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  1. Seems like it was a loop but Stomps don't have a ground lift switch and the DI I was running had a ground lift that didn't cut the hum.
  2. Update - The issue seems to be different than the replies, but I found a solution. I was able to generate noise by putting basically any pedal AFTER the helix in my chain. I was able to eliminate the issue by using a DI with a send/return and putting the Stomp in the send/return by itself.
  3. Hello Line 6 community, I am using an HX Stomp as part of a bigger pedalboard recently and have been able to play without issue at home. However, I did my first outdoor gig with it and experienced what sounded like a ground loop noise through the PA system when I was hooked up to the PA and pedal board. I bypassed the helix, sound was gone. I used only helix, sound was gone. Both power supplies for pedals and helix were on the same power strip. I believe it is ground because the noise is consistent regardless of the output of the HX (I turned the volume all the way down) Anyone have any clues? On a side note, I always get a hum when I use analog bypass. I am wondering if there may be something specifically faulty with my unit. Thanks in advance
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