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  1. @rd2rk Thanks again. I will let you know what happens.
  2. @rd2rk also I am using 1/4" TRS male to XLR Male
  3. @rd2rk thanks for all this trouble shooting i really do appreciate it. I did the same thing you did loaded 26 into my helix and they match perfectly with the Main/wha. sooooo it has to be the cable I am using or something wrong with my stomp.
  4. The main/ wha is different because of the signal paths but the parameters are the same. The snapshots are the same. Load the main wha into your helix. And 26 in the stomp. Compare the amp settings. They are the same.
  5. @karlic they are both set to instrument Level
  6. here are the patches @rd2rk 26:Stomp.hlx Main Rig_Wha:Helix.hlx
  7. Yes @MusicLaw. Plugging my headphones in both units does not solve the problem. @Rd2rk I just bought this used and I did a factory reset. This is the first patch I set up.
  8. ok i bypassed the power amp and just used my headphones.....still the same. HX stomp doesnt have the same drive
  9. The one thing that is different i just realized is I connect to my power speaker with an XLR with my Helix. And a sterero 1/4 to female XLR for my HX stomp. Could this be the reason IMG_9500.HEIC IMG_9501.HEIC
  10. Everything is exactly set the same. both are updated to v.3.11. very confusing
  11. Hey everyone just wonder if maybe I can get some feedback. I have the helix floor, which obviously we all know is the greatest thing ever, but it’s a pain to carry around. So I just purchased the HX stomp. Going to leave one at home and the other one at the house studio. I matched all my patches up exactly but there is a significant difference between my helix and my HX stomp in mainly the gain/ overdrive. Every parameter is exactly the same. Everything is updated. Any ideas? Thanks
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