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  1. Ok, I’ll just have to accept it I guess. I’d still like to understand why the block affects my signal when it’s bypassed. Also, I tried swapping the delay in my Rise patch for the Cosmo echo, so that it was after the amp block and there was no apparent volume drop, even with the amp block and all the other blocks bypassed. it’s twisting my melon, lol
  2. Ok, I think I've kinda figured out what's causing the issue. It's the Cosmo Echo block. Any patch that I add this to, the volume drops. I would have assumed this is because the dry signal feeds into the Cosmo Echo and the block/parameters are doing their thing, making the signal wet. However, surely when I disable this effect block, my volume should come back? I've also tried toggling the dry thru on the block on/off and there's no difference. I've attached two presets, the one with the Cosmo Echo block is "Breathe". On these two patches, with all effects off, my "Rise" patch is louder/unity volume with my clean signal feeding into the Stomp. Is this a known condition with the Cosmo Echo? Cheers again Keir Breathe.hlx Rise.hlx
  3. I’ll upload the patches after work tonight. I totally hear what you guys are saying, but surely when I turn all the blocks off, the patch is basically bypassed and should be allowing my dry signal through at its natural volume, and it’s not. My other patches do, when all the blocks are disabled. This is the ONLY patch in my Stomp that drops the volume. As I say, I’ll save 2 or 3 patches after work and upload them to see if anyone else has the same issue
  4. ha ha, yes - technology frequently escapes the bounds of reality! I totally get what you are saying - if I amplify the signal I’ll get it back on an even keel with my clean signal/other patches. It’s not just that I don’t want to add anything else to the patch, I’ve no blocks left. I know I can boost the input/output without adding another block. However, my brain won’t accept this as a fix, but merely papering over the cracks. Yes, it’s a fix, and a viable one - but there must be an issue with this patch and I need to understand what it is, or it’ll really fristrate me. Also, understanding the issue will help to avoid/fix it in the future should it happen again.
  5. Sorry guys, I’ve maybe not made my query clear. I don’t want to add anything more to the quiet patch - I’ve no room anyway. I’m trying to figure out why it’s quieter than my other patches. Even with all the effects blocks turned off across 3 or 4 patches, so it’s just my clean signal running through the Stomp, this one patch drops massively in volume when it’s selected
  6. I’ve recently created a new patch on my Stomp which consists of only delays and reverbs, with an EQ and one delay on path B. No drives or amp blocks. When I change to this patch, it appears to be a LOT quieter than my other patches. Flicking through the Stomp, I can hear the volume difference straight away. I wondered if the verbs and delays were maybe drowning out my signal, but I’ve got a Snapshot with all the blocks turned off, so just my clean signal going through the Stomp, and it’s still much quieter. It’s like there’s something reducing my signal volume. I can’t see anything on the setup of the patch that should make it be any different to my other patches. Can anyone suggest something that I’m maybe stupidly overlooking here?
  7. hey man, just letting you know that I got it working tonight. The return type was set to aux! So, changed it to RETURN and all good. However i now have another problem - I plugged in my Kingsley Page to the front of the HX Stomp, and when I activate this, it cuts off all the audio signal :( Tidied up for the night so will have another look tomorrow to see if I can figure out what’s happening
  8. I totally appreciate your efforts dude, and do accept that it’s me who’s got something wrong. I’ll try and get hold of a multimeter to test my cables. Just another question in regards to the stomp patches though, if I may. Even though I WILL check them and understand they could be faulty, I bought brand new TRS and TS cables just for this setup. So presuming these are fine, so I maybe have something wrong in my Stomp global settings? Any advice on what I should be checking for? Which outputs should be set to line and which should be instrument, for example? Thanks again man, really appreciate your time and effort and I’ll let you know if I get it up and running
  9. I tried this tonight. With the FX Loop block engaged, there are no delays/reverbs coming through any of the amps. If I turn this off, delays are fine, coming through L/R amps as programmed. FX Loop engaged, no delays and also KC coming through both amps. Dominant through the R amp (SD170) Maybe this is unpossible?
  10. Here are a couple of video’s of the sounds I’m getting through the speakers. If you notice, as soon as I change the patch to “smudge”, the light blue FX Loop block changes to orange. What’s happening here? It only does this when I have the TRS Jack connected to the stereo send. What am I doing wrong? Cheers again Keir
  11. Hi buddy, So I eventually tried this patch last night, with the setup you suggested: 1/4" TRS to Dual TS - Tip (L) to KC, KC back to L/Mono Return, Ring (R) to SD. However, I either got a very loud and high pitched noise coming through the speakers, or a sound like was almost like a tremolo effect. For this setup, what should I set the output of the Send to? If I was just inserting the pedal, I'd have thought "instrument" but since it's also going to the SD170 I wasn't sure. In the past when I've used the main L/Mono out to the SD170, I've changed the output here to "Line". Also, the Ring cable wasn't long enough to make it all the way to my amp on it's own, so I had it connected to my 4-way junction box which - AFAIK - is just basic TS jacks I'll get a video uploaded to let you hear what's happening, unless anyone can already determine what I've done wrong?
  12. I also use an SD170, and it's great. Small, powerful, easy to use and lightweight so very easy to transport to gigs
  13. Awesome! TRS is something I'm never very familiar with as I've never needed to use them for anything, so never even considered this before. It does look like this would be a much simpler way to get this set up. I'll get hold of the correct cable and see how I get on. Thanks again Keir
  14. Thanks for this, will download and have a look tomorrow. I did think that adding the Constable to a loop would be the way, but how do I connect this and still connect my amps in stereo? I was led to believe that I had to use the aux send on the side of the Stomp to connect to my Bad Cat, which then ruled out putting a pedal in the loop?
  15. Hi all, I’m sure there’s probably something similar been covered here before, but I can’t find anything when I’ve tried to search. I’m currently running my pedalboard into my HX Stomp, which then does a stereo split to my Bad Cat and SD170. I’m using an amp block on the path that goes to my SD170, but I’ve recently received a Kingsley Constable that I want to use instead of the amp block. I’m using the Mono input on the Stomp, and then using the Mono output to the SD170, and the Aux send output into my Bad Cat. Is there any way that I can reconfigure things to allow me to run the Constable into the Stomp then out to the SD170, without also going out to the Bad Cat? Ideally, I want to have a reverb and delay AFTER the Constable which is why I can’t just run the HX Stomp > Constable I’m totally game for adding extra switchers or ABY box etc if need be Thanks in advance Keir
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