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  1. The clipping was only heard, I don’t think Adam's have an LED indicator. My Stomp firmware is running 3.0.1. Coming back to the speakers this aft, at about 1:00 it's honestly pretty loud. It's my first experience with studio monitors not in professional environment so I guess I was expecting too much volume.
  2. Thank you! So if I keep it under 4dBu, say volume knob around noon, I guess I just shouldn't expect very loud playback from the monitors?
  3. I haven't, everything I read said keep it at line level. The Adams are set on the back for +4dBu, wouldn't that be expecting a line level?
  4. Hi everyone! Recently bought studio monitors to substitute for headphones and I am getting a surprising amount of clipping at quite low volume levels. I am routing straight from HX to the monitors via TRS-XLR, with the helix also hooked up to my DAW to act as an interface. In the DAW messing around with the stock presets, they sit at a very normal volume (maybe around -15dB?), nowhere near digital clipping. But then as I output to the monitors (which are set at unity), going anywhere past 2:00 on the volume knob induces clipping in the monitor. It's not loud at all but very audible clipping. Any ideas?
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