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  1. My conclusion is I had to increase levels of some of my presets indeed compared to previous headset which was around 30 Ohms but it works fine, I have more than satisfactory volume without clipping. Note for those interested: on the Fender Mustang Micro, these headsets work well, the sound is awesome and the volume satisfactory to me albeit at max level - telling me the Ohm is borderline but ok, I would not want to listen any louder (but some may, that is personnal...)
  2. Seems to be OK there, safe before clipping yes, but still wonder if 250 Ohms is adapted, all blocks when added in presets give too low volume, always end up having to add 8 to 12 dB to get good volume. Hesitant to change headphone for the 80 Ohm version... hmmmmm Note: am also doing these tests w/ single coils, likely not helping, colder mics than humbuckers...
  3. Might be my Bass - Medium - Treble also, need to check, I think I am around 5 - 5 - 7.5 by memory, maybe need to push all this up a bit
  4. Thanks, had a -3dB in the reverb, corrected that to 0. Have a very simple chain, Deluxe amp and a bit of reverb. Gain 5.5 Master 10, amp Level has to be at 9 with output now at +5dB and headset volume knob on the stomp at 3pm. Seems OK like this but then to get a clean sound (gain at 2 to 3) as Master was at 10 and amp level already at 9 I can't get it loud in the headphone without increasing that output gain again...
  5. Thanks again, and you are at 0 on output level dB ?
  6. Thanks, and on an HX Stomp right, not Helix ?
  7. Yes, my previous headphones were 30 Ohms and at 0 dB output I couldn't max the HX Stomp box volume button, it would be too loud. I am aware the higher the impedance of the headphone the lower the volume and am wondering if 250 Ohm is not too much. The issue is Line 6 do not give specs of headphone out impedance/ power so one cannot know how to match the headphone best. Helix out seems to be 12 Ohms and recommendation is Headphones at least 10 times that. But for Stomp we (I at least) don't know.
  8. Thanks, yes, have HX Edit on a laptop and Cubase LE as well to record / loop running in parallel. I don't think I noticed clipping but will check further. How do I check if I am "below 6dB of clipping on dBfs" ? Increase output block until it clips and see if at good volume I was 6dB before that happened? Thanks again
  9. Hi, got a 250 Ohm DT-770 and to get decent volume I have to increase Output block by ~+12dB (w/ HX Stomp box knob on max). Used to have a 30 Ohm headphone, but very low quality, hence the change and output was on 0dB with ok volume in headset. Is it a problem to have to increase output dB like this?
  10. Hi All, Apologies if it has already been responded to but after searching I could find it: has Line 6 published the Helix HX Stomp Headphone Out Circuit Impedance value ? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have a Marshall 6101 which is a three channel amp which are MIDI switchable channels but it can only receive MIDI messages on MIDI CHANNEL 1. From there on, messages can be the usual 128 MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE (0 - 127). - Can the HX Stomp Preset or Snapshot selection send one of those 128 MIDI PROGRAM CHANGE signal using MIDI CHANNEL 1 to the Marshall so that any change of Preset or Snapshot on the HX Stomp will switch the Amp to one of its 3 channels as well ? - Or is MIDI CHANNEL 1 reserved for something else on the HX Stomp ? Thanks
  12. Yes, very useful, with both links I have perfect responses to my question 1 - many thanks ! :-)
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