert, and I'm used to a simple TS cable into the front of an amp. I am a complete PA noob however. Will using a standard 1/4" TS guitar cable from the L/MONO of the Stomp to the XLR/1/4" combo of the speaker be ok? I don't own any 1/4" TRS cables, or XLR cables... would using a 1/8" headphone cable to the AUX in of the speaker be any better than a 1/4" TS? Any help is very appreciated. Cheers, E
  3. Yep, this is exactly how I run. Only difference is I use a bam200, not a SD-170. Also, if you have separate fx pedals (mod/delay/reverb) it's a good idea to use them in an fx loop (if you can) to save some DSP on the stomp. Cheers
  4. I picked up a TC Electronics BAM200 for this purpose (guitar player here, not bass). Works great.
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