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  1. Also found that one https://www.fluidsolo.com/patchexchange/view-models/Amplifiers,a Maybe it will be helpful for someone
  2. Thanks! Very nice guide! I had some pedals, but it's hard to keep in mind so many stuff... For what I meant is what they write in "Release notes", but like for everything they've got. I believe some type of that tutorial will be helpful for many people, from beginner to experienced user!
  3. Hello everybody! Maybe it's a problem for someone too, or it's just me :) I am a regular user of Line 6 Helix LT and do not have much time to tweak it everyday. I have my regular setting done. But I want to expand more potential of my device. Therefore, I constantly have questions about what mean each of the parameters and knobs of AMP's, effects etc. that are available in Line 6. I noticed that the description of effects and amplifiers appears when the new patch comes out. But I can't find a common manual for everything in one place. Is there somewhere something like that? If no, is it possible that Line 6 should do this? Thanks in advance.
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