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  1. Started to set up Helix on the Computer got some drivers, downloaded Line 6 Updater 1.2 and Helix Edit 3.1. The Updater recognized the Helix and I started to do some of the firmware updates. Got one done and it appears on the screen it says rebuilding preset 45 and Firmware version 1.065 and you can't do anything else. The Helix Editor doesn't recognize the helix is connected to computer. The Updater doesn't show the helix to do other updates. I am stuck not sure what to do. I am running my windows 7 desktop. Need Help
  2. I have a Tone Port UX2 on old computer and I am running gear box. I also have all the amp packs. I want to run the Tone Port UX2 on my new laptop which has Windows 10. It looks Like I need to upgrade to Pod Farm 2.5. Will this work? Also, will my amp packs I purchased for Gear Box work with Pod Farm 2.5?
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